MRT Union Line

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MRT Union Line
Union Line logo.png
RoutePerimeter of New World (Zeta expansion)
Number of stations220
Players involved
Main builderSimonScholar
Additional buildersMissa_Solemnis: former  SW49  to  SW54 
StationMRT v5.1a

The MRT Union Line, or simply the Union Line, is one of the 22 lines of the New World MRT system.


The plan for Union Line in October 2019 by Frumple.

The first plans for what would use the "Union" line name was Frumple's plan in October 2019. It would meet with MRT Western Line before going east to serve Deadbush, Totsworth, Marsius then it would go south to connect with Boston and FYI before terminating at Pearl Coast, and it was jokingly called "no u" line. It would use the old MRT Southern Line tracks left over from Gamma times. However, due to the Zeta expansion taking priority, this never came to fruition.

In the Zeta MRT line plans made by Frumple in April 2020, a line starting at the Western Line and running up to the northeastern Zeta corner in the northern Zeta region would have been called the MRT Union Line, with dark purple being used as its colour, however this idea was later scrapped. SimonScholar also proposed an MRT line using the name "Union" running from the Savannah Line to the Southeastern Gamma region via Deadbush, Boston and Fort Yaxier, using one of the terminals left behind from Gamma MRT plans, similar to Frumple's Union Line plan in 2019. This plan was put forward in the May 2020 GSM agenda, however, Frumple rejected the proposal, stating that it "wasn't terribly necessary", and that it duplicated other lines, leading to Simon pulling it from the agenda before it was considered.

The final MRT Union Line routing was agreed upon in the October 2022 GSM, and it was decided that the Union line would instead be an outer Zeta circle line.

During the line's construction, the MRT Union Line became the first and only structure to be built in a mushroom island biome in the New World, with  U34  being built within the mushroom island biome.  U35  is the New World's second underwater MRT station, following after  EN40  on the MRT Eastern Line.

On January 9, 2023, the MRT Union Line officially became the MRT line with the most stations, with its 120th station being pasted. This record had previously been held by the MRT Circle Line with 119 stations since the opening of the New World.

In July 2023, the routing of the last phase of MRT Union Line was adjusted to instead cross the route where the MRT Rose Line West would have run in Frumple's final MRT line plan. The MRT Rose Line was instead rerouted to the northern border to cover the MRT Union Line's routing. The adjustment was suggested by eurye in order to better connect their own town, Erzville, to the MRT, which also included a re-routing of the MRT Union Line to follow the southern shore of Lake 37.

Construction of the line finished on September 3, 2023, and the line was opened at the September 2023 GSM on September 9, 2023. This made the MRT Union Line the fourth MRT line to be completed, with the others being MRT Circle Line, MRT Mesa Line (formerly MRT Desert Line before Project Midway.) and MRT Southern Line.

When opening the line, SimonScholar announced the "Union Construction Incentive". Allocating $20,000 of his in-game balance as incentives for towns founded at MRT Union Line stations, SimonScholar stated that he would pay players who ranked towns up to certain ranks received payments. This was only applicable to towns founded from the completion of the MRT Union Line and onwards and lasted until one year after the MRT Union Line opened, September 9, 2024. Councillor towns received $100, Mayor towns received $200, Senator towns received $500, Governor towns received $1,000, and Premier towns received $5,000. Each person was able to claim one incentive per rank. Additionally, SimonScholar also offered $5,000 to the first person who made a timelapse of Union Line, and a museum was built at U1 station showing all the facts in the Union Line.


The MRT Union Line runs through all wards and is one of two MRT lines with no termini. The line has 220 stations, running close to the perimeter of the New World. Construction of the line started at Sigil at the Union and Zephyr North interchange  U1 - ZN59 , and then continued clockwise. The MRT Union Line is 254,658 blocks long, with the highest section at Y=94 and the lowest section at Y=14. The approximate time for riding the entire line is about 9 hours and 42 minutes, as calculated by SimonScholar in March 3, 2024, with the first phase taking about 67 minutes.

The entire line was is built in SimonScholar's style, except for a section in Nansei-Gunto from U148 to U153, where it is built in Missa_Solemnis's style, as it was originally built as part of MRT Southern Line extension.

