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Laclede on October 27 2023.png
Laclede in October 2023
Flag of Laclede.png
Flag of Laclede
Deputy MayorNarnia17
Town recognition
Date foundedOctober 5, 2014
Date recognized as PremierJuly 22, 2018
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 1
Ward 9
MRT T11  Laclede Theater District
 T12  South Laclede
 T13  Laclede
 T14  North Laclede
Road connectionsA9
Air facilitiesHarry S Truman International Airport
St. Francis Xavier Regional Airport
Rail facilitiesLaclede Central
Water transit facilitiesNorthern Star Ferries via Seneca Canal
Landmark(s)Eustahnd Tower

Laclede is a Premier city owned by Valkorion314 and is the capital of the Lacledic Republic. The city was founded on October 5, 2014, and is named after Pierre Laclede, the founder of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. The city occupies T11, T12, T13, and T14 on the MRT Taiga Line. Laclede received the rank of Premier on July 22, 2018.

Laclede has several sports stadiums, restaurants, residences, and various theaters. Laclede has hosted two TacoBurritoAThons and the Fourth Eagle Awards.


The Eustahnd Tower in Laclede

Staff members were given the first pick of land in the New World and, as jphgolf4321 was a staff member at the time, he was able to claim T13 station on the MRT Taiga Line. When the New World opened, there were only two streets, City Hall, and a few townhouses across the street. Over the coming months, Laclede grew and was promoted to Senator, at which point Chris Kyle Memorial Stadium and the Laclede Municipal Airport were built. At the time, airfields were allowed to be built at Senator. When they were banned, Laclede's was one of the few deemed realistic enough to continue to exist. During this time the LTA Metro system was begun. Laclede also acquired the rights to T11, T12, and T14 stations in inactive build auctions and integrated them into the city. These new acquisitions, as well as the construction of the Laclede Transit Hub, Sportsmans Park, the Brickhouse, and the first Spleefodrome, helped the city get Governor.

After Laclede was promoted to Governor, a new Spleefodrome was rebuilt, the metro was expanded, Harry S Truman International Airport was built, and the former site of Demonrise was rebuilt as an area for other cities' exclaves. After the exclave fad died and the former site of Demonrise was still mostly empty, the Laclede Theater District was built on the site.

After a bit of a development hiatus, jphgolf4321 decided to push Laclede over the threshold of Premier. Kyle Stadium was razed and Roosevelt Stadium was built on the site. St. Francis Xavier Regional Airport, Powell Hall, the National Amphitheater, the National Hotel, and Loyola Field filled out the Theater District. Every unfurnished building in the city gained an interior. Laclede then received Premier.

Following the town's promotion to Premier, Loyola Field was eventually converted from a mixed-use soccer and sumotori facility to a spleef arena. The Spleefodrome became Busch Stadium, a new baseball stadium with a larger field. As such, Sportsmans Park was renovated permanently into a form it had most recently taken for X TacoBurritoAThon, an aquatics facility.



Laclede is connected to the New World MRT system on the MRT Taiga Line with the stations of T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, and T15. Laclede is connected to various third-party rail networks, including CitiRail and RaiLinQ. Among the major third-party rail stations are Union Station, Laclede Transit Hub, and Laclede Warp Train Central.


Most air traffic in Laclede is handled by Harry S Truman International Airport, Laclede's major international airport. The airport has two terminals handling 13 planes, six helicopters, and a dragon, with service on eight airlines. The airport is the primary New World hub for South Weast Airlines, with additional service from BART Airlines, IntraAir, Waypoint, Caelus Airlines, Vermilion Airways, Derpy Air, and a dragon.

Laclede is also served by Laclede Municipal Airport, located directly to the south of and predating Harry S Truman International Airport. The airport has a small landing strip and a terminal building with a single South Weast Airlines flight to Splurgeville Municipal Airport.


Laclede also has the LTA Laclede Metro, traversing the city centre.

The LTA Metro Map as of 2017


Laclede is connected to the road network via the A9, A94, A942, B90, B901, and B942.

Rail Services
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 T10  Christi  T11  Laclede Theater District
 T12  South Laclede
 T13  Laclede
 T14  North Laclede
 T15  Tetrapolis
towards T62 via Kessler
towards Siletz via Local
IntraRail Spruce Regional
Laclede Central
Laclede Airport Plaza
towards Amestris
towards Zaquar via Express
IntraRail Republic Express
Laclede Central
Laclede Airport Plaza
Horizon National Airport
towards Rank Resort
Sealane Central
towards Tranquil Forest
BluRail BluRail2X-01.png
Laclede Central
Laclede - LHT
Horizon National Airport
towards Rank Resort