Union of Central Western Territories International Airport

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Union of Central Western Territories International Airport

Aéroport International de l'Union des Territoires Centraux-Ouest
dei Territori Occidentali Centrali e per l'Aeroporto Internazionale
Aeropuerto Internacional de Unión de Territorios Occidentales Centrales
Airport typeJoint Military-Civilian
OperatorFormosa Transit Authority
ServesSealane, Formosa, Danielston, Wallowyn, 42, Golden City
LocationCentral Western New World
Hub forSkyTrans
BuiltApril 9, 2016 - May 28, 2016 (first version)
April 15, 2017-April 16, 2017 (second version)
In useMay 28, 2016 – Present
Direction Length Surface
m ft
18/36 289 948 Black Clay
Number Length Surface
m ft
1 TBD TBD Black Clay
2 TBD TBD Black Clay

The Union of Central Western Territories International Airport is an operational airport located just southwest of Central City within the UCWT SMP, of which it serves. It is currently fully operational.


Information about the airport.


UCWTIA was originally planned by RLcrafters to be built just north of Sealane between A0 and A8. However, this plan was rejected at the February GSM due to reasons of the airport not being in a centralized location of the UCWT SMP. A second plan was then submitted for the March GSM, in a more centrally located position south of Sealane and east of Danielston, and was then approved. Construction on the main airport facilities were done in lab and then w/e into UCWT, and other facilities such as roads, parking garages, and amenities outside of the airport were constructed on-site afterwards.

In April, the airport was rebuilt to be able to accommodate more gates, of which it has doubled.


The airport is arranged into a main terminal with 5 concourses as prongs. The main terminal is divided into two floors, one for departures and one for arrivals, with services spanning the entire length. The upper floor contains check-ins and security, while the lower floor contains immigration, baggage claims, and customs, as well as some franchises. The concourses consist of walkways on the departures floor connected to ramps leading to the first floor, which is arranged such that there is a seating area for every 2 gates with the arrivals walkways dividing them.

Concourses and Terminals

The main terminal is in the north, with 5 concourses lettered A-E from west to east immediately south of it. There are 36 gates, with 24 (concourses A-D) holding regular sized planes, 3 holding large planes, and 5 holding medium planes. Small planes and helicopters, located south of the main taxiway, can be accessed through a shuttle bus system stopping at the south end of concourse E, and the east, central, and west areas of the small/heli gates.


Security is of the utmost concern for the airport, and is not to be taken lightly. For departures, the traveller will first proceed to security, present their flight ticket and passport, then proceed through either a metal detector or millimeter wave scanners, while any items that are carried are subject to an X-ray machine scan. Upon arrival (all flights are considered international), travelers will proceed through either passport control for citizens of UCWT (automatic if you are enrolled in the program) or immigration for visitors, then through a baggage claim and to customs where any listed items must be declared, under penalty of seizure of that item and/or fines. Anyone unable to pass through either or both of these security checkpoints will be detained by airport security and/or deported. All airport security is provided by the Formosa Armed Forces Terrestrial and Aether Home Guard, who regularly patrol the airport terminals, its airspace, and its grounds, including taxiways and surrounding transit systems.


The location of the airport's main transit hub is located under the main terminal and accessible by escalator on the west end. In addition, public and shuttle bus stops are located all along the inner ring road of the landside faces of Terminal 1, while drop locations for private vehicles line the outer ring road. Roadways connect the airport to surrounding roadways as well, with eastbound A5U-shield.png serving as the ring road of Terminal 1. A5U-shield.png has roadway connections to  B50  via Memorial Fountain Circle in the west and Highway A5.png in the east.


Several franchise spaces including food, shopping, and other services are available on the arrivals floor landside. Several airport hotels may be built around the area for travelers requiring stay at the airport for early flight departures, late flight arrivals, a place to sleep for the duration for the visit, or any other reason. They will all be accessible either directly from the terminal or by shuttle buses provided by the airport or hotel.


A small military airfield has been built to the southeast of the main terminal, for the usage of Formosa's Armed Forces and select allied forces to provide aerial defense of UCWT. Access is strictly limited to military personnel with the necessary clearance. The airfield grounds is surrounded by a fence with a gate adjacent to the taxiway, and includes a watch tower and command building. Allied forces are welcome to use the airfield as well.

Control Tower

A large control tower is situated just west of the runway, and is connected to the main terminal by an underground walkway. The tower contains a control center for all flights within UCWTIA airspace, as well as a command center for FAF and AFS, and an observatory deck open to approved visitors.

Trivia and Random Info

  • A12 was the first gate to be constructed at the airport, and several trolls by several players were left in, on, and around the gate desk, gate, and jetway.
  • UCWTIA is the first new world airport with a control tower separated some distance from the terminals.
  • It is also the first SMP airport to use the land allocations of at least 2 cities.


