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Downtown Zaquar the day the City-State of Kitania re-established control.
Town recognition
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
MRT ZS29  IluMinaji
 ZS30  Zaquar
 ZS31  Zaquar
Road connectionsA50
Air facilitiesZaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport
Rail facilitiesZaquar Tanzanite Station
Water transit facilitiesZaquar Winfrey Waterport
Political affiliations
StateCity-State of Kitania

Zaquar is a Governor city in the southern New World, at the former southern end of the Zephyr Line. It was founded by Music3_0 and is widely known for its unique building materials and style, a signature of the city founder. When its original mayor was banned, it was acquired by KittyCat11231 and became a province of the City-State of Kitania.

On October 4th, 2017, the third anniversary of the city's founding, the Free State of Kitania, a self-declared state formed by dissident groups within the Kitania Intelligence Agency launched a coup d'état against the Kitanian government in Zaquar. After two days of fighting, the City-State of Kitania surrendered control of Zaquar. It was then controlled by the Free State of Kitania for nearly two years, proclaiming the city to be its capital, as it skirmished with the City-State of Kitania in the Kitania Civil War.

The City-State of Kitania made numerous moves towards recapturing the city and disposing of the Free State of Kitania but never followed through with its plans. In July 2019, after Valkorion314, Chancellor of the Lacledic Republic, went missing during a speech on the MRT's 7th anniversary, the Lacledic Republic suspected the Free State of Kitania of kidnapping the Chancellor, as it had done once before. The Lacledic Republic invaded Zaquar with no Kitanian backing, and overthrew the Free Kitanian government, ending Free Kitania's reign over Zaquar, however the Chancellor was not found in Zaquar and it was later discovered that the Free State of Kitania played no role in his disappearance.

The Lacledic Republic briefly held control over the city before transferring control back to the City-State of Kitania in late August 2019, marking the first time since the October 2017 coup that Kitania held control over the city.

Pre-Occupational Government

Before occupation by the Free State of Kitania, Zaquar was governed by a municipal government under the City-State of Kitania. Although Kitanian administration has been re-established, the city is currently under martial law pending the re-establishment of civil government. The following were municipal government agencies of Zaquar's government: