Konten State

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Konten State
Flag of Konten.svg
Flag of Konten State
CapitalCirno Bay
Youmu Island (planned)
Largest CityCirno Bay

Konten (Japanese: 魂天国家 Konten kokka), officially known as Konten State is a state consisting of most towns owned by chimata.


Town Rank
Cirno Bay [Mayor]
Plage Rouge [Unranked]
Sumire [Unranked]
Kazami [Unranked]
Carbonwood [Councillor]
Robloxia [Unranked]
Momiji [Unranked]
Solar Sands [Unranked]
Hinanawi Town [Unranked]
Seki City [Unranked]
Lakeside City [Unranked]
Karna [Unranked]
Youmu Island (capital) [Unranked]
Jokull [Unranked]
Raiko [Unranked]
Tournesol [Unranked]
South Mesa [Unranked]
Anthian City (also part of Glowing Bay [Unranked]

Diplomatic missions

This is a list of diplomatic missions that Konten State maintains. If you wish to establish one with your town or state, ask chimata.

Town/State Rank Ambassador name
Dover [Unranked] Richard Bosley
New Chandigarh (planned) [Senator] Kim [first name]