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Clockwise from top: Crowell Street in 2016, Heampstead Convention Center, Heampstead Nuclear Power Station
Flag of Heampstead.png
Flag of Heampstead
Deputy MayorEchohue
City recognition
Date foundedJune 28, 2016
Date recognized as CouncillorJuly 20, 2016
Date recognized as MayorAugust 16, 2016
Date recognized as SenatorDecember 25, 2016
Town hall coordinates-8377, 90, 7748
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 6
RegionGrand Mesa
Post code(s) HS6 
MRT M38  Heampstead
Road connectionsB63
Air facilitiesHeampstead Heliport
Rail facilitiesKings Cross Railway Terminal
Heampstead Waterport (NewRail FLR)
Water transit facilitiesHeampstead Waterport
Political affiliations
MPO(s)South Western Allied Territories
West Ocean Partnership
Political partiesMRT Green Party

Heampstead is a Senator town founded by MikeRoma, located at M38 on the MRT Mesa Line in the Grand Mesa. Heampstead was founded on June 28, 2016.

Heampstead is currently owned by Mojang1014.


Heampstead logo

Heampstead was founded on June 28, 2016, by MikeRoma. It was created to replace Asuka, a town MikeRoma gave away to _Kastle. The town grew quickly as many new buildings were built, including the Heampstead Waterport.

When the town was promoted to Senator, Kings Cross Railway Terminal was pasted in and became Heampstead's main transit hub. Shortly after Kings Cross Railway Terminal was pasted onto the server, the Heampstead Heliport was constructed. This was the first form of air transport that the city had. Then, thomasfyfe had proposed an extension of the MRT Mesa Line that would have made Heampstead the terminus for the line. megascatterbomb built the extension, which was later extended past Heampstead by godzilltrain.

At the May 2020 ISM, Mojang1014 became the Mayor of Heampstead after submitting an IAT for the town.

Heampstead's name was inspired by a town in Long Island, New York.


Heampstead is located in the Grand Mesa, located in Gamma in Ward 6. Conricsto is located in a mesa biome.

In relation to other settlements, Heampstead is surrounded by other settlements in all directions, with the exception of north and east, with the latter having an ocean in that direction. West of Heampstead is Deadbush International Airport. The main city of Deadbush is located to the south and Gemstride is located to the southwest.


Heampstead's build style takes inspiration from European and English architecture.

Heampstead Nuclear Power Station

The Heampstead Nuclear Power Station is a nuclear power station built by Omricon. The power station is connected to the streetlights of Heampstead. Since most buildings in Heampstead use torches to light up the inside, only the streets go dark in case of a blackout.


The roads in Heampstead are made of cyan terracotta with quartz block markings. They are lit up by a series of redstone lamps, connected to the nuclear power station. The roads support both three-block-wide cars and uCars. Most of the roads are named.

Heampstead Beltway

The Heampstead Beltway was a planned ring road that would have gone around various points in Heampstead and serve each of the four outer districts. A small segment in the West District was been completed but is closed as it does not go anywhere. There are no plans to complete the beltway for the foreseeable future.


Heampstead Public Library

Heampstead Public Library

The Heampstead Public Library is a public library located at 8 Heampstead Street. It was one of the first buildings to be constructed and took Derpy_Melon eight hours of work spread over two days. Conference rooms are available for booking to host meetings. The library has three floors.

Heampstead Convention Center

The Heampstead Convention Center is a convention center in Heampstead. The convention center is one large hall based on the real-life China National Convention Center in Beijing.


Kings Cross Railway Terminal

Kings Cross Railway Terminal is a rail terminal in northern Heampstead.

Heampstead Waterport

Heampstead Waterport in 2016

Heampstead Waterport is the waterport in eastern Heampstead. As of November 2022, the waterport's numbered slips are filled by:

Slip Airline Destination(s)
1 Yelo Waterbus None
2 Hummingbird Boat Lines Ilirea
3 Hummingbird Boat Lines Fort Yaxier
Insula Montes
Soiled Solitude
4 Hummingbird Boat Lines Achowalogen Takachsin
MRT Marina
5 Yelo Waterbus None
6 Fresh Cruises Freshney
7 IntraSail Waverly (towards MRT Marina)
8 Chalxior Boatways Birdhall
9 IntraSail Deadbush (towards Zaquar)
10 Manukau Ferries Titsensaki
11 White Star Line None

Heampstead Heliport

Heampstead Heliport Terminal Building

Heampstead Heliport is the only air transportation hub in Heampstead. As of November 2022, the heliport's numbered pads are filled by:

Pad Airline Destination(s)
1 Heampstead Charter Chalxior
2 Segville Air Heli Lines Segville
3 IntraAir Heli Lines Zaquar
4 South Weast Airlines Utopia
5 Heampstead Charter Dabecco
Pine Mountain
Spring Valley
6 Heampstead Charter Central City,
Fort Yaxier
7 Yelo Waterbus Kantō
Saint Roux
8 CaelusLink Prubourne
9 BART Airlines Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
10 The Galactic Empire Coruscant
11 Heampstead Charter Bakersville
12 RodBla Heli Stoneedge