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Missa_Solemnis's Current Time
3:15 pm, March 27, 2023 EDT
Director of Introversion
Resident Classical Music Enthusiast
LocationUS East Coast (Academic Year)
California, USA (Holidays)
Time zoneUS Eastern (UTC-05:00/-04:00, Academic Year)
US Pacific (UTC-08:00/-07:00, Holidays)
GenderMale (he/him/his)
Birth date15 March
MRT information
Current rank[Mod+]
Notable projectsMusique
Auburn Academy
Project Midway
Accepted30 August 2015
Citizen08 September 2015
Trustee17 June 2016
Councillor01 July 2016
Mayor02 December 2017
Senator04 February 2022 (whilst Mod)
Governor05 December 2022 (whilst Mod)
Moderator13 June 2021
Supporter30 April 2021
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Nickname(s)Missa, Violin, Viola, Cello

Hello, I'm Missa_Solemnis, also known as "Missa".

About me

I'm currently a Mod and the mayor of Musique and Auburn. On the server, I'm probably best known as the person who likes classical music and building schools. Musique sort of encapsulates that, with its name meaning "music" and its rather large and detailed schools, and Auburn is home to Auburn Academy, which is a very, very large school.

In real life, I'm a classical musician and huge classical music enthusiast, so let me know if you ever want to discuss or nerd out over classical music. I also work in a music library, so I'd be happy to chat about that too.

I grew up in the Los Angeles area, but I currently attend university on the US East Coast, hence the two time zones in my infobox. Due to coursework, personal commitments (mostly rehearsals and performances), and work, my presence on the server can fluctuate.

Contacting me

Contact me by:

  • sending me a message on Discord (fastest and preferred).
  • e-mailing me by clicking on "Email this user" in the sidebar (great for lengthier inquiries).
  • leaving something on my talk page.
  • sending me in-game mail.

I typically respond within twenty-four hours if contacted via Discord or e-mail.

As a Mod, I have an open door policy, so please feel free to reach out to discuss things from the server, talk through things from real life, or give me some feedback about my performance as a moderator (even if it's about things I need to improve!). I strive to be helpful and friendly and I'm usually willing to bend the ten minute rule — that is, I'm generally fine doing WorldEdits shortly after logging on, but you do still need to wait ten minutes after logging on to ask... just please don't have a WorldEdit request be the first thing you say to me. Being a moderator is something I never imagined happening, all the way up to when I learned I had been nominated and even beyond that, and I am very conscious of the immense privilege this position holds. I hope to do my part as a staff member to give back to this community that is so important to me.

My username

For those who are curious, my username references a piece by Ludwig van Beethoven that I was working on when I created my account. The Missa Solemnis is actually the piece that Beethoven is holding in this well known portrait.

Don't know how you should pronounce my username? You're certainly not alone. Here's an approximation of how I say it using vowel sounds from American English: "MEE-sa soh-LEHM-nihs", and here's one in IPA: /ˈmi sɑ so ˈlɜm nɪs/.

My Projects


Musique was my first town and it was founded shortly after I became a Member. It is located at D11 station, though it has since acquired D10 and D12. The idea behind Musique is a city that emphasised the arts and education, which culminates in the existence of the Musique Performing Arts Center (soon to be renamed as the Musique Civic Auditorium) and the Musique Unified School District. I am currently in the process of reorganising the performing arts venues located around Musique — both free-standing and on school campuses — into an umbrella organisation known as the Musique Centers for the Performing Arts.

Musique will always have a special place in my heart as my first town and first large-scale project, and there are several builds in Musique of which I am very proud. However, it also struggles with space and terrain limitations, the presence of builds of questionable quality that I need to replace, and a scale that can be a bit too ambitious at times.


Auburn was founded in June 2020 at SW20 station to give me a chance to apply my (hopefully) improved building skills to a brand new project. The town is anchored by Auburn Academy and I chose to limit my building palette in much of the town to sandstone and bricks as a bit of an exercise in creating a variety of buildings within a sea of buildings with the same palette. Auburn is also an experiment in building to compliment the terrain and exploring a more manageable scale. The unique facilities offered by the Academy will hopefully allow Auburn to be a host for future events.


My first major project as a member of Staff was the Northern Line East Extension (NEX), which extends the MRT Northern Line from its former terminus at  NE18  to a new terminus at  NE30  along the route of the MRT Eastern Line between  EN22 - NE22  and  EN28 - NE28 , passing through the unused  NEX  station, which was renumbered as  NE24 . NEX opened at the December 2021 GSM.

NEX was a collaboration with sesese9, who was the project lead and designer of the route. We used recoloured track and tunnel schematics originally made by AP_Red for the Eastern Line section that we paralleled as well as some custom track and tunnels emulating the style of AP's schematics.

My two favourite parts of NEX are the above-ground section of tracks between  NE24  and  NE25  where I constructed a landscaped creek and waterfall in the median between the Eastern and Northern Line tracks and the section of tracks between  NE28  and  NE29  which weaves through a large dark oak forest.


The second MRT Arctic Line extension was my first solo MRT extension. Though only three stations in length, it created an interchange with the MRT Western Line at  A56 - WN45  by extending the Arctic Line from its former terminus at  A53  in Kaloro City to Bristol. This extension also served as the debut of my suite of tracks and stations that incorporate elliptical motifs. AX2 was proposed at the August 2021 ISM and opened at the September 2021 GSM, which was located just outside  A54 .


My latest MRT extension project involved coupled extensions for the MRT Southern Line and MRT Desert Line, both of which are special to me because my two towns are located on those two lines. The project as a whole adds forty-six new unique MRT stations (with one transfer station that creates a connection between the two lines) and once again utilises the suite of tracks and stations created for AX2.

SWX is the first portion of the Southern Line not constructed by SimonScholar and extends due west from the former terminus at  SW38  to a transfer station with DLX3 and continues up the crescent-shaped Nansei-Gunto archipelago. It terminates at  SW55 , just west of Santa Abeja. This routing leaves the possibility of further extension to the northwest.

As part of this project, the Desert Line will be the second MRT line (after the MRT Circle Line) to be completed. Moving west from the existing terminus at  D60  in Gray Cloud, DLX3 serves other parts of the Nansei-Gunto Region, including the capital, New Singapore, before turning south to meet up with SWX at  D71 - SW48 . It then continues south to serve the towns of Sunflower Plains and Porton, curving west with stations in Uacam Beach, and ultimately terminates at its final terminus,  D90 , which is symbolically located in a desert biome.

Project Midway


Bratsche is my corporation which manages my assets, including Missa's Musical Menagerie and assets under the ABC umbrella.

MRT Wiki

Lately, I've been doing a decent amount of work populating the MRT Wiki with information and images on Auburn Academy. The Auburn Academy wiki page started as part of the wiki page for the town of Auburn, but it quickly outgrew that and was forked off onto its own page alongside the addition of more information and several images. This original iteration of the Academy's wiki page became a featured article in August 2021.

Over time, with wiki standards increasing, the Academy's page lost its featured quality status. This led to extensive edits of the page which included the addition of lore indicators, flow and formatting improvements, and the transfer of the bulk of the Academic and Campus Life sections to their own pages. Around this time, wiki pages for several topics related to the Academy were created as well, including pages for the Auburn Academy Library, Auburn Academy Performing Arts Complex, and Academy Rapid Transit System. The creation of these supplemental articles allowed the main Academy article to be streamlined, and with the help of McYoshi26, the main article regained featured quality status in late November 2022.

All the Academy-related pages and files should be contained in Category:Auburn Academy.


See my music page.