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Redstoneless Metro Service (RMS)

RMS is a transit company founded by jphgolf4321, who is its President, on Dec. 7, 2013. The company Vice President is KittyCat11231. Nopro988 is the Director of Deluxe Stations. RMS doesn't use any redstone except for powering its rails. There is a test track set up at Splurgeville. Contact jphgolf4321 for more information.

Deluxe Stations

Deluxe stations were developed by Nopro988. They are stations that resemble the original RMS design, but use redstone technology to be guest-friendly. The North East Rail 1 Line was the first to use this type of station.


XL Stations

XL Stations are nicer-looking stations than the standard RMS stations, but they take up more space. These are recommended for longer lines or metros in larger cities

RMS Ferry

The RMS Ferry is the company's single ferry line. It serves Oak Island Waterport,  B10  MRT Marina, and  Y8  Northeast Waterport. The ferry originally started off as being a personal yacht for jphgolf4321, but when it started looking cruddy, it was repurposed as a ferry.

Lines in Service

  • Five-Seven Line
  • River Valley Line
  • Waterville (Old World) Purple Line
  • Waterville (Old World) Orange Line

Rockstone Metro Haven Line Station List

NOTE: This is a circular line - stations listed in order of construction

  • Mall South
  • Grand Central
  • Bus Terminal
  • 1st St.
  • West Side
  • Retail Row

RMS Test Track Station List

  • Ground Terminus (Terminus)
  • Ground
  • Underground
  • Underground Terminus
  • Elevated
  • Elevated Terminus (Terminus)

Welcomeville Metro Line 3 Station List

NOTE: This is a circular line - stations listed in order of construction

  • Line currently in the planning stage

North East Rail Network

Nopro988 is in charge of this network More info here.

The Five-Seven Line Station List

  • Stadium (N. Terminus)

River Valley Line Station List

MRT International Concourse Connector Station List

  • Concourse A (E. Terminus)
  • Concourse B/C (W. Terminus until Concourse D is built)

RMS Ferry Station List

  • Oak Island Waterport (S. Terminus)

Waterville Purple Line Station List

  • Entrance (S. Terminus)
  • Town Hall (N. Terminus)

Waterville Orange Line Station List

  • Town Hall (S. Terminus)
  • Residence One (N. Terminus)