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Town officials
Mayor Canadian_K9
Deputy Mayor Vulpicula
Town Councillors
  • Ward 1 (Transportation Minister) = Littlegopher1
  • Ward 2 (Education Minister) = VACANT
  • Ward 3 (Chief Justice Minister) = Aliksong
  • Ward 4 (Agriculture Minister) = VACANT
  • Ward 5 (Communication Minster) = WashingtonTdt
  • Ward 6 (Labour Minister) = VACANT
  • Ward 7 (Health Minister) = InDev
  • Ward 8 (Finance Minister) = MikeRoma
  • Ward 9 (Infrastructure Minister = sesese9

 EN7  Valemount City Centre

 EN6  Valemount Bay Enterprise Square

VTS Commuter Bus  CE100 

VTS Regional Bus  RE1 
Roadways Highway A30.png
Other transit N/A
Facts and figures
Population 0
Town hall coordinates N/A
Town rank [Member]
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party  G  Green Party of the MRT

Valemount: Let The Mountains Move You!

Valemount is a city located Northeast of the Server that is being built @  EN7   EN6 

Valemount has been a slow developing city based off the the Valemount Village in British Columbia, Canada. Though none of the buildings in the city share any design resemblance with the actual village.

City News

  • The Town of Valemount is going through a revamp phase, you may notice various roadways or buildings that may look like a little different, with time going on, new design ideas come across, and making the Town of Valemount, I believe some key designs should be the same through out the city no matter what district you are in. Some of the changes that will occur:
      * Making Town Centre Round-A-Bout more circular
      * Changing all intersections with square like corners to roundish corners.
      * Complete Makeover to Town Hall
      * BRT Red Line to be constructed and completed in mid 2020

  • Redevelopment of the Tunnel between  EN6  and  EN7  is underway. But able to travel through. PLEASE report any issues that occur to the MRT Eastern Line because of this redevelopment.

How To Get To Valemount

From Central City. Board The Expo Line at  X0  and Travel East to  XE22  and transfer onto the MRT Eastern Line and head North to  EN7  OR  EN6 

You can also take VTS Transit Commuter Bus  CE100  From Central City Bus Terminal To Valemount Transit Centre East. South East of City Centre!

Getting Around


  • In The Town Of Valemount You can use Valemount Transportation Service Which supplies Bus Routes and Light Rail Transit throughout the City. And transit to the rest of the Server


Town Centre

  • The Core of Valemount! Where some say the EN7 Main Entrance reminds them of the Central City some how. And Where major buildings will be located, such as the Valemount Library! And small stores are also in this district but soon to be moved into the City Centre Mall when that is constructed and completed at a later date.

University District

  • The University District is the home to Valemount's Brilliant minds and major studies. In this district the University of Valemount is planned to be one of the most efficient and high tech buildings of its kind in Valemount. This goes for the same for the U of V Residence Building making sure students can attend studies knowing they are able to complete the work with the confidence and safety the building offers.

East-side Kamloops Industrial District

  • East-side Kamloops Industrial is currently undergoing construction but will be home to factories and Valemount's Solar Farm that will be built in the coming months. It is also the location where Valemount Transportation Depot will be located.


  • Revelstoke, One of the only small communities in Valemount besides Town Centre that has a provincial park in it. In Revelstoke Provincial Park, Species like the Magnificent Polar Bears call this place home! Revelstoke is also the district with small businesses and tons of green space and pathways for surrounding neighborhoods can come to get away from the City feel.


  • Well known for the Modern One-Way Roads this District has, its home to the Fine Design Buildings Valemount has to offer, themes of buildings range from many different other town building inspirations! Currently Willdamere District has two buildings. Willdamere Cafè and NCO Embassy! But residential homes will soon start popping up as well the construction for VTS B Capital Line Willdamere NE Station has started, and will be the station which once completed the line will be opened to the public.

Bay Enterprise Business District


Nanaimo Ocean view District

Icefield Heights


Willdamere Auditorium

Just south of the Willdamere Bus Stop, there is the Willdamere Auditorium which can be used for various community and national events if needed. It can host talent shows, community concerts, or unveiling events. VWAuditorium.png

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 EN5   EN6  Valemount Bay Enterprise Square
 EN7  Valemount City Centre