In the new Zeta MRT plans presented in August 2022, the Union Line would be akin to the MRT Circle Line, instead running around the Zeta perimeter. The first section between Zephyr North and Mountbatten was proposed by SimonScholar in the October 2022 GSM, with the final block and color being smooth basalt and dark gray. Subsequent sections were proposed at the November 2022 GSM and November 2022 ISM. Following project approvals moving from staff meetings and Discord, subsequent phases were approved on 13 December 2022, 05 January 2023, 19 February 2023, 25 February 2023 and 6 April 2023. The last phase, connecting Nova Roma and Sigil and completing the loop, was approved on July 8, 2023.

Phase 1

The MRT Union Line's station numbering starts at U1 in Sigil, with the station numbers increasing clockwise. This phase goes between U1 in Sigil and U28 in Mountbatten, was approved at October 2022 GSM and opened in November 2022 ISM, and takes about 67 minutes to complete.

From Sigil, the line is underground to cross the roofed forest biome, before going above ground onto New Bristol. It continues east on the way to Murfreesboro located at the end of A1, at U6 station, crossing a mountain biome on the way. After crossing the roofed forest biome and U5 station, the line goes underground to Murfreesboro.

The line continues east to Zhong Guo, at U8, going above ground on the plains biome where U7 station sits on, meeting with MRT Lakeshore Line going around the walls of Zhong Guo. From there, the lines continue eastwards, passing through the forest biomes until reaching Bouxesei, where the lines split, with Lakeshore Line going to Daly City and points north-east, following the western bank of Lake 34 while Union Line continues east, following the southern bank of Lake 34.

The line continues east, going above ground, then crossing the mountain biome after U11 station, then the forest biomes while following the southern bank of Lake 34. It crosses another mountain biome when going around the area around U14 station. After U16 station, the line immediately goes underground to cross Lake 34.

After crossing Lake 34, the line goes above ground to a mountains biome, arriving at Sam Au at U17 station. After U17 station, it arrives at a desert biome. Then, the line passes through the desert biome, before arriving at a forest biome after U20 station. In the forest biome, the line goes in a south-west trajectory in order to line up for U24 station. Before arriving at U24, the line ascends to go above MRT Eastern Line.

In the section with MRT Eastern Line from U24 to just west of U26 station, both lines are mostly above ground, crossing the forest biome. After briefly going through the mountain biomes, it arrives at EN50/U25 station, which is located above Lake 32. Immediately after, the lines cross Lake 32, with the section being built as a suspension bridge. The U24 and U25 stations in that section are built in Mojang1014's style, originally built for Eastern Northern Zeta Extension Project. After crossing Lake 32, the lines split, with Eastern Line going north to Kleinsburg and Union Line continuing east to Mountbatten.

After the lines split, Union Line continues to Mountbatten, passing through the forest biome and crossing a bit of land that separates Lake 32 from Northern Ocean. After U28 station, the line goes underground, doing a fish-hook turn to stay on land before crossing the strait and entering Mountbatten while turning to the south to get to U29 station.

Phase 2

This phase goes between U28 in Mountbatten, and U54 in East Mesa, was approved at November 2022 GSM and opened in December 2022 GSM, together with Phase 3.

At Mountbatten, a transfer is available to MRT Rose Line, then the lines go south, going across the mountain biome, until reaching U30/RE20 station, where the lines split with Rose Line continuing west to Kappen and Union Line continuing This section is one of the six MRT line sections where one line counts up while the other line counts down, with the Union Line counting up and the Rose Line counting down.

After going across the mountain biome, and passing through U31 station, the line then crosses Northern Ocean. After U32 station, the line becomes an immersed glass tube on the surface of the ocean, until reaching U33 station where it goes above ground, before reaching the mushroom island biome, at U34 station. Then, it goes immediately underground, becoming the same immersed glass tube, stopping at U35 station in Nashville before finally going underground, making another stop at U36 located under a coral reef, before reaching Encinitas.

From Encinitas, the line is accompanied with the planned MRT Northern Line for 3 stations. The lines goes above ground on the way to U38 station, before going briefly underground across the mountain biome, arriving at a forest biome. At U39 station, the planned Northern Line section ends, with Union Line continuing for another station before reaching the mega taiga biome, starting from U40.

