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Cities of Airchester and Sesby

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Airchester Logo.png
Town Officials
Mayor Cortesi
Deputy Mayor godzilltrain
Town Councillors 0rocketscience0
MRT  C25  Airchester
 ES5  Airchester
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates 8097, 64, 10
Founded 04/10/2014
Recognized as town 05/10/2014
Official Language(s) English
World New World
New Sesby Logo.png
Town Officials
Mayor 0rocketscience0
Deputy Mayor Cortesi
Town Councillors tarheelscouse
MRT  C24  Sesby
 ES4  Sesby
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates 8097, 64, 10
Founded 04/10/2014
Recognized as town 23/10/14
Official Language(s) English
World New World

Airchester is a Premier on the New MRT Server built by CortesiRaccoon. Sesby is a Councillor on the New MRT Server built by 0rocketscience0. They are part of the Epsilon Region and the Eastern Association of Serendipity Towns. Cities serve both the MRT Circle Line and the MRT Eastern Line.


Airchester started construction on the first day the MRT Gamma Server opened, and from there continued expanding until today. The city itself it's a clear representation of the History of the MRT Server, with buildings more than 4 years old. It started construction at C25 station on the MRT Circle Line. Mayor CortesiRaccoon already had plans to create an SMP with nearby town Sesby which started construction during the same time.

'Station Plaza' is as of now the oldest part of the city, situated south from the MRT Station. It's home to the 'Airchester Town Hall', the oldest building in town. It's construction finished on the 04/10/2014. Only 1 day passed and on the 05/10/2014 the small village was recognized as Town. From there, Airchester expanded East. With this expansion we see amazing buildings like the 'Epsilon Theater' which was back then the biggest and most advanced theater in the MRT, and the 'Running Water' landmark, which will remain the landmark of the city until Premier.

View of Epsilon Theatre

18/11/2014 was the date Airchester was officially recognized the biggest city of the East part of the server. Didn't pass long after it was recognized, in 20/12/2014, as a Big City and was allowed to make an airport, the 1st on MRT Gamma. 25/12/2014 the airport finished construction and it was a blast. The only one on the server, and companies were struggling to get a gate. It was the first version of the airport, which will follow a reconstruction after a few months.

Time passed, and Airchester was expanding very quickly, finishing neighborhoods like Desert, Business Center and Villa. A smaller Airport: 'Airchester Airfield' was built, which was the hub for Eastern Airways Heli Lines and Flight School. Road connection was built with nearby Sesby and Accerton allowing a better commute between the three cities of the Epsilon Region. And finally, on the 02/04/2015, Airchester was the first city (along with Achowalogen Takachsin) to get the Premier rank.

Following that Airchester's didn't grew, it just stood there, because the objective was reached. Just a few things happened after that day. Epsilon International Airport version 3 was built, along with 'Furling Park' (which is closed and soon demolished).

Main Road in Sesby

Started construction on the 04/10/2014. Mayor 0rocketscience0 wanted a city that reflected perfection in every detail. Something that will remain in your head once you see it. Sesby is detail, perfection, and realism all together. The first building to be constructed was the 'Sesby Town Hall' which is based of the Malmö town hall in Sweden.

The entire city was built to give the user a Dutch/German vibe. It got Councillor on the 23/10/14, a very well deserved rank which, unfortunately, will never be passed until now. One of the most astonishing builds in the city is the 'Sesby Cathedral', just north of the 'Central Station' It has been the main symbol of the city forever, counted also as the main landmark.

The city hosts the 'Port of Epsilon' which is the main Port for the Epsilon Region cities such as Airchester and Accerton. Finished construction in middle 2016. The city, during that time, also purchased 'IKEA' built by _Kastle. An incredibly huge build that was pasted north of the Epsilon Peninsula due to lack of space on the region. The Airchester-Sesby SMP never broke up, making it the oldest still-used SMP of the MRT World.

How To Get Here

By Air: The main way to get to the 'Epsilon Peninsula' is by air. The region is home to the oldest airport on the New World; Epsilon International Airport. Hub to Eastern Airways it has flight to most of MRT Cities. Small Helicopter flights are also made from Airchester Airfield, a Heliport on the south side of Airchester.

By Water: 'Airchester Waterport' has daily boat services by Vermilion Waterways from Airchester to Hummingbird Islands and Smart Ferries service from Airchester to Soiled Solitude. 'Port of Sesby' has daily boat services to Whitechapel and Solarion.

By Rail: Via the MRT both cities are on the MRT Circle Line and MRT Eastern Line. Airchester Station is  C25  Airchester and  ES5  Airchester while Sesby Station is  C24  Sesby and  ES4  Sesby. Airchester's MRT Station is also the last stop of the ConnectEAST 'East Coast Main Line' which has stops in Easest and Marblegate.

