IntraAir Poseidon

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IntraAir Poseidon
Conquer The Seas
Corporate Information
CEO KittyCat11231
Parent Company IntraAir (a division of Feline Holdings)
Facts and figures
Founded N/A
Airline Information
Alliance SkyTransit Alliance (affiliate)

IntraAir Poseidon is an airline acting as a subsidiary of IntraAir, using amphibious seaplanes capable of water landings. The airline mostly operates out of Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport.

The airline exclusively uses the IntraJet NG Seabird, which is designed for use on water, with landing gears in place to make landings at mainland airports possible.


Flight 1

This flight is codeshared as IntraAir flight 27.

  • Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport
  • Pig Racing Seaplane Base