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Alert.png I will be on red status for quite a while as my personal life gets very hectic. During my absence, Narnia17 is to be supervisor of my town.

Director/Head of Classical Music
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Location California, U.S.A.
Time zone PST (GMT-7)
Language(s) English
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects City of Musique
Joined I don't know
Accepted Can't remember
Citizen Can't remember
Trustee June 17, 2016 (thanks Narnia17, RedBear47, MishkaMan, and mjpwwf)
Councillor July 1, 2016 (thanks jphgolf and mikefishr)
Mayor December 2, 2017 (thanks cal76 and chiefbozx for endorsements - APRed and chiefbozx for station rename)
Senator Not yet
Governor Not yet
Premier Not yet
Moderator Not yet
Administrator Not yet
Supporter Not yet
Social networks
Personal website Soon

Hi I'm Missa_Solemnis, often called "Missa" on the server. I'm currently a [Mayor] and the mayor of Musique ( D10  Musique - Spruce Mountain District- D11  Musique). I'm a classical musician and huge classical music enthusiast who really doesn't have much knowledge of any other kinds of music. As such, I listen to pretty much exclusively classical music. I'm usually on during the weekends in the afternoon or evenings, when my personal schedule allows. If you need some help, I'm usually glad to lend a helping hand. Contact me by sending me in-game mail or leave something on my talk page.

Guess what instrument I play:

  • It is not played by passing air through it.
  • It is not typically struck when played.
  • In a symphony orchestra, it is typically the largest section.
  • Players of this instrument are often stereotyped as having over-inflated egos and being divas...

If you can guess the instrument, let me know, and perhaps I'll have a reward?