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Citizens of Zaquar,

In March 2015, your great mayor was banished from this great server. Since this time, you have been governed by the City-State of Kitania under President KittyCat11231.

The City-State of Kitania is responsible for grave injustices towards its people and the people of the MRT. It has cracked down on political dissent and civil rights for its citizens. It has constructed massive prisons in secrecy for its so-called criminals. It has attacked jurisdictions which have made no transgressions towards it. It has spied on the citizens of many cities and states, even its own allies. It went to war with an ally over a small valley in the middle of nowhere, conscripting its citizens to fight and die on its behalf. It has abused its power with little oversight and has used its government agencies to take away the rights of its citizens.

But today, Zaquar has woken to a new beginning. Zaquar, for the first time in two and a half years, has been liberated from Kitanian rule. The Free State of Kitania has risen, and today Zaquar stands free.

Commander James Parkins
Leader of the Free State of Kitania

Town Officials
Mayor Commander James Parkins (de facto)
KittyCat11231 (de jure)
Founder Music3_0
MRT  ZS29  IluMinaji,  ZS30  Zaquar, and  ZS31  Zaquar
Roadways A50X C66
Other transit Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport
Facts and Figures
Town Rank Governor
State Free State of Kitania (de facto)
City-State of Kitania (de jure)
Official Language(s) English
World New

Zaquar is a Governor city in the southern new world, at the southern end of the Zephyr Line. It was founded by Music3_0 and is widely known for its unique building materials and style, a signature of the city founder. When its original mayor was banned, it was acquired by KittyCat11231 and became a province of the City-State of Kitania.

On October 4th, 2017, the third anniversary of the city's founding, the Free State of Kitania, a self-declared state formed by dissident groups within the Kitania Intelligence Agency launched a coup d'état against the Kitanian government in Zaquar. After two days of fighting, the City-State of Kitania surrendered control of Zaquar. Since then, it has been controlled by the Free State of Kitania, which proclaims it as its capital, however the City-State of Kitania still claims its territorial hold to the city, which it says is illegally occupied by rebel forces.

Current Government

Zaquar is currently governed by the Free State of Kitania, which overthrew the local government and forced the City-State of Kitania out of Zaquar. Zaquar is currently administered under martial law by the military of the Free State of Kitania.

Pre-Occupational Government

Before occupation by the Free State of Kitania, Zaquar was governed by a municipal government under the City-State of Kitania. The following are municipal government agencies of Zaquar's Kitanian government, which is currently in exile: