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Flag of Laclede.png
Town officials
Mayor Valkorion314
Deputy Mayor Narnia17
MRT  T11  Laclede Theater District
 T12  South Laclede
 T13  Laclede
 T14  North Laclede
Roadways  A9 
Highway A94.png
Highway A942.png
Highway B90.png
Highway B901.png
Highway B942.png
Nearest airport Harry S Truman International Airport
St. Francis Xavier Regional Airport
Other transit Northern Star Ferries via Seneca Canal
Facts and figures
Founded October 5th, 2014 (Laclede)
Town rank Premier
World New

Laclede is the capital and highest-ranked city of the Republic, having risen to Premier. It is governed by Supreme Chancellor jphgolf4321. The city was founded on October 5th, 2014, and is named after Pierre Laclede, the founder of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. The city occupies  T11  Laclede Theater District,  T12  South Laclede,  T13  Laclede, and  T14  North Laclede. In Laclede are several sports stadiums, restaurants, residences, and various theaters. Laclede has hosted two TacoBurritoAthons and the Fourth Eagle Awards.



Laclede is connected to the MRT Network via the MRT Taiga Line stations of  T10  Christi,  T11  Laclede Theater District,  T12  South Laclede,  T13  Laclede,  T14  North Laclede and  T15  Tetrapolis. It is also connected to various third-party rail networks, including CitiRail and RaiLinQ. Among the major third-party rail stations are Union Station, Laclede Transit Hub, and Laclede WarpTrain Central.


Most air traffic in Laclede is handled by Harry S. Truman International Airport, Laclede's major international airport. The airport has two terminals handling 13 planes, 6 helicopters, and a dragon, with service on eight airlines1. The airport is the primary new world hub for South Weast Airlines, with additional service from BART Airlines, IntraAir, Waypoint, Caelus Airlines, Vermilion Airways, Derpy Air, and a dragon.

Laclede is also served by Laclede Municipal Airport, located directly to the south of and predating Harry S. Truman International Airport. The airport is comprised of a small landing strip and terminal building with a single South Weast Airlines flight to Splurgeville Municipal Airport.

1Includes a dragon.


Laclede also has the LTA Laclede Metro, traversing the city centre.



Laclede is connected to the MRT Road Network via  A9 , Highway A94.png, Highway A942.png, Highway B90.png, Highway B901.png, and Highway B942.png.