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Town Officials
Mayor Tom Pairs
Deputy Mayor King Patty
MRT  R4  O15  Atlantis
Facts and Figures
Founded January 2013

Atlantis is a town on the MRT Server, originally created by Tom_Pairs. Atlantis is located north of Rapture (R4) Station on the Red Line, and its current mayor is Tom_Pairs. Atlantis is well known for not only the Atlantis Defense Force, but for the whole city located under water. Many people helped in creating the City as it was a big undertaking then your normal Town. As Water becomes an element and instead of building up with building most often your building down into the ground.


Mayor: Tom_Pairs

Co-Mayor: King_Patty

Security Fleet Admrial _MajorMagpie_ In charge of the Atlantis Defense Force

Town News

Feb 2013: The Atlantis Defense Force is founded and construction begins on ADF Command Base. See more on ADF Page.

Feb 2013: Civilian Portion of Atlantis is Completed. Jan 2013: Atlantis has been officially recognized as a town, and Tom_Pairs has been promoted to Mayor.

Jan 2013: Construction has started!

Mar 2013: ADF Applications now being accepted

Major Attractions

Atlantis is home to several attractions, franchise outlets, and random constructions:

  • The Atlantis Resort
  • The Atlantis Mall Located on the bottom floor of the Resort.
  • The Atlantis Bio Dome.
  • The Atlantis Theater.
  • The Atlantis Sports Complex
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Indoor Foot Ball
  • Ice Rink
  • Basketball court
  • Curling center
  • The Atlantis Hospital

Expansion Area

The Expansion Area is off of the Bio dome and consist of:

  • Underwater housing development.

To build a house. Pick up a book from the chest in the Bio Dome, follow the rules and select a glowstone square plot of land.

  • Shop area further out same as the housing development just no glowstone area to pick.
  • Atlantis Transit hub
  • Atlantis Convention Center.