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The Shake Shack MRT Logo

Shake Shack is a known Minecart Rapid Transit Server franchise. Shake Shack is managed by MRT Holdings. It's Owner and CEO is nopro988. Shake Shack headquarters are at the MRT Holdings premiere center, which is under construction. The franchise started during April 2014.




Location Number store opened
Riverside 1
Kitania Tacolympic blvd metro station 2
Zicronia 3
Redstone Valley 4
Rockstone 5
Omerah 6
Ironapple 7
MRT-2 @ Big Lake exit rest stop 8
Llamapolis 9
Eisitasi Mall 10
Hollis Swamps 11
Andromeda Beach 12
NeonLand 13
Kitania DT 14
Kitania Grand Park 15
Inchmuir NE Island 16
Atlantis mall shop P34 17
Minetown 18
Eastern Heliport 19
Inchmuir Mall 20


Our restaurants our a 7x5x10 simple design. The sides are made out of red and lime stained clay, with white stained glass for the windows. Inside, there is a counter, made of red and yellow stained clay. The menu is put on signs, but may be put in books in later locations.

All Shake Shack locations are hand made without the assistance of World Edit.


Item Cost
Burgers- The way you want it. $5.00
Fries- Made the original way. $1.00
Shakes- Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or Oreo shake. Made of frozen custard. $3.00

Customer Service

Shake Shack strives to provide the best customer service possible. If restaurants require major maintenance, relocation, and/or removal, please contact nopro988 rather than attempting to solve the problem yourself, as all buildings are private property and it may result in a warning. If you encounter an error with one of our restaurants, please contact us with the location of the incident and we will attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize beforehand for any inconveniences you may have while dining at Shake Shack.

To order a location, please contact nopro988 by MRT Mail.

Thank you for dining with Shake Shack!