Central City MRT Museum

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Central City MRT Museum
Established January 11, 2015
Head of Construction Gopher
Location Central City

This project is being headed by littlegopher1 the creator of the original MRT Museum, the Spawn City Museum. Also, this project is not to be confused with the MRT Museum. This project was started a while back when the plans for gamma were announced.

The Museum

The Museum will be located in Central City occupying multiple plots. There will be multiple exhibits ranging from franchises to major landmarks.

Current Stage


Currently we are developing the front side of the building. We have already decided on a design which will be uploaded to the website. Once we finish construction on the front side there will be a main building, or the welcome area which will greet all museum guests, then we will progress to the individual sections of the museum.

Welcome Area Plan



Historic Buildings List

Exhibit Application