By Road: You can get to Airchester and Sesby using the A30 Highway which runs from Fort Yaxier, Elecna Bay and Whiteley all the way to Ravenna. Intermediate exits are Saint Roux, Freedon, Farwater, Achowalogen Takachsin, Covina, Valemount and Birchview.

Tourist Attractions

MRT Plaza

Airchester Plaza.png
A view of the MRT Plaza

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8248,64,-32
Metro Station: -
The MRT Plaza is Airchester's landmark. It is a composition of 5 fountains symbolizing the years that have passed when the landmark was built. There's a continuous flow of water symbolizing time, that never stops. And this is what the server did too, It continued moving through time, opening the New World, adding new things, new members that come and leave. This is the real meaning of the Plaza. This place is also famous for the Epsilon Theater. Next to the Plaza, the Epsilon Theater, the first theater of the MRT Gamma world. Feel free to enter the theater. It's now a Museum. Explore the redstone behind it and how the theater worked.

Sandcastle Hotel

Airchester Sandcastle.png
The Hotel at Night

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8294,64,-31
Metro Station: -
The Airchester Sandcastle Hotel was the first Hotel built in Airchester. His style and his luxurious rooms will already give you an idea of how fine this hotel is. Built in the centre of the city and following a classic Italian Style the Airchester Sandcastle offers spacious and comfortable rooms, all furnished with beds, desks and personal lights. From the top of the Hotel you will be able to have a really nice view of the Epsilon Theatre and the Beach Area of Airchester.


Airchester Lighthouse.png
A view of the Lighthouse

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8502,64,-45
Metro Station: -
The Airchester Lighthouse is situated on a cliff near Airchester Beach. It is a must-see attraction in Airchester. Being a city near the ocean, Airchester has a lot of boats coming in day and night in the Airchester Waterport. The Lighthouse is very important for all types of boats. If you head there you will be able to get to the top of the lighthouse and admire all Airchester. The Lighthouse has always been used and there is a staff member which keeps it running. It's really a great 360° view and a very romantic and amazing place to spend some time.

Lion Square

Airchester Lions.png
The two statues

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8196,64,-168
Metro Station: -
The Lion Square is a square north of Airchester situated in the Business District, It is a statue representing two lions walking. As you may or may not know Airchester is "in love" with animals. The Lions symbolize the strength of the city, as strong as 2 lions. Around the Plaza you can find some restaurants and franchises. Next to the Square you can also find the Epsilon Cinema were you can go and watch a movie, just head down the stairs to the auditoriums to start the movie.

Water Temple

Airchester WaterTemple.png
View of the Water Temple

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8401,64,91
Metro Station: -
The Water Temple is a strange-shaped Pyramid in the south part of the Beach District. We don't know the meaning of it, and we also don't really know who built it. What we know is that it was built way before Airchester started construction by some kind of civilization. It's surrounded by trees and cannot be easily spotted. Let's see if you can find the secret entrance.

Beach District

Airchester Beach.png
View of the Beach

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8401,64,91
Metro Station: -
The Airchester Beach is situated near the Port of Airchester and offers sun beds and beach umbrellas. From the coastline you have an amazing view of the Lighthouse and the East Ocean of the MRT Server. Situated next to the Beach you can find a restaurant and a picnic area both situated in an Italian Traditional pinewood.

Botanic Garden

Airchester BotanicGarden.png
View of the exhibition

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8382,64,-78
Metro Station: -
Discover every kind of plants and flowers in the Airchester Botanic Garden. Take a tour and smell the variety of plants this collection has. It is a great place to just sit down, read a book or drink a cup of coffee. It's surrounded by a cage, so you cannot hear the outside noises.

Villa District

Airchester VillaDistrict.png
View of the Villa District

City: Airchester
Coordinates: 8411,85,-332
Metro Station: -
Are you rich? Yes? Then you are allowed to enter Airchester's Villa District. Home to the most expensive houses in Airchester. Situated on a hill, they offer the best view from a home, and a direct access to the sea. You want a house here? Well, they are all already sold out.


Transportation on the Epsilon Peninsula.

The Following stations are open currently:

Tram Line

AAA A Business Station
AAA A Lion Square Station
AAA A Stadium Station
AAA A Hill Station

Central Line

AAA A Epsilon International
AAA A Airchester Central

Sesby Line

AAA A Delta
AAA A Gard
AAA A Bernhard
AAA A Sesby Central
AAA A Kamprad
AAA A Easternbay
AAA A Port Of Epsilon