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Season 1 New World Set
CreatorsWipeout111, Godzilltrain
Number Of Seasons2
LocationsRandom Field In Eastern Zeta, Bunker Tunnels, Vermilion Space Elevator, SS Assassins
Total Challenges13

Assassins is a gameshow hosted by Wipeout111.


Day 1

On day 1, the contestants are split into 3 teams, and no communication is allowed between the teams during the majority of the day. Each team spends day 1 going through tunnels while completing challenges. An "Event Guide" is needed for each team, and acts as a mini host for their team, managing the team's challenges and eliminations (The host, Wipeout, will be one of the event guides). Each team completes the same challanges while in the tunnels, with an elimination happening every 2-4 challenges. In the challenges before each elimination, one player is given an exemption for winning a certain challenge, meaning they can't be voted out. For an elimination, everyone on the team votes and whoever ends up with the most votes is eliminated from the game, if there is a tie, the exempt player is given the deciding vote. After the teams complete their challenges, the remaining players from all teams meet up and partake in an auction, which will give players advantages for the first challenge on day 2. The very beggining and end (including the last challange) of day 1 is run solely by the main host.

Day 2

On day 2, the remaining players complete challenges all together, with no event guides needed. After each challenge the loser or losers of that challenge are given a "strike", and at each elimination point, the player with the most strikes is eliminated from the game. In result of a tie, an extra challenge is provided to decide who is eliminated.

Day 3

In the first season of Assassins, Day 3 took the place of Day 2, as there were only 2 days. When the format was changed in the second season to fill up more time, Day 3 was instated as the final session. On day 3, the remaining players compete together in more complex/longer challenges, with the winner of each deciding who is eliminated from the show. Day 3 ends with 1 player remaining, the winner of the season.


The challenges found in Assassins are similar to challenges found in other events such as The Mole and Survivor. There are 2 types of challenges, team and solo ones. Team challenges are played like ones in The Mole where the team must work together, team challenges only appear on day 1. In solo challenges, the entire teams compete at the same time, and the winner is the contestant who finishes first or does the best. On day 1, there are 2 goals to achieve while completing challenges. First is to win an exemption, which will make you safe from the next elimination. The second goal is to obtain points. These points can be obtained in both solo and team challenges and doing better in challenges awards you with more points. They are saved up and used in the final day 1 challenge, where the remaining contestants use there points to obtain tools used in the first day 2 challenge. The more points, the better tools are availible to purchase, though the actual contents are hidden until purchased. Challanges on day 2 serve 1 purpose, eliminations. Day 2 eliminations can happen more unexpectedly.


Exemptions are only awarded to players on day 1. They are awarded by winning solo challenges and can not be given away to other players. Players who have exemptions can not be voted out during day 1 eliminations. Exemptions are only valid for the elimination after they are awarded.


Once the teams are revealed, communication between players on different teams is cut until the end of day 1. During day 1, players are allowed to privatly message members of there team to share plans, information, or create alliances. Between day 1 and day 2, the remaining players are allowed to discus plans with each other through discord, and the host must be added to any group created.


Season 1

Locations: New World and Bunker Tunnels (Game World)

Event Guides: Wipeout111, Godzilltrain, and MinecraftYoshi26

Dates: July 3rd, and July 5th, 2020

Contestant Rank Team Finish
Cookie46910 [Mayor] Cyan 1st
lil_shadow59 [Governor] Blue 2nd
0x10 [Mayor] Red 3rd
Daltdisneyland [Mayor] Blue 4th
KittyCat11231 [Senator] Red 5th
meow10811 [Citizen] Cyan 6th
Conric005 [Mayor] Blue 7th
VickiTori_ [Mod] Cyan 8th
OM3GA [Mayor] Red 9th
notshort925 [Councillor] Cyan 10th
Cal76 [Mod] Red 11th
Seshpenguin [Senator] Blue 12th
TheSubway [Mayor] Cyan 13th
fork_07 [Senator] Blue 14th
Red_Ray [Mayor] Red 15th

Substitutes: SansNotLuigi for notshort925

Season 2

Locations: Vermilion Space Elevator, Space World, Arisa, Oparia, Monte Isola, Lanatam, Secunda, Deadbush.

Event Guides: Wipeout111, Godzilltrain, and Chiefbozx

Dates: November 15th, November 21st, and November 29th. 2020

Contestant Team Finish
lil_shadow59 Blue 1st
Red_Ray Light Blue 2nd
Vroomba Blue 3rd
sasha9076 Light Blue 4th
sesese9 Blue 5th
KittyCat11232 Cyan 6th
Freskooo Cyan 7th
Pretzel33 Cyan 8th
Duechayapol Light Blue 9th
0x10 Light Blue 10th
meow10811 Blue 11th
notshort925 Cyan 12th
MC_Protocol Light Blue 13th
_Mossie Blue 14th
notOM3GA Cyan 15th
Johngi Cyan 16th
PaintedBlue Blue 17th
frogggggg Light Blue 18th