In the mega taiga biome, the line makes 4 stops here, from U40 to U43 stations, going closer to the eastern world border along the line. Then, the line crosses Lake 54 to reach the tundra biome, where it spends another 4 stations here, moving closer to the eastern world border too. At U47 station in Gander, the line is about 300 meters away from the world border.

After passing through the tundra biome, the line crosses Lake 54 twice, following the shore of the roofed forest and swamp biomes before arriving at U48 station in a small plains biome. Then, it goes through the desert biome, stopping at U49 station in Campton, before going underground to cross a roofed forest biome, emerging into a mesa biome after going above ground into U50 station.

In the mesa biome, the line goes around the shore of Lake 54, going underground after U52 station. After U53 station, the line turns to the south on the way to East Mesa, at U54 station, which is a transfer station with MRT Expo Line East.

Phase 3

This phase goes between U54 in East Mesa and U80 in Ellerton Fosby, was approved at November 2022 ISM and opened in December 2022 GSM, together with Phase 2.

The line continues south from East Mesa in the mesa biome, making 2 more stops. After U56 station, it descends, crossing Quindici Sea before emerging into a savanna island where Anthro Island sits on, with Anthro Island being located at U57 station, and another station on the island at U58 on the south. Then, the line crosses the ocean again, making another stop on another island at U59, then Strynbury at U60.

After U60 station, the line enters USE territory, going above ground into a savannah biome, in Azurite, before crossing Quindici Sea in order to reach the desert island where Sarayana is, before immediately going underground. Then, it crosses Quindici Sea again, eventually entering the savannah biome where Lazona and Mariana are located. The former is served by U63 station and the latter is served by U64, with a transfer to MRT Forest Line, and then Lomonaco, located at U65 in a desert biome.

After passing through USE territory, the line goes through the savannah biome, then a desert biome. Upon passing these biomes, it arrives at Lifebush, at U69 station. The line continues south through the forest biomes, going through 2 stops and going underground after U71 station before arriving at Barshat Abtalit at U72.

From Barshat Abtalit, the line passes through the plains biome, making a stop before arriving at Aswijk. Then, the line goes above ground into a forest biome, and after briefly going through a roofed forest biome, the line is now in a desert biome, making 3 stops, with Brique at U78 station. After U79 station, the line leaves the desert biome, arriving at Ellerton Fosby at U80 station, which is an interchange station with MRT Southern Line.

Phase 4

This phase goes between U80 in Ellerton Fosby and U117 in Cape Cambridge, was approved at December 13, 2022 after ISMs were abolished and most proposals that would be normally be submitted to staff meetings instead went to #proposals. It opened in January 20, 2023 after the application form closed.

From Ellerton Fosby, the line goes around the southeastern bank of Coral Sea, first going through a savannah biome for 3 stops, with Kirbyville at U82 station, before going underground just to cross the roofed forest and mountain biome, before becoming above ground again, going around the nearby swamp biome.

While going around Coral Sea, it arrives at a big plains biome, then reaching Milton-by-the-Lake at U86 station, which is a planned transfer with MRT Beach Line. After making 2 more stops, the line crosses a roofed forest biome, then emerging into a forest biome. After crossing the forest biome, the line goes underground after U91 station, before finally arriving at U92 station in Quinston, which is a transfer station with MRT Jungle Line. Then, the line descends to cross Coral Sea, or Glowing Bay as known locally and Lake 50, with a forest biome separating Coral Sea and Lake 50 and where U93 station is located in.

After crossing Lake 50, the line emerges above ground to a mesa biome, and after 2 stations, it enters a forest biome. Upon passing through U97 station, the line tunnels below the mountain biome before continuing west across the forest biomes. Then, it arrives at U100 station in Everton, which is a planned transfer station with MRT Eastern Line.

The line continues west in the plains biome, going through Flatedge. Then, it enters the desert biome, and turns to go down the peninsula where Rainer Bay is in and closer to the world border. Immediately after U106 station located at the tip of the desert peninsula, the line goes underground to cross Lake 50, before arriving at a swamp biome and then a savannah biome, entering Guayaba at U108 station, which is a transfer station with MRT Valley Line, and is located about 500 meters from the world border.

From U108 station, the line goes above ground, passing through desert and savannah biomes, then going underground through Francilia, located at U111 in a small plains biome, then going back above ground, continuing west through another plains biome before reaching the sandy peninsula, where U114 station is located, which is a planned transfer station with MRT Zephyr Line.

