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Megavalue Supermarkets

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Megavalue Supermarkets
Image Coming Soon!
Founder & CEO hawksfan1010
MV Classic Stores 5
MV Express Stores 4
MV Superstores 2
MV Convenience Stores 2
Total MV Stores 13
Facts and figures
Headquarters Coordinates Coming Soon!
Founded March 2013

Megavalue Supermarkets, or MV for short, is a chain owned by hawksfan1010. It's headquarters is at  Y14  Oaksville-Owasso. It is expanding slowly, but is the leading supermarket on the MRT. It was also the first supermarket on the server. It stocks all food items available in Minecraft, with some stores stocking over-the-counter medications. At this time, the MV at the MRT International Airport also stocks hats, shirts, pants, and shoes, plus toothbrushes and toothpaste to make your travelling time easier!

There are 4 models of MV stores. Please read the next section for model descriptions.

The original Megavalue in Owasso is highly known for random troll attacks. As such it is under heightened security measures and features a lockdown system. However, the lockdown system has been known to be trolled in the past as well, so our security teams are currently trying to de-trollificate the stores to prevent future attacks.


MV Stores are built in 4 separate styles. Classic, Express, Superstore, & Conveinence. Classic is a full store with a walk in freezer, shopping cart system, and functioning light system. MV Express locations are made for smaller areas and do not have as many features as the Classic version. The Superstore is a large Classic store, possibly with a different theme or materials. The store may be multistory, but it is not a requirement. Superstores often stock groceries, apparel, and something that is not in any other MV models, blocks. Finally, the Convenience Store version is just what it sounds like - a convenience store. The store is often built in areas similar or smaller in size to MV Express plots, but have more of a convenience store atmosphere than a supermarket atmosphere. This model is currently popular in sporting venues. When a MV is requested, the land should be marked out in preparation for me (hawksfan1010) to make a judgment on what model can be built in the location. Superstores are not regularly available, and land is recruited by hawksfan1010. This means that when requesting an MV, you can only request Classic and Express. Hawks will contact a city's mayor if MV is interested in building a superstore in a town. Each section below breaks up the stores by model and/or construction status.

MV Classic Locations

 Y14  Oaksville-Owasso - (Founding/Anchor Store) (v1)

 R12  Talihina (v1)

 B24  Midcity- Unnamed city (v1)

Splurgeville (v2) NOW OPEN!


MV Express Locations

 G2  MRT International Airport, Terminal A (v1)

 G8  Orwyn-Mall- MRT Mall, Yellow Level, Shop 12 (v1)

Palm Paradise- Base Section (v1)

 B4  Plainscity (v1)

MV Superstore Locations

Atlanta - NOW OPEN! (v2)

Spawn City - Greater West Spawn (UNDER CONSTRUCTION!) (v2)

MV Convenience Locations

Zicronia World GameZ (v2)

Alturas Stadium (v2)

How to get a store

Speak to hawksfan1010 to get a store.

Store Pictures

Pictures coming soon!


Over time, our stores have and will continue to change. We like to keep things unique and new, so we constantly invent new versions of our stores. You can find the list of Versions below, and can see each store's version next to the town name, marker (v#).


Info Soon!


Info Soon!