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Coffeehouse franchise
Founder and CEO nicrats
Parent NicGroup
Founded July 2017
Number of Locations 21 (19 in service)
Headquarters Northberg Building, Northberg
NicCoffee Creeperville.


Locations are sorted chronologically. If you want a location, please contact nicrats.

# City Location (Store Name) Store Type Design Status Notes
1 Verdantium Fenwick Square Shopping Centre Mall Original Open Original location closed. Moved to new location in the mall and reopened.
2 Central City Fairfax Street Mall Mall Original Open
3 Alexandria Bay Stand-Alone with Drive-Through Original Open
4 Sanctuary Hills Stand-Alone Original Open
5 Northberg Riverside Northberg - Closed
6 Frosty Rivers Stand-Alone Original Open
7 Oakburgh Stand-Alone Original Open
8 Central City SM Mall @ SW Terminal Mall Original Open
9 New Bark North Stand-Alone Original Open
10 City of Evella Office Building Original Modified Open
11 PieVille Stand-Alone Original Open
12 Winterside Winterside Downtown Station NicCoffee-Express.png Open
13 Nymphalia Winterlight Mall NicCoffee-Express.png Open
14 Creeperville 2-Storey Stand-Alone Classique Open
15 Espil Aldis Mall NicCoffee-Express.png Open
16 Northberg Town Hall Station - Temporarily closed Being moved to a new location in the station as it is being renovated.
17 Zerez NicCoffee-Express.png Open
18 Schillerton 2-Storey Stand-Alone Classique Open
19 Levittown Seaside Classique Open
20 Elecna Bay - Open
21 Titsensaki NicCoffee-go.png Open Formerly NicCoffee Express.
Rebuilt and rebranded as NicCoffee GO.
22 Marsius 2-Storey Stand-Alone Classique Open


All NicCoffees follow a strict design manual. Stand-Alone locations generally follow this better than Mall locations. NicCoffee Express Locations have their own design style.

NicCoffee Oakburgh was the last NicCoffee to be built using the Original style.

Locations prior to location no. 14 use the the Original design scheme. When the 14th location opened in Creeperville, it introduced our new design scheme, later to be referred to as Classique.

NicCoffee Creeperville introduced the new Classique style.

NicCoffee Group

NicCoffee is a owned by its parent company, NicCoffee Group. NicCoffee Group was founded in 2018 to manage all the different NicCoffee companies. NicCoffee Group has, apart from the coffeehouse related companies, the following subsidiaries:

NicCoffee Concert Hall

Main article: NicCoffee Concert Hall
NicCoffee Concert Hall is a concert hall in Northberg.