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Town Officials
Mayor ComputerGhost
MRT  O21  Eisitasi
Other transit  9  Spawn City to Eisitasi
Facts and Figures

Eisitasi is a metropolis on the MRT server on the Old World, created and maintained by computerghost. Eisitasi is located just under a kilometer south of G24. The quickest route there is via a warp sign at the MRT Bus Depot.

Eisitasi planning began on July 23, 2012, and construction began on July 26, 2012. Since then, it has grown from a town into a metropolis! It is divided into smaller sections: Eisitasi Asylum, Eisitasi Base, Eisitasi City, and Eisitasi Shores.


Mayor: computerghost

Manager of Eisitasi Shores: thomasfyfe

Manager of Eisitasi City: _MajorMagpie_

Managers of Eisitasi Asylum: TechnologyPro and suppoe

Town News

March 16, 2013: Eisitasi Security System has been upgraded and extended. As before, proceed to Lab 1 in the event of an invasion.

March 10, 2013: Eisitasi City is seeking new builders.

June 10, 2013: Eisitasi is undergoing some improvements. Please bear with us as we make the changes.

Major Attractions

Eisitasi is home to many well-known attractions and some less-known attractions.

Redstone Solutions Warehouse has a new building in Eisitasi City. It may no longer be one of the largest buildings on the server, but we think that this smaller version is much nicer and that the redstone is better.

Eisitasi Labs is located in Eisitasi Base. Several members have used its nine labs to experiment and fine-tune their projects.

Eisitasi Metropolis Areas

Eisitasi Asylum

There is a legend that the first entity ever imprisoned in the Eisitasi Oubliette (a testificate) found a way to escape. He dug down to the void. Clinging onto the fibers of bedrock, he crawled along the top of the abyss until he found a hole in the ground. From that hole, he dug up and up and up. He dug into a dungeon of extreme evil that had been waiting millennia to escape! Those demons, who had then been released from their prison, restored that hole to the awful city that it once was. The testificate managed to escape because of the demons being engrossed in their work. He went back to the Oubliette where he can still be seen today, cowering in the corner. Once Eisitasi Base heard rumors of this demon city so close by, it launched a full-on military invasion. The demons were defeated!

Of course, that is all just legend. The only real provable fact is that there is a hidden city under Eisitasi. It has a very dark mood, but there is only a little danger there now.

Eisitasi Base

Eisitasi Base was initially called Base #31517451. Its name was changed to Eisitasi soon after it became a town. Later, it was changed again to Eisitasi Base. Eisitasi Base has a hotel, a church, restaurants, and other amenities for visitors and residents. However, its primary focus has always been on science and defenses.

Eisitasi Base is the location of the famous Eisitasi Labs, which is often employed by visitors and companies for experimentation, product testing, and redstoning.

Most of the base is made up of life-support systems, warehouses of food and supplies, defensive weaponry, and other necessities for a zombie apocalypse or a military attack. These are deactivated and hidden, but the latest system tests show that they can be up and running within minutes.

Eisitasi City

The Isabel Cathedral in Eisitasi City.

Founded by computerghost and managed by _MajorMagpie_ and him, Eisitasi City is the latest addition to the Eisitasi Metropolis. It is a city built on a super-strong mesh that is suspended in the sky.

Any area in Eisitasi City where the blue and black mesh is visible can be built on. Skyscrapers of at least five stories are required. Builds must be fully-decorated. Unfinished builds may be torn down after a month. For exceptions or to tear down an old unfinished building, contact ComputerGhost or _MajorMagpie_.

Eisitasi Shores

Eisitasi Shores was the first collaborative project between LDShadowLord and thomasfyfe under the company LDT (later absorbed by FyfeCorp. It is a collection of nice homes for Eisitasi residents to live in. It has a direct tunnel to Eisitasi Base, so its residents have access to Eisitasi Base's amenities, and Eisitasi Base workers have more options than just the base's cramped quarters for living in. thomasfyfe has taken over management of this area.

Future Plans

We have created a new government division called the Eisitasi Beautification Project. By order of this new division, all future projects have been put on hold. We will be focusing on improving existing builds and constructing only new builds necessary to clean up Eisitasi. Once these tasks are complete, new projects can be started.

Under Eisitasi City

This area needs developed. Originally, it was to be a wasteland. Other ideas are an industrial district, a strange swampland of wooden huts, an abandoned city, and a hidden ancient civilization. Which will be built in the area will be decided at a later date.

Residential District

Only after the interior of the wall is complete, a residential area may be formed North of Eisitasi unless the area is claimed by another member first. Currently, Eisitasi has a low population but a high number of tourists. We'd like to have high numbers in both areas eventually.