The AFK Museum

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AFK Museum
Museum Director/Founder Yellowitcher
World New
City Central City
Facts and Figures
Founded 2015
Opening Date 2017
Number of Boxes Unknown yet
Number of Franchises 1 (October 2016)

The AFK is a very special museum which is (slowly) being built in Central City. The project is led by Yellowitcher. Its aim is to create a place where people will easily see every AFK Boxes that were made by players and that are currently hidden everywhere in the Lab World.

The Building

The AFK Museum will be located near  A1 - P0 - T1 - ZN1  Central City—NW Station, just north of the headquarter of the NWAG. The building itself will have 13 floors which will each be 5 blocks high. Each floor will contain a franchise plot. However, floors will be able to be removed in case of the museum needs space for a really high box. The MRT Plains Line is also running through the building.

History of the project

In late 2015, Yellowitcher thought that Central City, which is the center of the New World, needed a financial district after he visited the World Trade Center in Sealane. The Central City Trade Center project was born. He looked for a place to build it and chose the area north of Central City Northwest. The Trade Center would have had two towers (Alpha and Omega), two smaller buildings, a park, a tramway station, several car parks and an exit to connect to the  A0 . In the same time, he thought about a place to put the AFK-boxes whose number was increasing a lot.

Several months later, the project was stalling. Only the park was totally completed and the Alpha tower was just started. During this time, _frozen had built the Central City Stock Exchange, which made the Trade Center less useful. Then, the project was totally redone. The buildings were all abandonned except the Alpha tower which became the AFK Museum.


  • Toaro's Korean Restaurant
  • Unknown yet (plot claimed by TrainPro).