The line then immediately goes underground to cross Lake 49, making a stop under a coral reef before arriving at a forest island, where U116 is in. After this stop, the line crosses Lake 49 again, and when it turns to the north on the way to Cape Cambridge under Lake 49, it begins to parallel MRT Island Line built for a possible future extension. The lines then makes its way north to U117 station in Cape Cambridge.

Phase 5

This phase goes between U117 in Cape Cambridge and U138 in Porton, was approved at January 5, 2023 and opened in February 26, 2023 after the allocations were approved.

From Cape Cambridge, the Island Line descends, going north into Meridia and Union Line turns to the west towards Oceanside, descending to cross Lake 49. From here, the line continues west, going above ground when arriving at U119 station in Minecraftia. After passing through 2 stations in the desert biome, it reaches Birmingham, at U122 station. The next station, U123 in Graymco is a planned transfer station with MRT Desert Line.

Then, the line continues, passing through some plain biomes. After U125 station, the line goes underground, then arriving at Castle Hill at U126 and going back above ground by the next station, U127 which is a transfer station with MRT Savannah Line.

The line then crosses a mountain biome, stopping at U128 in that biome, before reaching the forest biomes, and after U129 station, the line goes underground. The line also crosses a plains biome, stopping at U132 in Finleyville. After 2 more stops in the forest biomes, it finally makes its way to Sylffe, at U135 station, which is a planned transfer station with MRT Western Line.

Then, the line crosses Southern Sea, reaching a swamp biome, at U136 station. It remains underground when going through the plains biome before reaching Porton, at U138 station. That station is built in the style of Missa_Solemnis's station style, and is a transfer station with MRT Mesa Line (originally MRT Desert Line when the phase was originally proposed)

Phase 6

This phase goes between U138 in Porton and U169 in Edgecombe. It is split up into 2 sub-phases, with the first, Phase 6a going from U138 to U154 and Phase 6b going from U154 to U169. Phase 6a was approved at February 18, 2023 and opened on March 7, 2023 when the allocations were approved, and Phase 6b was approved at February 25, 2023 and opened on April 3, 2023 when the form was closed.

The line continues west, stopping at New Constantinople, then going above ground on the desert biome, stopping at U140 station. From that, the line goes underground, turning to the north while on the plains biome and passing through Kazami, before going above ground on the next stop. From that, the line passes through plains and swamp biomes, before reaching U147 station where the line goes underground. Then, the line crosses Lake Gunto before reaching Shahai at U148 station, which is a transfer station with MRT Southern Line.

Before the station, there used to be a Southern Line tunnel connecting to U148 station (formerly SW49), which had a hook-pin turn. As part of Phase 6a, that tunnel was abandoned, SW49 was transferred to Union Line, and a new SW49 station was built below the station, with new tunnels to connect.

The section in the Nansei-Gunto region is the only non-original section in the line, being originally built by Missa_Solemnis as part of Southern West Extension. In that section, the line goes through many islands, stopping at Kazeshima, Shenghua and Santa Abeja. After U153 (formerly SW54) station at Santa Abeja, the line used to go above ground, terminating at a point west of Santa Abeja, but when it was transferred to Union Line, the above-ground section was removed, with Union Line instead now going underground, stopping a new station located north-south under the former Southern Line station.

After the inherited Southern Line section in Nansei-Gunto region, the line descends to cross Gunto Sea, going through Suncheon located at a desert peninsula, separated from the tundra via a mountain biome. Then, the line crosses said mountain biome, going above ground into the tundra. After 2 stops, it arrives at Polaria at U158 station where a transfer to MRT Oasis Line is offered.

Through the tundra biome, the line stops at Natal, and Bialystok, going through underground for the former, then New Kitania City. After U164 station, the line leaves the tundra biome, entering a jungle biome, cutting through the trees until U165 station where it goes underground.

In the jungle biome, the line is entirely underground, except for a brief section around U165 station. Through the biome, it passes through Union Mega Plex, curving to go around the western bank of Autumnal Sea. From U168 station, the line passes underneath an unnamed lake, and after passing through the jungle biome, the line goes above ground, arriving at U169 station in Edgecombe, which is a planned transfer station with MRT Expo Line.

