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Additional Information
Parent CompanyTranquil Forest Transport

BluTransit is the holding company for all of Tranquil Forest Transport's regional operations. Passengers riding on Blu-branded subsidiaries can expect high quality and easily signed service to get them where they need to go.



Originally founded by 0x10, AirMesa is a small airline focused on bringing BluTransit's network closer together.

Berryessa Airlines

Berryessa Airlines is a reimagining of the previous Infamous Airlines network.


BluAir is the most expansive airline, servicing more airports than any other airline.


BluBus runs express bus service to Tranquil Forest, as well as replacement bus service for BluRail and RegionalConnect.


BluRail is one of the largest warp train companies with hundreds of stations across the New World.


EndoRail was acquired by BluTransit and will become an integral part of BluRail's eastern network.

Prime Rail

Prime Rail does not go anywhere.


RegionalConnect was acquired from RLcrafters to protect and preserve its current state and legacy of cart rail.

South Weast Airlines

South Weast Airlines is a medium sized airline that drastically expands BluTransit's presence in Utopia and the Old World.

South Weast Pacific Railway

South Weast Pacific Railway was created by Narnia17 and Valkorion314 in order to enhance transit connections in the north, particularly Ravenna.

Southern Plains Rail

Southern Plains Rail was created by Jian_Zen as a competitor in the southeast. It was later acquired by BluTransit to preserve in its current state.