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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

Alert.png Narnia17 is caretaker of Musique during my on and off red status
Musique Complex Logo.png
Town officials
Mayor Missa_Solemnis
Deputy Mayor The_big_fat_cat
MRT  D10  Musique - Spruce Mountain District
 D11  Musique
 D12  Foobar
Bus Hermes Bus - Desert Route
RedLine 001
Roadways  A5-W 
Rail RaiLinQ 4700 (Wafflemosa Line)
BluRail BluRail4-01.png Line
Facts and figures
Population 5
Town hall coordinates to be updated
Founded September 8, 2015
Recognized as town July 1, 2016
Town rank Mayor
World New
Ward(s) 5
Other info
Official City Website


Musique, pronounced "Myoo-zeek," (formally the City of Musique) is a city located at  D10  Musique - Spruce Mountain District through  D11  Musique. Musique's vision is to provide citizens and visitors with access to the arts, specifically music in addition to providing high quality education of all levels. The name Musique comes from the city's dedication to music, with "Musique" meaning "music" in French. Musique's mayor is Missa_Solemnis and its deputy mayor is The_big_fat_cat. It is a member of the Epsilonian Republic where is serves as the arts and education provider. Come visit us!

Please note that we are working on adding pictures.

Getting to Musique

The fastest way by rail to get to Musique is by taking the Expo Line West from Central City to Central City SW and then taking the Desert Line to  D11  Musique Station. Alternatively, you can use the Premier warps to get to Segville and then fly west. By road, take the southbound  A5  from Central City to exit 2b and continue down the southbound  A5-W  to the Musique - Music Street exit.


Within Musique there are three districts: Downtown, Glissando Hill, and Spruce Mountain. Each district has its own distinct characteristics and landmarks.


Downtown Musique was the first part of Musique that was built. It can be found just east of the MRT Desert Line and Musique Transit Center. Located in downtown are City Hall, the Musique Police Headquarters, various residences, franchises, the Metropolitan Hotel,  D11  Musique Station, the Musique Transit Cub, a large metro station, the Amphitheatre, and the Musique Performing Arts Center. The A5-W also runs by downtown. Plots are available in downtown, but please refer to Building in Musique on how to claim a plot.

City Hall

Musique's City Hall is the tallest building in Musique, reaching all the way to the building limit. It contains all the offices for the Musique administration. Behind it is a small park-like area you can relax in or help us plant a community garden! City Hall is located at 50 North Musique Avenue.

Musique Performing Arts Center

The Musique Performing Arts Center is a large facility in downtown Musique that hosts concerts and other performances. It is comprised of four venues: Birch Hall, Oak Auditorium, Spruce Hall, and the Musique Amphitheatre. It also contains an intricate backstage area. As of right now, the MPAC has not hosted any formal performances. Pictures to be added soon. MPAC is located at 450 East Musique Avenue.
Please visit for more information.

Musique Transit Center

The Musique Transit Center is currently under construction adjacent to  D11  Musique Station at 0 North Narnia Avenue. It will be in the shape of a large set of beamed eighth notes and provide rail and bus services.

Glissando Hill

Glissando Hill is the primary residential area within Musique. It is located in the hills west of the MRT tracks. Plots are open in Glissando Hill, but please refer to Building in Musique on how to claim a plot.

Spruce Mountain

Spruce Mountain, located at  D10  Musique - Spruce Mountain District was originally a town built by bnsfninja. When bnsfninja became inactive, Spruce Mountain was acquired and became a district of Musique. Many buildings are being left as they are, but some modernization efforts such as improving roads and adding more public services are being done.

Ski Resort

At the ski resort you can find various ski-related shops, the original Spruce Mountain town hall, ski slopes, and other things. Come visit!

Spruce Mountain Town Hall

Spruce Mountain town hall was restored and a basement floor was added to function as a historical museum.

Building in Musique

If you would like to build a building/build in Musique, simply look around and find empty plots framed by cobblestone walls. Most build plots have style restrictions. As a rule of thumb, all plots in Musique must be modern or traditional. Look around for examples. The maximum build height is Y=200. Builds may not modify the adjacent road and/or sidewalk. Exceptions can be made. The builder's name should appear somewhere conspicuous on the build. Please speak to Missa_Solemnis if you have any questions.


The city of Musique believes that education in very important. Public education is overseen by the Musique Department of Education and the Musique Unified School District. All of the schools excel in all subjects, with an emphasis on the arts.

For more information on the Musique Unified School District, please visit


Musique has a preschool located at 60 North Music Avenue.

Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools go from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Musique has 3 planned elementary schools, with two completed and in operation.

Spruce Mountain Elementary

Spruce Mountain Elementary at 251 North Music Avenue in the Spruce Mountain district of Musique. It has 24 classrooms on 4 floors (6 rooms each floor). There are 3 classes per grade level in addition to music, visual art, and theatre art education. There is a state-of-the-art science lab and library-media center for classes to use too. SME's student capacity is supposed to be 360, but its student capacity is sometimes expanded to accommodate additional students. All visitors to SME must register in the office. Students residing to the east of the MRT tracks will be assigned to SME.

Glissando Hill Elementary

Glissando Hill Elementary is an elementary school located at 0 North Glissando Avenue in the Glissando Hill district of Musique. After nearly 4 months of construction, it was completed. It has 30 classrooms in addition to arts education facilities, a library, a media center, administrative offices, a kitchen/cafeteria, extended day care/preschool, a multi-purpose room/auditorium, and a science lab. Class sizes are 20 students, and will never exceed 21. Therefore, GHE's student capacity is 600-630. GHE is constructed in a modern style with lots of glass. Visitors should park in the main parking facility under the school, accessible via Fat Cat Way. Please do not park in spots marked as reserved. The overflow lot will be open as needed. Visitors should then ride the elevators in the main parking facility up into the office to register. All gates are closed during school hours. Students residing to the west of the MRT tracks will be assigned to GHE.

Fat Cat Elementary

This elementary school is planned and its location has not been finalized.

Middle Schools

Musique has one middle school. Middle Schools go from 6th grade to 8th grade.

Musique Middle School

Musique Middle School is Musique's only middle school and is located at 0 West Music Street in the Glissando Hill District of Musique, across the street from Glissando Hill Elementary. Its student capacity ranges from 1600-1800.

High Schools

Musique has one high school planned which has not begun construction yet. High Schools go from 9th grade to 12th grade.

Musique High School


Arts High School of Musique (AHSoM)

Planned. This high school will specialize in advanced arts education.

Upper Education

Musique plans to have many higher education options. None have begun construction.

Musique Conservatory of Music


Musique University

Planned. Will include many schools and colleges.


If you have anything to add to this page, by all means do so, but please inform Missa_Solemnis.


Musique has achieved [Mayor]! (Thanks to cal76 and chiefbozx)
Musique now has an exit on the A5-W, by the cinema