Some elements in UCWTIA were inspired by real airports:

  • Terminal 1 exterior design - IAD
  • Double ring roads, separated arrivals and departures, and baggage claim shape - BWI
  • Concourse interior design/layout - NRT

Airlines and Destinations

Airlines Destinations
AirLinQ Fort Yaxier International Airport, San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport, Espil Ecilidae Airport, Akane - Ishuzu Int'l Airport, Whitechapel Sky Harbor, Radiance Square International Airport, Leydon International Airport
BART Airlines Ice Springs Regional Airport, Ilirea Midcity Airport, Kolpino, Segville International
Caelus St. Roux
Derpy Air Anthony Fokker Regional Airport, Harry S Truman International Airport, Leydon International Airport
Dragon Network Kessler
Eastern Airways Elecna Bay International Airport
Ilirea Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport
IntraAir Kitania Municipal Airport, Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport
Pan Puno Skies Grayzen National Airport, Ocean Suburb International Airport
SkyTrans Central City Heliport, Fort Yaxier Airfield, Franklin D. Roosevelt Airfield, Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield, Horizon National Airport, Leydon International Airport, Omerah International Airport, Siletz-Umatilla Regional Airfield, Spring Valley Regional Airfield, Titsensaki, Vermilion Gateway Airport, Whiteley Aerodrome
South Weast Charter Anthony Fokker Regional Airport, Ocean Suburb International Airport
Vermilion Airways Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport
Viaggio Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport, Freedon Silverwood International Airport

To be updated

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Square Icon.jpeg  TIA 
Square Icon.jpeg  AAF 
Square Icon.jpeg  BIO 
Square Icon.jpeg  CBA 


Construction started on April 9, 2016 in the lab world, with several different people helping with building various things. Terminal 1/Concourse A was finished in the lab and Terminal 2/Concourses B and C were finished on-site.

Construction of the second version started on April 16, 2017 in singleplayer, and was pasted in on April 17, 2017.

Future Plans



First version:

And some others

Second version:

Transit Services

A large bilevel rail hub, constructed by FredTheTimeLord, is situated under the western portion of Terminal 1. It is served by BluRail, Fred Rail, HSRC, and IntraRail. Great Central, RaiLinQ, RegionalConnect and the [[Hokkaidō Shinkansen].

Table soon

BusLinQ, IntraBus and Sealane operate buses on the departures inner ring road.


Instructions on how to access the airport from nearby areas:

Location To UCWTIA From UCWTIA
Formosa Take B50-shield.png south to Memorial Fountain Circle, then take the east exit until the UCWTIA ring road. Take A5U-shield.png east, then take Exit 2 to head west, then take Exit 3 and drive to the end at Memorial Fountain Circle.
Danielston Take B50-shield.png north to Memorial Fountain Circle, then take the east exit until the UCWTIA ring road. Take A5U-shield.png east, then take Exit 2 to head west. Take Exit 3 and drive to the end at Memorial Fountain Circle, and head south on B50-shield.png.
Sealane/Golden City Take B51-shield.png west to the end at B50-shield.png and head south, then take the east exit at Memorial Fountain Circle and drive until the UCWTIA ring road. Take A5U-shield.png east, then take Exit 2 to head west. Take Exit 3 and drive to the end at Memorial Fountain Circle, then take B50-shield.png north until B51-shield.png and head east.
Central City Take Highway A5.png south until A5U-shield.png, then drive west to the end. Take A5U-shield.png east until Highway A5.png, then drive north.

Check-in Desks

Checkin desks are found on the departures floor in the main terminal. They correspond to the order of dropoff locations outside the airport.

Terminal 1

Desk Airline
1 SkyTrans
2 FernAir
3 Heampstead Air
4 Lites Off Airways
5 AirLinQ
6 Caelus
7 BART Airlines
8 IntraAir
9 Viaggio
10 Pan Puno Skies
11 Eastern Airways
12 FlyCreeper
13 BluAir
14 Infamous Airlines
17 National Airlines
18 EZair


All concourses are accessible from the main terminal. Ground and heli gates are accessible by bus from the southern end of Concourse E

Gates in Concourses B-D are arranged such that each successive gate number alternates between the concourse's sides from west to east. Concourse A has all its gates lined up on the east side, and Concourse D's numbering goes down the west side, and then down the east. Ground gates are numbered from west to east, and heli gates are numbered west to east, then north to south.

