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Major League Spleef

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Major League Spleef
MLS logo.png
Commissioner jphgolf4321
Deputy Commissioner mikefishr
Member Clubs 16
Current Champions Western East Enders

Major League Spleef (MLS) is an organization of spleef teams on the MRT Server. It was founded on 16 June 2017 by jphgolf4321, the league's current commissioner, and as such is headquartered in Ravenna. See our Archives for information on past seasons.

Arenas with Command Blocks

Currently, the following arenas use a command block reset system. If there are no staff on and you want to play, the following can be reset via this method:

Arena Location
Forsythe Park Segville
Ilirea Spleef Arena Ilirea
East End Ice Ring East End
Providence Park Waterville
Colliers Arena Accerton
FyfeCorp Arena Crystal City
Square Arena Radiance Square
Stoneedge Arena Stoneedge
The Spleefodrome Laclede
Saturnalia Center Ravenna
Pixl Spleef Arena Pixl
Freezer Arena Chillington
Yaxier Spleef Arena Fort Yaxier
Paradise Arena Spleef Island
Mario Lemieux Spleef Center Oakburgh
Waffle House Center Utopia
Rakata Arena Coruscant
Savacaci Arena Savacaci
Frosty Rivers Spruce Spleef Park Frosty Rivers

Member Clubs

Logo Team Name City Arena Team Members
LacledeUnited.png Laclede United Laclede The Spleefodrome (Laclede)
Saturnalia Center (Ravenna)
WEE.png Western East-Enders East End East End Ice Ring autobus22
DeltaCityRhythmLogo.png Delta City Rhythm Delta City Olympia Iceplex AyyLion
Shikers.png PMWS Hikers Pine Mountain
Stoneedge Arena SoSo123
RSSC.jpeg Radiance Square SC Radiance Square Square Arena MindBender15
TimbersLogo.png Waterville Timbers Waterville Providence Park PtldKnight
OakburghPenguins.png Oakburgh Penguins Oakburgh Mario Lemieux Spleef Center(Oakburgh)
El Taco Stadium(Belmill)
Frogeh.jpg Titsensaki Ribbits Titsensaki Titsensaki Grain Spleef Arena frogggggg
AshtonPatches.jpg Ashton Patches Ashton Ashton Beeks Arena PlactoCabbage
RoyalFerryDucks.jpg Royal Ferry Ducks Royal Ferry Admod Park (temporary) MIKE24DUDE
Zaquardiamondbackshort-01.png Zaquar Diamondbacks Zaquar Diamondplex Arena KittyCat11231
SeaDogs.png Akala Sea Dogs Catskill Islands Rakata Arena(temporary)
Akala Arena(coming soon)
Peppers.jpeg Red Hot Chili Peppers Arcadium Stadium Arcadium (Under Construction) Ardyle
Charizardcleanedup.png Ilirea Dragons Ilirea Ilirea Spleef Arena mikefishr
FrostbiteSC.png Frostbite SC Frostbite Frostbite Arena SirNatureWriter



League Play

Shovelers' Cup Playoffs


1. Anything not specifically prohibited by these rules is allowed unless/until a rule is written which specifically disallows it.
2. Games

2.1. All games must be played on snow arenas one block thick.
2.2. All regular season, tournament, and playoff games are played in an untimed best-of-seven format, meaning that the first team to win four rounds wins.
2.3. A round begins when both players have moved to opposite ends of the playing surface, indicated they are ready to begin, and given a five-second countdown.
2.3. A round ends when one or both players falls through the snow and into a pit of water below.
2.3.1. If only one player falls through the snow, the player still standing on the snow wins the round.
2.3.2. If both players fall through the snow at the same time the round is considered a draw and must be replayed.

3. Equipment

3.1. Players must have an un-enchanted diamond shovel and some form of food which is not golden apples.
3.2. Players may choose to wear a team uniform which must consist solely of dyed leather armor.
3.2. Players may not have anything other than their shovel, their food, a team uniform, and snowballs in their inventory at any point during a game.

4. Legal and Illegal Plays

4.1. If at any point the two players have separated themselves to the point that both jumping across the gap and destroying snow on the other side of the gap are physically impossible due to the limitations of Minecraft, the round is considered a draw and must be replayed.
4.2. Punching
4.2.1. Players are not allowed to use a shovel to knock their opponent through a hole.
4.2.2. Players are allowed to punch their opponent through a hole using a piece of food or an empty hand.
4.2.3. Players are allowed to throw snowballs picked up during the course of the game at their opponent in an effort to knock them through a hole.
4.3. Staff powers may not be used during the course of a game unless a worldedit is necessary to reset the arena between rounds.

5. All players must be in survival mode at all times.
6. If at any point during the game one of the players must leave, they forfeit the match automatically and their opponent automatically wins.

6.1. The final score of a forfeited game is always 4-0.
6.2. If a player leaves with no warning due to a crash or lag issues, they have five minutes to rejoin the game before the game is declared a forfeit.

Season Structure

Regular Season

The regular season will last eight weeks during which each team will play 16 games. If all teams have played their 16 games before the end of eight weeks the season will end early to allow the playoffs to begin. If after eight weeks any teams have not played all 16 games the games left unplayed will be counted as losses for both teams in each unplayed game. The eight teams who finish the regular season with the best winning percentage (games won divided by 16) will qualify for the Shovelers' Cup Playoffs.

Shovelers' Cup Playoffs

The Shovelers' Cup Playoffs will be played as a single-elimination tournament over a timeframe that is most convenient for the teams involved. Each round of the playoffs will be played in a special best-of-two format which will flow as follows:
1. The team seeded lower hosts a standard best-of-seven game.
2. Immediately following Game 1 the team seeded higher hosts Game 2, another standard best-of-seven game.
3. If one team wins both games, that team advances to the next round of the playoffs.
4. If each team wins one game in the series, a special one-round game is played.
5. The winner of the one-round game wins the series and advances.
The Shovelers' Cup Final follows the same format as any other playoff series except that the winner of the series wins the league championship and a to-be-determined cash prize.


Since full regular seasons will only be played over the summer every so often an offseason tournament will be held on weekends. Anyone may host an offseason tournament, but for a tournament to be officially recognized as an MLS Offseason Tournament the tournament organizer must contact jphgolf4321. The only requirements for a tournament to be accepted as an official MLS Offseason Tournament are:
1. It must feature best-of-seven games played under MLS rules.
2. It must have at least six competing teams.

Acquiring a Franchise

Acquiring an expansion franchise for your city is as simple as following these steps:

  • Build a spleef arena in one of your cities containing a playing surface of snow if you don't already have one.
  • Add your team's name, preferably one similar to a European football team (Laclede United, Kitania City, AC Sealane, etc.); home city; home arena; and members to the table below.
  • Wait for a league official to review the request and get back to you.
  • After your request is accepted, create a wiki page for your team containing a logo for your team and other relevant information about your team (match results, a copy of the league table with the team's name bolded, etc.)

Expansion Requests

Team Name City Arena Team Members Application Status