Phase 7

This phase goes between U169 in Edgecombe and U199 in Nova Roma, was approved at April 6, 2023 and opened in July 9, 2023, after the allocations were approved.

The line continues north from Edgecombe along the western plains and forests, just west of the mountain range. Before arriving at U170 station in the Zevenaar-Chnarst-Brunswick area, the line goes underground. After continuing through the plains biome, the next station, U171 in Walczaka is a transfer station with MRT Northern Line. Next, the line goes above ground, crossing the forest biomes for 4 stations before immediately going underground to cross Lake 42.

After crossing Lake 42, the line enters a big tundra biome, stopping at U176 station in Lakeside City before going above ground. The next station, U177 is a transfer station with the planned L4 Line. The line continues through the big tundra biome, making 4 more stops before tunneling through a mountain biome, and then finally entering the plains biome, making another stop at U182 station, before arriving at the forest biome where the next station, U183 is a transfer station with MRT Arctic Line. The line continues north, going underground to Hinanawi Town, at U184 station, before crossing the strait connecting Misty Lake and Lake 41.

Upon crossing underneath the strait, the line enters a taiga biome, continuing underneath it, and only when the line crosses the mountain biome where it goes above ground into a forest biome, where Nagoya is in, at U186 station. At that station, the line begins its concurrency with the planned L2 Line.

The lines then cross the mountain biome after U187 station, going underground and before it leaves the mountain biome, stopping at U188 station, the lines separate, but still remaining parallel. Then, the lines cross a swamp biome and a roofed forest biome, making a stop at the swamp before arriving at New Rotterdam, at U189/L2X7 station, which is a transfer station with MRT Lakehsore Line.

From New Rotterdam, the lines merge and then cross the taiga biome, making a stop before arriving at Plainsworth at U192/L2X5 station. Then, the lines go underground to cross a mountain biome, then stopping at Freeburg at U194/L2X3 station, before crossing the aforementioned mountain biome again, stopping at Windswept Valley. Before arriving at U196/L2X1 station, the L2 and Union Lines swap places, with Union Line rising first before the L2 Line, before both emerge above ground. At that station, the concurrency with L2 ends, and Union Line begins another concurrency with MRT Western Line.

In the concurrency with Western Line, the lines cross mostly forest biomes, and after U197/WN56 station, the line goes underground, stopping at Nova Roma, located at U198/WN57 and U198/WN58 stations.

Phase 8

This phase goes between U199 in Nova Roma and U1 in Sigil, completing the loop. It was approved at July 8, 2023 and opened at the September 2023 GSM.

The concurrency with Western Line ends, with the lines splitting north of Nova Roma, where Western Line goes north to San Francisco and Union Line goes across northern Zeta. The line turns to the east at that point, crossing the mountain biome, making a stop when crossing the biome. After crossing the mountain biome, the line goes above ground, passing through various forest biomes. After U203 station, located at a small plains biome, the line goes underground just for U204 station before ascending back above ground.

Again, the line continues east across the forest biomes on the way to Repentigny, at U208 station. One stop before, the U207 station is a planned transfer station with MRT Taiga Line in a forest biome, where afterwards the line goes underground. The line then continues east, remaining underground to cross the mountain and roofed forest biome, before going above ground for the next stop, U210 in Lakeside.

From Lakeside, the line parallels ErzLink for a considerable extent, with Union Line going underground after U212 station to cross the mountain biome, before arriving at U213 station in Prohampton, which is a planned transfer station with L3 Line. After that, the line then enters a taiga biome after stopping at another station, U214. After a stop in the taiga biome, the line arrives at Erzville, at U216 station which is also a transfer station with planned MRT Rose Line.

After Erzville, the line remains underground, going around the shores of Lake 37, stopping at Wolfraamoever op Verlorenzee, then turning to the east through a roofed forest biome, and making 2 stops at a swamp biome and then the mountains biome. After U220 station in the mountains biome, the line crosses a roofed forest and then ascends to meet with the tracks at U1 station, before finally arriving at U1 station where the loop is finally completed.