Gate Airline Destination
Concourse A (BART Terminal)
1 BART Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport
2 BART Airlines Segville International
3 BART Airlines Kolpino
4 BART Airlines Ice Springs Regional Airport
Concourse B
1 IntraAir Kitania Municipal Airport
2 Ilirea Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport
3 IntraAir Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport
4 Eastern Airways Elecna Bay International Airport
5 South Weast Airlines Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
Omerah International Airport
Mason City International Airport
6 Eastern Airways Akane - Ishuzu Int'l Airport
7 South Weast Airlines Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport
8 Infamous Airlines Ocean Suburb International Airport
Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Concourse C (SkyTrans Terminal)
1 SkyTrans Leydon International Airport
2 SkyTrans Marblelake Heathrow International Airport
3 SkyTrans Vermilion Gateway Airport
4 SkyTrans Radiance Square International Airport
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
5 SkyTrans San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport
6 SkyTrans Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
Richville International Airport
Riverside Airport
7 SkyTrans West Mesa International Airport
Kantō International Airport
8 SkyTrans Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Chan Bay International Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Concourse D (SAA Terminal)
1 AirLinQ Treplöw International Airport
2 AirLinQ Autocity
3 AirLinQ Whitechapel Sky Harbor
4 AirLinQ Elecna Bay International Airport
5 AirLinQ
8 FlySubway Fort Yaxier International Airport
Concourse E
1 Heampstead Air Leydon International Airport
2 AirLinQ Fort Yaxier International Airport, San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport, Espil Ecilidae Airport, Akane - Ishuzu Int'l Airport, Whitechapel Sky Harbor, Radiance Square International Airport, Leydon International Airport
3 SkyTrans Fort Yaxier International Airport
4 AirLinQ Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre
5 AirLinQ Chokster City Borderline Airport
6 Transoceanique Air Lines Chan Bay International Airport, Deadbush International Airport
8 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Gate Airline Destination
Ground Gates
1 SkyTrans Siletz-Umatilla Regional Airfield
Omerah International Airport
Chan Bay Municipal Airport
2 SkyTrans Spring Valley Regional Airfield
3 SkyTrans Horizon National Airport
Itomori Municipal Airfield
Pasadena Airfield
4 SkyTrans Whiteley Aerodrome
Xilia-Saint-Exupéry Airfield
Franklin D. Roosevelt Airfield
Pixl Vinayaka International Airport
5 SkyTrans Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield
Dekuville Harbor Airfield
Segville International
6 SkyTrans Titsensaki Regional Airport
Carnoustie City Airport
Northern Trail Airfield
7 SkyTrans Bakersville Fairfield Airfield
Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield
8 SkyTrans Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
9 SkyTrans Norwest Airfield
Larkspur Frankford Airfield
10 SkyTrans Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport
Washingcube Airfield
11 AirLinQ Autotown Airfield
12 AirLinQ Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport
13 AirLinQ Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport
14 AirLinQ
15 AirLinQ
16 SkyTrans New Woodbury Airfield
North Haven Riverside Airfield
17 SkyTrans Kantō Airfield
Rockaway Airport
18 SkyTrans Schillerton Sayles Hill Airfield
Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
19 SkyTrans Schiphol International Airport
Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield
20 SkyTrans Murrville Regional Airport
Werk-En-Rust Airfield
21 Heampstead Air Harry S Truman International Airport
22 Heampstead Air Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Espil Ecilidae Airport
23 Pan Puno Skies Western Ocean International Airport
24 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
San Dzobiak International Airport
25 South Weast Charter Ocean Suburb International Airport
26 FernAir Ilirea Midcity Airport
27 FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport
28 Infamous Eagle
29 Infamous Airlines Epsilon International Airport
Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield
30 BluAir Tranquil Forest Airfield
Paixton Regional Airport
32 DAS West Mesa International Airport
X Dragon Network Kessler
Y SkyTrans Aeolia
Gate Airline Destination
Heli Gates
1 SkyTrans Central City Heliport
Fort Yaxier Airfield
2 SkyTrans Dabecco Regional Airport
East Spruce Heliport
3 SkyTrans Waterville Municipal Airfield
5 SkyTrans Pine Mountain Airfield
6 SkyTrans Woodsdale Municipal Airport
10 South Weast Charter Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
11 Heampstead Charter Heampstead
  •  Yellow  rows indicate gates reserved by airlines
  •  Red  rows indicate flights not yet set up
  • Bold rows indicate gates reserved by the airport with no specific airline and/or destination yet
  • Red airports indicate inactive locations on active flights



View of the western part of UCWTIA from the Air Traffic Control tower
UCWTIA's Air Traffic Control tower, with Danielston in the background
A typical plane being serviced at one of UCWTIA's gates
UCWTIA Terminal 2's arrivals walkway suspended above the departure level
Immigration, baggage claim, and customs at UCWTIA
The inner ring road of the Departure level of UCWTIA
A typical plane landing at UCWTIA from the south.
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