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Currently Unavailable
Town Officials
Mayor bensismith
Deputy Mayor bestmate66
MRT  B3  New Delvin is closest
Other transit See transportation section
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates -2617, -2340
World Old

Omerah (or the Isles of Omerah) are a set of islands in the north-west of the Old World. Founded by bensismith back in late 2013, it has a growing transit system, and quite a few buildings crammed into six islands! Nowadays it is basically only an airport stopover destination! (thanks to BenAir) and a relic of what little building skills bensismith had...

The Islands

As mentioned above, the Isles of Omerah consist of 6 islands:


The initial island, which houses the Town Hall, Transit Hub and the very first CartMart! Also, the Quartz Inn Omerah live on the Omerah Beach.


It's a stone slab block in the middle of the ocean covered in track, to put it bluntly.


A completely man-made (and then man-remade) island that atop lies the Omerah International Airport.


Unsurprisingly, the initial Residential "district". It has two apartment blocks, one built by bensismith, one by Baseball02a.

Smithshore, Stanley

When Cortesi's Island was given to autobus22, he gave the Isles of Omerah a beach, named Smithshore. At the time, it was Autocity Island. Later, it was renamed Stanley, and bensismith was given Co-Mayorship of the rest of the island.
Currently, on Smithshore, there is:

Omerah Sunken Island

Home of the one of the only major world edits in any of the islands. Mainly literally sunken when first discovered, it was intended to be a major stop-off point and interchange for all water traffic in the area. The dock would have had destinations, including:

None of these happened, and nowadays is home only to an ugly boat and 2 docks.


The only links to Omerah come from the International Airport. In the days of the Old World, Omerah was a major (but completely unrealistic) bus station. After Gamma the bus warps were not recovered and so now lays useless. The  MRT-100  was to have appeared by the end of the 2015, bringing a connection to the mainland, Autocity and Stanley by road, but this was cancelled.


Two airports were built to serve the Isles of Omerah during the Airport boom of 2014-2016. Omerah International Airport is the major airport for all of the Isles with links to all reaches of the server. Omerah Isles Civil Airport is the regional airport serving mainly local destinations in the northwest.

Omerah International Airport

Boasting 18 gates, OIA is the main gateway to the rest of the server. The airport is the hub of BenAir, the airline owned by the Mayor and also one of Viaggios bases, owned by hnt who built most of the airport.

Omerah Isles Civil Airport

The much smaller airport of the 2, only having 5 gates, OIC serves mainly Smithshore and Stanley but also indirectly Sunken Island. Flights offer links to OIA, Autocity and Ampitheatre, meaning many destinations across the server are only a short connection away. Helicopter service also operates to Central City Heliport, for New World links.

Other Transport

Once bus remains in operation (thanks to Project ReBus) which is the MRTBUS #503 to Minetown and Redlin. Rail services are provided by the JDT Red Line, which offers very basic service to the mainland; and (more importantly) the ATTS 25 line to Autocity via Stanley and the Sunken Island. Both of these depart from the main island.

If you are interested, this is what should have been in Omerah (or what was in the case of buses):

Bus Station

Terminal A

Terminal B

Transit Center

In addition, a transit center is being built to house the many transit systems we have, including:

  •  OIM  Omerah Metro
  •  QIR1  QIR line 1 CLOSED
  •  JDT-R1  JDT Red Line
  •  25  ATTS Line 25
  •  M3  ITA Metro 3
  •  WCX  Wheelie Trains Crosstown Express CLOSED


A brand new, finally sort-of finished Marina has been built in Omerah, by bensismith himself. It contains only a dock, for a link to the Sunken Island.


Here is a list of all the buildings in Omerah to date: