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Monte Isola

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Monte Isola
Town Officials
Mayor Vulpicula
Deputy Mayor autobus22
Town Councillors TonyTajiri
Facts and Figures
Population 3
Town Hall Coordinates X -16109
Y 66
Z 270
Founded December 30th, 2016.
Recognized as town June 5th, 2018.
Town Rank Senator
World New
Political Party None
Sister Cities Storalisburg
Motto "The City of a Thousand Canals."
Nation Storalia
City Flower
City Bird
City Tree
Western Coast Tulip
Epsilon Sea Hawk
Coastal Birch

Monte Isola (Not to be confused for Insula Montes.) is a fledgling European themed town in the Western Ocean of the New World. The town is located on a small sandy island (which it has now completely outgrown), in an archipelago containing several other islands like it. The town is notable for having no roads, instead opting for a series of canals and footpaths. A large harbour is under construction.


Monte Isola was originally founded shortly after the world expansion. Mayor and Founder Vulpicula chose a relatively isolated island, and sought to took advantage of the flat nature of the island. A large canal was erected, and the first buildings were constructed. After a month or two of rapid growth, the Vulpicula's inactivity sent the town screeching to a halt until almost a year later. Construction and progress has finally resumed, and the town has doubled in size in just a month or two.

Tourism and Events

Monte Isola is expected to become a hub of water related sports and tourism. To encourage this, Monte Isola and the Storalian Government have set up an organization to plan and create sporting events for the town. As the town grows, so will the complexity of the races it hosts. The hope is that these events will attract visitors and franchises to the town.