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This is a list of all questions that are frequently asked by Guests and the answers. If you know of any question that is frequently asked but is not here, contact chimata.


How/where I can build?

Once you get accepted for member, you can build anywhere, subject to the rules (300/500 block rule.)

How do I get a plot?

You don't. This is a freebuild server, which means people can build things anywhere in the server, provided it follows the rules.

Finding things

Where is the MRT?

At spawn, turn around and you can see the Central Park Station (X0/Z0). Take the elevator and you can ride the MRT from that.

Where is the airport?

There are a lot of airports in the server. The biggest airport in the server is Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport. Additionally, there is a button that takes you to a random airport located in Central Park.

Where is Central City Airport?

There is no airport in Central City, but there is Central City Heliport and airports like UCWTIA that are close to Central City.

How do I join the Discord server?

To join the Discord server, you need to be Member. You can apply for member using /apply.


What's the biggest city?

Achowalogen Takachsin. It is so big that it spans 17 stations along Expo, Marina Shuttle and Circle.

What's the longest (MRT) line?

MRT Circle Line, with 119 stations. It is planned to be surpassed by MRT Union Line.

What's the longest distance between 2 MRT stations?

EN46 to EN47 in MRT Eastern Line. It is about 3.3km.


Does this server have [insert mod?]

No. This is intended to be a vanilla server, and thus no mods will be installed on the server.

Does this server have the TrainCarts plugin?

No. It is unlikely that TrainCarts will be added to the server since it is too hard to implement, requiring extensive infrastructure modifications.

Does this server have a plugin that increases minecart speed?

No. There was many discussions to install such plugin but it never went anywhere, probably because of lag reasons or that it would break existing infrastructure.