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Minigame Mania

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Season 1 | Laclede

Minigame Mania is NOT a game show. It is like the Olympics but with no sports. It is filled with minigames.

Season 1

Alert.png SEASON 1 HAS CONCLUDED. Thanks for joining and spectating!


This game ended up being Narnia17 winning and soso123 being the runner up. ModernArt was third place. $230 was given out. Narnia got 160 and Modern got 60. Camel got 10 for being the referee.



Stratego is a game where you have 6 persons in a team. There will be two teams. During the game, it will be super dark and nobody except spectators can have night vision. Every person will have their own role. The roles are:

  • Bomb
  • General
  • Sergeant
  • Knight
  • Soldier
  • Flag

To win the game, you either kill everyone or kill your flag.

Bombs can kill generals and downwards except the flag.

Generals can kill sergeants and downwards.

Knights can kill soldiers and downwards.

Soldiers can kill flags.

Flags can kill bombs.

If you killed the person that are the same grade as you, BOTH OF YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED.

How to kill people? You grab one player's clothes (you hit one person in Minecraft), then all the teammates will vote on who to be killed. (When the lights are on again, voting starts.) After the results are on, the spectators will check the "killed" person's identity. If the "killed" person can be killed by you, he will be killed. If not, then you will be killed.

  • This game was cancelled due to less than 12 people.

Water War

Water War is a game where you use arrows as water. Once a person gets hit, he/she is eliminated. Each team has 64 arrows in the base. (A base is one side) Once you run up with arrows, you can only enjoy being shot. When a whole team is eliminated or both teams ran out with arrows, the game will stop. The team with the most members alive win.

  • This game ended up being red team wins with a margin of 6-2. Narnia17 and ModernArt are in the team.

Line Up 4

Line Up 4 is a game where you try to link 4 blocks of sand/gravel together in a line of horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

  • This game ended up as soso123 winning the game.


You should know this. We use colored wool as cards. The amount is the number. If you received black wool, that is a wild card. If you got white wool, that is a +4 and wild card. If you get a colored wool with protection, that is a reverse card. If it has a power enchantment, it is a skip card. If it has a knock back enchantment, it is a +2 card. Once a "card" gets thrown to the middle, I will pick it up and say what's that card. And yes, once a person wins, his team will win.

  • This game ended up being Narnia17 winning the game.


Seven is a game where we do math. We go in a circle. We say a number one by one. Once the number you're saying includes the number 7 (like 17) or can be timed by 7, you will need to say "*claps*" instead. Once you do the wrong action, you get eliminated. The timer will be set to 5 minutes. When the time ends, the team with the less teammates will lose.

  • This game ended up being Narnia17 winning the game.

Da Name Wheel

Da Name Wheel is a game where you go in a circle. I will stand in the middle. I will randomly go for a person to hit. If the person will get hit, he or she will need to say a person from the other team. If you didn't say anyone or say a person from your team or a spectator, you will be eliminated. Then the last one who called a person's name will choose a person to get hit. The timer will be set in 4 minutes, once time's up, the team with less teammates will lose.

  • This game was cancelled due to various spectators and contestants constantly killing everyone.

The Killer

The Killer is a classic game. There will be 2 killers, 2 detectives/police, 1 angel, 1 cupid and 1 little boy. At daytime, everyone votes 1 person to be killed. At nightime, civillians sleep while ge killers kill a person, detectives to reveal a person only to themselves, the cupid to kill 2 persons (1st night only), the angel to save a person and the little boy to peek the killers. If all the killers were dead, the other ones win. If all the police are dead, the killers win. After you die, you can write a will. (Except the little boy) If you do an action that you are supposed to do in your role, you get points. The team with the most points win.

  • This game was cancelled due to less than 6 people.



The killers get to vote who to be killed. They need to keep their identities a secret. If all the detectives are killed, the killers win.


The detectives get to vote who to peek their identity.


