Central City Bus Terminal

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The Central City Bus Terminal is a project currently under construction.

More to be added later, as plans are being drawn up for the terminal.


During construction of Gamma, chiefbozx conceived the original terminal. 4 months later, ValachSarkhor pledged to renovate the terminal in his membership application. In mid- March, Valach achieved the rank of Councillor. This enabled him to build in Central City. After discovering chief as the original builder, Valach assumed control.

This gave birth to the new bus station, which is currently being built as part of the Central City Bus Station Regeneration Project.


Upper Concourse

Info coming soon!

Lower Concourse

Info coming soon!

AdMod Terminal

The AdMod terminal is comprised of two buildings, The Wave and ???.

More data coming in soon!

Apply for a gate!

Use this link to apply!


1. Click on the link above to request a gate.

2. CaptainChimpy will notify you that your application has been received.

3. You will get your chosen number of gates, depending on the status of construction. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will get a gate on your chosen concourse.

4. You may start pasting in your buses.

5. You will be required to edit signs that have been marked out. This requires supporter benefits. You are welcome to ask a supporter to help you on this step.

6. Notify Chimpy that your bus is in. This will help to recognise which gates have been taken.

7. Set up warps.

8. Inform Chimpy that your bus route is active. If you do not inform Valach within a month of the "buses are in" notification, then he will assume that you have not set up warps and therefore has the right to remove the bus route. You will be notified if such happens.


Please note that the management accepts NO liability of any MRT rules or player ranking rules are broken in your construction of the route; i.e. You MUST be a Councillor to Owner to be able to use bus routes and make warps.

The management reserves the right to remove any bus routes that a) has not filled out the application form and has just put in a bus; b) are in breach of any MRT rules; and c) has not followed the given timeframe to inform the management 1) that a bus has been pasted in; and 2) the bus service is fully active.