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Castlecombe Central
MRT Plains Line commuter rail station
Castlecombe central.png
General information
Location3 Castlecombe Road
Greater Accerton
Operated byMRT
Lines     MRT Eastern Line
Structure typeElevated
Platform levels1
Disabled accessNo
Other information
Preceding station towards Florensia Accerton Exchange
Following station towards Pearl Coast Castlecombe Evergreen
Greater Accerton
Accerton Councillor.png
Deputy MayorRednaxAP
City recognition
Date foundedJanuary 18, 2015
Town hall coordinates8018, 65, 1024
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
Post code(s) AR3 
MRT C  Foobar
Road connectionsA30
Local transitChimp BusConnect

Greater Accerton is an state that lies on the shores of the Eastern Ocean, specifically the North Accerton Sea. Traditionally it is known as 深海岸 (Shen Hai'an - English transliteration: Deep Coast), before a new political party of monkeys influenced parliament in the 19th century, before taking power in January 2015. Greater Accerton also owns a town north-west of Ravenna in the Central North East region.

Having acquired the smaller suburban settlement of Castlecombe from a nearby landowner, _Bants_, Greater Accerton has now grown to house over 4 stations within its vicinity, both within the buildings and the 300 block no build zone. It is now spread between the stations of:  C27 - ES7  Accerton Exchange,  ES8  Castlecombe Central,  ES9  Castlecombe Evergreen, and  C28  Accerton Cargo Hub, on the MRT Circle Line and the MRT Eastern Line.

Founded by CaptainChimpy on 18 January 2015, this growing town is becoming a hive for rich, luxury homes, as well as the diversity in stores and in buildings. Accerton is a benefactor of Epsilon International Airport just 2 MRT stops away as well as a 7-platform CitiRail hub. Greater Accerton is now a voting member of the Eastern Association of Serendipity Towns, the League of Cities, and the shared municipality of Epsilon.

Geographical Organisation

Greater Accerton is actually a bigger region made up of two regions: Accerton Metropolitan Area and Castlecombe. Within these two, there are smaller sub-zones which form the basis of local government.

In order to identify which district you are in, all buildings are colour-coded with a mark next to their entrance or where necessary.

The zones are listed below:


  • Rowsend: The old heart of Accerton Metro Area. This will soon be demolished following the revitalization
  • Stanley: The new settlement which has formed a coastal hive in place of the old fishing village
  • Old Stanley: An old fishing village with a few inland dwellings. The residents moved to New Stanley long ago but this has been retained in its historical capacity and its cultural significance.
  • West Side: The main cargo hub for the entire city. All industrial activity resides here. In the event of the area filling up, another cargo area will be set up south of the MRT Circle Line and west of the MRT Eastern Line.
  • Exchange: The main transport hub for the whole urban agglomeration.


  • Baronet: The side shopping street which leads off the western end of Stroget. Baronet has a significant metro station which is embedded into a hill that was half cut during the construction of the Stroget Crosswalk.
  • Stroget: The main shopping street. All buildings along here are Northern European inspired, with a set of buildings that resemble Britain in the 1700s.
  • Evergreen: The main, flashy, new zone of Castlecombe. This consists of a General Motors, and a row of houses which have been dubbed Manheels Avenue in tribute to the MRT's LGBT community. In fact, mine_man_ and tarheelscouse both live on 1 Manheels Avenue.

Accerton Metro Area

Metro Area before the May demolition

Accerton Metro Area has a long and thrilling history. It was the site of the Battle of the Chimps, which was a new political party that rose to power in the 19th century in defiance to monkey-abusing photographers on the area's beaches.

It was the site of the new settlement. Before the merge to form Greater Accerton, most of the city's activity resided here, in contrast to the sleepy town of Castlecombe


Rowsend is the original heart of the city. This area is mostly messy and ugly. This area will be rebuilt and regenerated after the completion of the road system that has expanded from Castlecombe into Accerton. This area's colour code is green.


Shop Owner
Music's Gems KittyCat11231
The Green Leaf sesese9
Chocoluv sesese9
Sharkeisha's Secret KittyCat11231
Potato Pail PresidentQwerty
42 Drugs Leo_2807
69fry KittyCat11231
Mickey & Donald's KittyCat11231
Ben's Bakery Ben6331
The Breadbin mine_man_


This is the main transport hub for Greater Accerton. However there is a small row of shops along Moore Street.

Shop Owner
Newton's Workshop Patrick44_LFC
Kalmar Fried Chicken thomasfyfe
Dave's Doughnuts cal76
RapidCoffee _MajorMagpie_
150 Central Park Gopher
Spaghetti Showroom mine_man_
Vitamin Drinks Shop camelfantasy


Stanley is the main coastal residential area that is north of the B305. The area was built in the 20th century and is relatively modern, in stark contrast to Old Stanley on the hill above.

Lexington plaza 21 May.png
Shop Owner
Waffle House mjpwwf

However, in Lexington Plaza Tower 1, lies a whole new concept of building not seen in Accerton before. The mixed use building.

Floor Occupant
Tower 1
5F Newton-le-Transport
6F Macftrax
Tower 2
1F Waffle House
2F mjpwwf
3F kekkomatic

Old Stanley

Old Stanley is an old, touristic fishing village that is situated in the north west of the Metro Area, directly south of neighbouring Airchester.