City Rank Mayor Stations
Zhong Guo [Senator] SilverBubble  U8  Zhong Guo - North Wall
Mountbatten [Governor] Mojang1014  U29  Mountbatten
Encinitas [Senator] KittyCat11231  U36  Encinitas
Anthro Island [Governor] KittyCat11231  U57  Anthro Island
Cape Cambridge [Senator] PaintedBlue  U117  Cape Cambridge - Piazza dell'Unita
Birmingham [Senator] ProCallMeJr  U122  Birmingham
Porton  [Premier]  SimonScholar  U138  Porton
Kazeshima [Senator] __7d  U149  Kazeshima Owomachi
 U150  Kazeshima Eaukoi Channel
Shenghua [Senator] mi_aquamarine  U151  Shenghua
Erzville [Governor] eurye  U216  Erzville


Status Code Station name MRT connections
 Ward 1 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U1  ZN59  MRT Zephyr Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U2
Dynmap Green Flag.png U3
Dynmap Green Flag.png U4
Dynmap Green Flag.png U5
Dynmap Green Flag.png U6
Dynmap Green Flag.png U7
Dynmap Green Flag.png U8 Zhong Guo - North Wall  LE16  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U9  LE17  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U10  LE18  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U11
Dynmap Green Flag.png U12
Dynmap Green Flag.png U13
Dynmap Green Flag.png U14
Dynmap Green Flag.png U15
Dynmap Green Flag.png U16
Dynmap Green Flag.png U17
Dynmap Green Flag.png U18
Dynmap Green Flag.png U19
Dynmap Green Flag.png U20
 Ward 2 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U21
Dynmap Green Flag.png U22
Dynmap Green Flag.png U23
Dynmap Green Flag.png U24  EN49  MRT Eastern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U25  EN50  MRT Eastern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U26
Dynmap Green Flag.png U27
Dynmap Green Flag.png U28
Dynmap Green Flag.png U29 Mountbatten  RE21  MRT Rose Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U30  RE20  MRT Rose Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U31
Dynmap Green Flag.png U32
Dynmap Green Flag.png U33
Dynmap Green Flag.png U34 Mushroom Island Nature Reserve
Dynmap Green Flag.png U35 Nashville
Dynmap Green Flag.png U36
Dynmap Green Flag.png U37 Encinitas  NEX3  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U38  NEX2  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U39  NEX1  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U40
Dynmap Green Flag.png U41
Dynmap Green Flag.png U42
Dynmap Green Flag.png U43
Dynmap Green Flag.png U44
Dynmap Green Flag.png U45
Dynmap Green Flag.png U46
Dynmap Green Flag.png U47 Gander - ChillWind
Dynmap Green Flag.png U48
Dynmap Green Flag.png U49 Campton-Sandbanks
Dynmap Green Flag.png U50
Dynmap Green Flag.png U51
Dynmap Green Flag.png U52
Dynmap Green Flag.png U53
Dynmap Green Flag.png U54 East Mesa  XE52  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U55
Dynmap Green Flag.png U56
 Ward 3 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U57 Anthro Island
Dynmap Green Flag.png U58
Dynmap Green Flag.png U59
Dynmap Green Flag.png U60
Dynmap Green Flag.png U61
Dynmap Green Flag.png U62
Dynmap Green Flag.png U63
Dynmap Green Flag.png U64  F56  MRT Forest Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U65
Dynmap Green Flag.png U66
Dynmap Green Flag.png U67
Dynmap Green Flag.png U68
Dynmap Green Flag.png U69 Lifebush - CBD
Dynmap Green Flag.png U70
Dynmap Green Flag.png U71
Dynmap Green Flag.png U72 Barshat Abtalit  P72  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U73
Dynmap Green Flag.png U74
Dynmap Green Flag.png U75
Dynmap Green Flag.png U76
Dynmap Green Flag.png U77
Dynmap Green Flag.png U78
Dynmap Green Flag.png U79
Dynmap Green Flag.png U80 Ellerton Fosby  SE42  MRT Southern Line
 Ward 4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U81
Dynmap Green Flag.png U82
Dynmap Green Flag.png U83
Dynmap Green Flag.png U84
Dynmap Green Flag.png U85
Dynmap Green Flag.png U86  BSX  MRT Beach Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U87
Dynmap Green Flag.png U88
Dynmap Green Flag.png U89
Dynmap Green Flag.png U90
Dynmap Green Flag.png U91
Dynmap Green Flag.png U92  JS63  MRT Jungle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U93
Dynmap Green Flag.png U94
Dynmap Green Flag.png U95
Dynmap Green Flag.png U96
Dynmap Green Flag.png U97
Dynmap Green Flag.png U98
Dynmap Green Flag.png U99
Dynmap Green Flag.png U100 Everton  ESX  MRT Eastern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U101
Dynmap Green Flag.png U102
Dynmap Green Flag.png U103
Dynmap Green Flag.png U104
Dynmap Green Flag.png U105
Dynmap Green Flag.png U106
 Ward 5 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U107
Dynmap Green Flag.png U108  V62  MRT Valley Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U109
Dynmap Green Flag.png U110
Dynmap Green Flag.png U111
Dynmap Green Flag.png U112
Dynmap Green Flag.png U113
Dynmap Green Flag.png U114  ZSX  MRT Zephyr Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U115
Dynmap Green Flag.png U116
