Ryder Cup

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The Ryder Cup
Course Varies
City Varies
Course Architect godzilltrain, autobus22 and SkyjumperTalon
Town Mayor Varies
Date November 17th-18th (Times TBD)
Number of Players 16
Purse $1,120
Season MGA Season 2
Important People
Commissioner SkyjumperTalon
Tournament Champion Team World
MGA Season 2
Deadbush Open Chronology

The Ryder Cup was a team-based mini-golf tournament that served as the third tournament of the second season of the MRT Golf Association. It took place between November 17th and November 18th. Team World won 8.5-4.5 after 0x10 bailed and forfeited in Match 10.


Players were separated into two teams: North America and The Rest of the World (often shortened to simply 'World').

There were be 13 matches. Winning a match gave you a point for your team. At the end of the two days, the team with the most amount of points wins the Ryder Cup.

Season Points

Players who win a match get 5 points per win, and 3 points per tie, and 0 points per loss.


The two teams, North America and World, have the following 16 members split up into 8 players per team.

World North America
Flag of United Kingdom.png London150 Flag of United States of America.png SkyjumperTalon
Flag of The Netherlands.png Red_Ray Flag of United States of America.png 0x10
Flag of United Kingdom.png CaptainObi Flag of United States of America.png mdbro55
Flag of United Kingdom.png godzilltrain Flag of United States of America.png PineappleMaster2
Flag of the Philippines.png Frosty_Creeper10 Flag of United States of America.png mi_aquamarine
Flag of The Netherlands.png _Sc1ence_ Flag of United States of America.png PlebBurnt
Flag of The Netherlands.png Majatho3 Flag of United States of America.png Cookie46910
Flag of United Kingdom.png AlexDaAlbatross Flag of United States of America.png I_90
Flag of The Netherlands.png autobus22 Flag of Canada.png zefunman

The teams then played in matches, either 2v2 or 1v1. Matches were organized between team captains and players before the tournament. Each win got each team 1 point. At the end of the tournament, the team with the most points won. Flag of Germany.png FishEye110 was supposed to play but after missing both matches and having godzilltrain sub for both, the switch was made permanent.


Each team will play matches against each other. These matches will be played in different formats including Fourball, regular Stroke Play, and alternate shot.


Fourball is a format in which 2 players per team play against each other in a 2v2 match. All 4 player plays the hole, and each team takes the best score from that hole. For example, Player 1 on Europe hits 3, player 2 on Europe hits 5, player 3 on NA hits 4, and player 4 on NA hits 4, Europe takes the better score of 3 while America takes a score of 4. Thus, on the scorecard, the 'player' America would score a 4.

Standard Match Play

Standard match play is a 1v1 match where the two players play a hole. The better score (winning the hole) goes 1 UP. If already 1 UP, the player goes 2 UP. If 2 UP, the player goes to 3 UP and so on. However, if your opponent is 1 UP and you win the hole, you go back to "AS" which stands for All Square. If you are 1 UP and you lose the hole, you go to All Square. If you score the same amount of strokes on a hole, the score remains the same. The game ends when a player is so far UP that the opponent cannot possibly come back, even to tie. Here is an example, as the format is complicated for those who are not familiar.

Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Player 1 3 2 2 2 18 2 2 2 2
AS 1 UP 2 UP 2 UP 2 UP 3 UP 2 UP 1 UP AS 1 UP
Player 2 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 1

Alternate Shot

Alternate shot is a simple format. In alternate shot, Player 1 tees off, player 2 takes the next shot, player 1 plays the one after that, and so on. The team score is how many total throws (not throws per person) there are before the hole is completed.

The tournament

Detailed scores can be found here: here The Ryder Cup operated under the following schedule:

# Time in UTC World vs North America Score Media
1 17, 3 AM Frosty_Creeper10 2&1 I_90 1-0 Being processed
2 17, 7 AM Frosty_Creeper10 1 UP Cookie46910 1-1 None
3 17, 2 PM godzilltrain 8&6 mi_aquamarine 2-1 Being processed
4 17, 3 PM godzilltrain 2&1 mdbro55 3-1 Hightech_TR
5 17, 4 PM Majatho31 2&1 mdbro55 3-2 Hightech_TR
6 17, 5 PM CaptainObi 5&3 PlebBurnt 4-2 Being processed
7 17, 7 PM _Sc1ence and AlexDaAlbatross TIE Cookie46910 and zefunman2 4.5-2.5 MBS
8 17, 9 PM autobus22 5&4 PlebBurnt 5.5-2.5 MBS
9 18, 2 PM _Sc1ence_ 3&1 0x10 6.5-2.5 MBS
10 18, 3 PM _Sc1ence_ and AlexDaAlbatross Forfeit3 0x10 and zefunman 7.5-2.5 Cancelled
11 18, 4 PM Majatho3 Forfeit4 PineappleMaster2 7.5-3.5 Cancelled
12 18, 7 PM Red_Ray and CaptainObi5 TIE PineappleMaster2 and Cookie46910 8-4 PineappleMaster2
13 18, 8 PM _Sc1ence and autobus22 TIE PineappleMaster2 and Cookie46910 8.5-4.5 PineappleMaster2
1. ^ Hightech_TR substituted for Majatho3.
2. ^ Conric005 substitued for zefunman.
3. ^ KittyCat11231 substituted for zefunman, and 0x10 was ready to go but bailed at the last minute. Without being able to find a sub in time, team North America forfeited the game, sealing the Ryder Cup for World.
4. ^ Majatho3 never showed up and never found a sub.
5. ^ Aldranster50 subbed for CaptainObi from hole 13 onwards.


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