The Eagle Awards

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The Eagle Awards
Event information
Founded byKiwirainbow
Awarded ForExcellence in Aviation
CountryMRT Server
First AwardedJanuary 31, 2015
FormallyThe eristheeagle Awards

The Eagle Awards is an awards ceremony that recognizes the achievements of airlines on the server. The winners and nominees are chosen by the public, with the winners being announced at a ceremony. Formally the eristheeagle awards, the first award show was held on January 31st, 2015. Each category has four to five nominees, with the Outstanding Airline category having up to ten nominees. The awards were founded by Kiwirainbow after the partially unsuccessful MRT's Favorite Airlines Awards.


There are seven categories: Best First Class, Best Business Class or Premium Economy, Best Economy Class, Best Ground Service, Best In-Flight Service, and the Eris T. Eagle Server Achievement Award. Each category's nominees are determined by voting, as well as the winner. Voting is used for fairness when determining winners. To ensure fairness, a player may not nominate their own airline, however, they may vote for it. At the first Eagle Awards, OneMRT's airlines were nominated for a total of 21 awards, with only 3 of the 24 total nominations going to other airlines. Despite being a OneMRT member, many players were shocked to find IntraAir, which won Best Airline at the MRT's Favorite Airlines awards, to only have been given two nods. Later it was found that kiwirainbow, who organizes the ceremony, had accidentally left out the Best Routes and Destinations category. Following the mistake, IntraAir owner KittyCat11231 was announced as the Eris T. Eagle Award Recipient. Every ceremony, the categories have changed slightly. The Third Eagle Awards included Best Airline Lounges and Best Fleet, as well as Best Airport, which was first a category at the Second Eagle Awards. Due to few nominees, The Third Eagle Awards excluded the Best Airline Alliance category.


Feline Holdings is the official Sponsor of The Eagle Awards!FelineLogo.png

Current Sponsors

Level Perks Price Current Sponsors
Bronze Receive a spoken advertisement during the awards. $50 Yelo, Ephram Corp, AlikLolly, Glenco Inc.
Silver Receive a special advertisement at the beginning of the show, plus receive exclusive Corporate Seats. $100 EmeraldHoldings City of Daneburg, Jones Corp.
Gold Receive all of the above, plus sponsoring a specific award or area. $175 Lakeview Steak
Platinum Receive all of the above, plus be the official sponsor of the show. $250 Feline Holdings

Any corporation or player is welcome to sponsor the awards, however, airlines may not sponsor the show. Please speak with hntredtie, or kiwirainbow to sponsor the show.

1st Eagle Awards

The First Eagle Awards were hosted by Music3_0 and KittyCat11231. They were hosted at The InterContinental Theatre in Central City on January 31, 2015.

2nd Eagle Awards

The Second Eagle Awards were hosted by hntredtie and Gopher at the Epsilon Theatre in Airchester on March 28, 2015.

3rd Eagle Awards

The Third Eagle Awards were originally supposed to be hosted by Gopher. However, due to complications, the formal ceremony was cancelled and the winners were announced via chat. However, a banquet is scheduled for the future to commemorate the awards.

4th Eagle Awards

The Fourth Eagle Awards were hosted on December 17th, 2016 at 8pm GMT.

5th Eagle Awards

The Fourth Eagle Awards will be hosted on June 9th, 2018 at 7pm GMT. This years Eagle Awards was sponsored by Epsilon Aircraft Manufacturing

Most Successful Airlines

Rank Airline Nominations Notes
1 Caelus 19
2 IntraAir 15
3 Element 14 Includes RedPeach
4 Eastern 13
5 Air Peach 11 Withdrew from Third Eagle Awards

Certificate Gallery

EaglesAward BestGroundService.png EaglesAward BestInFlightService.png EaglesAward BestEconomyClass.png EaglesAward BestBusinessClass.png EaglesAward BestNewAirline.png EaglesAward AviationExcellence.png EaglesAward MediaAndMarketing.png EaglesAward OutsandingAirline.png EaglesAward BestFirstClass.png