Dynmap Green Flag.png U117 Cape Cambridge Piazza dell'Unita  I61  MRT Island Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U118
Dynmap Green Flag.png U119
Dynmap Green Flag.png U120
Dynmap Green Flag.png U121
Dynmap Green Flag.png U122 Birmingham
Dynmap Green Flag.png U123  DX  MRT Desert Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U124
Dynmap Green Flag.png U125
Dynmap Green Flag.png U126
 Ward 6 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U127  H50  MRT Savannah Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U128
Dynmap Green Flag.png U129
Dynmap Green Flag.png U130
Dynmap Green Flag.png U131
Dynmap Green Flag.png U132
Dynmap Green Flag.png U133
Dynmap Green Flag.png U134
Dynmap Green Flag.png U135 Sylffe Salme Port  WSX  MRT Western Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U136
Dynmap Green Flag.png U137
Dynmap Green Flag.png U138 Porton  M83  MRT Mesa Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U139
Dynmap Green Flag.png U140
Dynmap Green Flag.png U141
Dynmap Green Flag.png U142
Dynmap Green Flag.png U143
Dynmap Green Flag.png U144
Dynmap Green Flag.png U145
Dynmap Green Flag.png U146
Dynmap Green Flag.png U147
Dynmap Green Flag.png U148  SW49  MRT Southern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U149 Kazeshima Owomachi
Dynmap Green Flag.png U150 Kazeshima Eaukoi Channel
Dynmap Green Flag.png U151 Shenghua
Dynmap Green Flag.png U152
Dynmap Green Flag.png U153
Dynmap Green Flag.png U154
 Ward 7 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U155
Dynmap Green Flag.png U156
Dynmap Green Flag.png U157
Dynmap Green Flag.png U158  OW59  MRT Oasis Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U159
Dynmap Green Flag.png U160 Natal
Dynmap Green Flag.png U161 Bialystok
Dynmap Green Flag.png U162
Dynmap Green Flag.png U163
Dynmap Green Flag.png U164
Dynmap Green Flag.png U165
Dynmap Green Flag.png U166
Dynmap Green Flag.png U167
Dynmap Green Flag.png U168
Dynmap Green Flag.png U169  XWX  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U170
Dynmap Green Flag.png U171  NWX  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U172
Dynmap Green Flag.png U173
Dynmap Green Flag.png U174
Dynmap Green Flag.png U175
 Ward 8 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U176
Dynmap Green Flag.png U177  L4X  L4 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U178
Dynmap Green Flag.png U179
Dynmap Green Flag.png U180
Dynmap Green Flag.png U181
Dynmap Green Flag.png U182
Dynmap Green Flag.png U183  A68  MRT Arctic Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U184 Hinanawi Town Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png U185
Dynmap Green Flag.png U186  L2X11  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U187  L2X10  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U188  L2X9  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U189  L2X8  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U190  LW42  MRT Lakeshore Line
 L2X7  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U191  L2X6  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U192  L2X5  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U193  L2X4  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U194  L2X3  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U195  L2X2  L2 Line
 Ward 9 
Dynmap Green Flag.png U196  WN54  MRT Western Line
 L2X1  L2 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U197  WN55  MRT Western Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U198 South Nova Roma  WN56  MRT Western Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U199 North Nova Roma  WN57  MRT Western Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U200 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U201 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U202 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U203 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U204 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U205 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U206 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U207  TX  MRT Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U208 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U209 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U210 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U211 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U212 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U213  L3X  L3 Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U214 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U215 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U216 Erzville  RW4  MRT Rose Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png U217 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U218 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U219 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png U220 None