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2017-10-25 15.23.28.png
Deputy MayorDetroit_Kitteh
Town recognition
Date foundedLate 2014
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
MRT M17  Foobar

Tenepi is owned by Swirm621. The town was founded by swirm32.

The western side of Tenepi is home to the most buildings. Tenepi Laboratories is also located on this side.
The eastern side of Tenepi is more barren, but is home to East Hill Lunatic Asylum.
Tenepi's new town hall, which was built just before swirm32 became Swirm621.


Tenepi was created in late 2014, the first building created was the Sandy Shores Hotel. Afterward, I created the pool, coffee shop, and after about a month, my own house. For around a year, the town remained untouched. In late 2015, I got some new inspiration and created a small town hall on the hill, followed by the Le Deserte Hotel. Since then, the town has gained many buildings, and now has apartments, restaurants, and even a movie theatre. Very recently, The original Town Hall became the entrance to Tenepi Laboratories, while I constructed a completely new town hall. The new building is much larger, and looks a lot more impressive than it's predecessor.


Tenepi has 3 different connections to other cites besides the MRT itself. Tenepi houses 2 train stations, and one bus station. Tenepi also has a road connection to A76-shield.png

autobus22 has built a RaiLinQ station connecting with Kolpino.

hvt2011 has built a BluRail station connecting with both Kolpino and Espil.

Detroit_Kitteh has built a Dashound station connecting with Matheson.

East Hill Lunatic Asylum

East Hill was created in early 2016. Built to harbor the most insane inmates. Administration is on the first floor along with the archives, kitchen, and elevator to showers. The recreational wing along with staff rooms is on the second floor, and inmate rooms are on the top floor. The entire building is fully lit by redstone supplied by the primary generator. There is an isolation ward not far from the main building, which is connected to the generator as well. The gate mainly operates automatically, but there are manual switches that can be used if needed. The gate will always be closed when the isolation ward is open to prevent any inmates from escaping. There are currently no plans to change this policy.

2017-10-25 19.57.25.png

Tenepi Laboratories

Tenepi Laboratories is a massive underground facility housing 5 different labs. Built in mid 2017, the facility has full redstone lighting, with specific levers supplying power to individual labs. Each lab studies it's own field, and has it's own exit. The main entrance is tucked away behind Le Deserte Hotel, occupying the place of the original town hall.

2017-10-25 18.23.56.png

Red Lab is dedicated to studying redstone and how to make use of it more efficiently. There are 4 main testing rooms in a central hallway. The entrance building is located just before the connection to A76.

2017-10-25 19.24.20.png

Orange Lab is dedicated to studying the Nether, having a room simulating a small portion of the Nether itself. Equipped with air locks, cross-contamination is an ongoing concern. The lab itself is down a separate elevator in order to make room for the simulator room. The entrance building is located right next to town hall.

2017-10-25 19.26.33.png

Yellow Lab was decommissioned shortly after beginning operations due to the unstable nature of the field studied(which will not be disclosed).

Green Lab is dedicated to studying organisms of all types from donkeys to shulkers. This lab is fairly small, housing 2 observation rooms and a single airlock. The entrance building is located just off of A76.

2017-10-25 19.34.33.png

Blue Lab is dedicated to studying mutation serums and similar compounds. Also fairly small, there is a mixing room, and 2 separate testing rooms. This lab is also equipped with a single airlock. The entrance building is also located just off of A76.

2017-10-25 19.37.59.png

Purple Lab is dedicated to studying plants growing throughout the whole world, housing saplings, flowers, and giant mushrooms. This lab is fair sized, with 3 separate study rooms for each category of specimen. This lab is quite far away, and has a unique station that can transport players from the lab to the lobby, or to purple lab’s exit. The entrance building is located right across the street from Tenepi Coffee.

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