Angel can save one person to prevent death. And yes, save yourself if you are a jerk.


The cupid can get two persons to die at the same time only for the first night. After the first night the cupid turns into a civillian.

Little Boy

The little boy peeks who are the killers and their actions. Sounds great, right? Sorry, all of the players can have their will after they die, but not the little boy.


These little ones can only vote who to be killed at daytime. Serves up the majority of the players.

Black Hole

Players run around in a circle. When I suddendly say stop, everyone will need to stop running. The person on the black carpet will be eliminated.

So we go into places. The higher place you are, the bigger amount of points you get. The team with the most points win.


1st - 12 points

2nd - 11 points

3rd - 10 points

And it goes like that...

  • This game ended up being Narnia17 winning the game.

The Poo And The Prince

A person gets to be the poo and a person needs to be the prince. You need to ask people to see if they are the prince. If someone asks you, you will need to lie for 3 times. After the third time you will need to say your real identity. Then when I say stop, everyone needs to line uo after the prince. The ones that line up after the poo will be eliminated. The team that serves up the majority of the uneliminated players win.

  • This game was cancelled due to only 3 people are playing.


Alert.png Note: BIDDING IS CLOSED. Candidates are open now. Alert.png

Bidding Cities

Mayor Town Area/Ampitheatre/Plaza Station Status Editing Games
_InDev_ Espil Espilian Doubles Square  C80  Espil - Eisli Central- C81  Espil - Eisli North Approved None
thomasfyfe Falloway Falloway City Hall  C76  Falloway Approved None
Troll Central City None (A ton of stations) Denied All The Games
Derpy_Melon Heampstead Heampstead Convention Center  M42  Foobar Approved Line Up 4
Troll (again) Spawn City None A ton Denied Almost All The Games
jphgolf4321 Laclede Laclede Spleefodrome  T11  Laclede Theater District- T12  South Laclede- T13  Laclede- T14  North Laclede Approved Spleef
AyyLion Delta City Acacia Park  ZS12  Delta City Central Approved Stratego if it cannot support (Players will be given blindness affects instead of lights on and off)


Alert.png Note: If you want to vote, simply edit the box's votes section. Alert.png

Round 1

City MRT Station Mayor Votes
Espil  C80  Espil - Eisli Central and  C81  Espil - Eisli North _InDev_ 2
Falloway  C76  Falloway thomasfyfe 4


Round 2

City MRT Station Mayor Votes
Laclede  T11  Laclede Theater District to  T14  North Laclede jphgolf4321 2
Heampstead  M42  Foobar Derpy_Melon 1
Delta City  ZS12  Delta City Central AyyLion 0



City MRT Station Mayor Votes
Falloway  C76  Falloway thomasfyfe 1
Laclede  T11  Laclede Theater District to  T14  North Laclede jphgolf4321 2

Laclede wins. soso123 will communicate with the mayor of Laclede, jphgolf4321.


It will start at 8am in UTC+8 on the 29th of April. It is also the same time of:

  • 5pm of the west coast of America: Seattle, San Francisco and such
  • 6pm of Mountain Time Zone
  • 8pm at the east coast of America: New York, Washington DC and such
  • 9pm of Rio de Janeiro and the east coast of South America
  • 1am of the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • 2pm of most of Europe such as France, The Netherlands and Germany
  • 3am of Turkey and such
  • 7am of Vietnam and Thailand
  • 8am of Singapore, Malaysia and Perth
  • 9am of Korea and Japan
  • 10am of Sydney, Canberra and such


Fill in the form to join and play! Anyways if we don't have 12 players we'll invite random players online.

Here's the form! Click me!


If you want to sponsor, DM soso on discord or mail him in game.


Moneh Grade Perks
$20 Iron Mentions and a free SoCompany franchise
$50 Gold Mentions, and 2 free SoCompany franchises
$80 Diamond Mentions, 3 free SoCompany franchises and advertisements throughout the game.