Earack's Automated Grocery Store

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Contact Earack through in-game chat or page discussion for your very own store.

Each store features 34 fully automated redstone vending machines for each item of food, at varying prices with emeralds as the input.

The Grocery Stores measure 57 blocks wide and 77 blocks long or 101 blocks long with parking. They are available for $200.

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City Nearest MRT Town Owner
Bakersville  ZN9  Bakersville - Penn Station FredTheTimeLord
Chalxior  ZN33  Chalxior Thondes soso123
Espil  C80  Espil - Eisli Central EspiDev
Greenplain Heights (Custom)  ZS3  Foobar j_universe0
Larkspur  NW23  Larkspur - Prescott Road Vickiposa
Levittown  C47  Foobar Narasmar
Redbridge  JN4  Foobar ModernArt
Risima-Twinkenham EliteNeon
Norwest ModernArt
Oakburgh  T4  Oakburgh mdbro55
Pearl Coast (Custom)  ES26  South Pearl Coast Station knomads7
Pilmont Bensismith
Richville woorich999
Tranquil Forest hvt2011
Wythern  C41  Wythern Baseball02
Zerez, Thespe Province airplane320