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Evella Airport

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Evella Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator LDShadowLord
Serves Evella
Location New World
Hub for Evella Skylines
Built TBD 2018
Coordinates -4576,64,1478
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 Concrete

Evella Airport is a primarily cargo-based Airport serving Evella and its associated industries. It was designed to serve as an aerial extension of the Port of Evella that provides a considerable amount of cargo throughput to Evella. The airport and it's associated industries are built where the former city of Gato stood.

Passenger Map

EvellaAirportTerminalKey.png EvellaTerminal1.png

Services Map

  1. Evella Skylines - Luggage Services
  2. East Tacos
  3. NicCoffee
  4. MRTea
  5. Matsuki Sushi
  6. Pine Colada
  7. Tacurger Shack
  8. Palm Lounges
  9. Vacant
  10. Vacant
  11. Vacant
  12. Vacant
  13. Vacant
  14. Vacant

Passenger Gates

GATE ID ID2 Operator Destination Status
ORA 0 City of Evella Confidential ONLINE
ORA 1 1 Evella Skylines Evella Heliport STANDBY
ORA 1 2 Evella Skylines Evella Heliport STANDBY
ORA 2 1 South Weast Charter Not Available PREP
ORA 2 2 South Weast Charter Not Available PREP
ORA 2 3 South Weast Charter Not Available PREP
RED 1 1 BluAir Tranquil Forest
Mason City
RED 1 2 BluAir New Bakersville
RED 1 3 BluAir Deadbush ONLINE
RED 2 1 BluAir New Woodbury
Sunshine Coast
RED 2 2 BluAir Laclede - SFX
RED 2 3 BluAir Carnoustie
GRE 1 1 FliHigh Not Available PREP
GRE 1 2 SkyTrans Not Available PREP
GRE 1 3 Infamous Not Available PREP
GRE 2 Waypoint Epsilon International ONLINE
PUR 1 Starfield Airways Marblegate ONLINE
PUR 2 Starfield Airways Robin's Hill ONLINE

The standard passenger gate is 31 meters wide and 53 meters long.

Cargo Gates

A large cargo gate is 51 wide and 68 long. A standard cargo gate is 31 wide and 54 long.

Gate Auctions

Gate Auctions have now closed. Cargo gates will soon be available for purchase.


  • Prices must go up in a minimum of $25 increments
  • You can only bid on a maximum of two gates
    • These two gates must be next to each other
    • A "Buy-It-Now" is treated as a bid
  • Cargo Gates start at $50
    • Cargo Gates will not be available in the first wave of bidding.
  • Passenger Gates start at $250
    • If a passenger gate is won, it cannot be built on until permission is given by LDShadowLord. This is as the terminal is not yet ready for people.
    • However, the check-in-desk can be built upon immediately.
  • PUR-1 will have a "Buy-It-Now" price of $1500 from the auction start.
    • To use the "Buy-It-Now" function enter your bid as $1500 into the bidding box.
  • PUR-2 will have a "Buy-It-Now" price of $1000 from the auction start.
    • To use the "Buy-It-Now" function enter your bid as $1000 into the bidding box.
  • Gates cannot be re-sold without the express permission of the gate owner and LDShadowLord.
    • If you do not want a gate any more, you must relinquish control of the gate to LDShadowLord to be re-sold at his convenience.
    • Once a gate has been re-sold or re-auctioned, approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the sale price will be paid back to the previous owner.