South Weast Charter

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South Weast Charter
South Weast Charter.jpg
Corporate structure
Parent companyBluTransit; South Weast Airlines
Facts and figures
FoundedNovember 10, 2016
Airline information
HubsSplurgeville Municipal Airport, Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Focus citiesJimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
AllianceSkyTransit Alliance (affiliate)

South Weast Charter is a subsidiary airline of South Weast Airlines meant to handle flights in small planes. It is currently operated by hvt2011 and used to contain the assets of UtopiAir, which was Narnia17's original airline. All South Weast Charter flights are given a codeshared mainline flight number. The airline's airline code is SC.

Flight Listings

Our Fleet

The custom-designed E75 is an enlarged and modified version of the Cessna Citation V. It is used at airports with gates too small for an E100 but big enough that a Citation V would be too small to use.
The Cessna Citation V is our smallest aircraft. With only three seats, the Citation V is used for service between smaller, regional airports
The M-NERD is a variation of the Citation V, with a different paint job to show off the airline from whence we came, UtopiAir