Vermilion Airways

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Alert.png Vermilion Airways and Viaggio have been acquired by South Weast Airlines. Integration of the Vermilion and Viaggio networks into South Weast is ongoing.

Vermilion Airways is the flag carrier airline of Vermilion. It is owned by chiefbozx through the VMTA, and is a founding member of SkyTransit. The airline has its hub at Vermilion Gateway Airport.


VA currently has flights planned to the following destinations:

  • ATC Achowalogen Takachsin—Covina International
  • BVL BirchView—Leydon International
  • EIA Airchester—Epsilon International
  • LHT Laclede—Harry S Truman International
  • MLH Marblelake—Heathrow International
  • SWG Southwold Galactical (2017)
  • VER Vermilion Gateway
  • WHT Whitechapel Sky Harbor

Possible future destinations include:

  • EBI Elecna Bay International
  • KNT Kenthurst Aerodome
  • TBI Thunderbird International
  • ZAQ Zaquar

Flights in operation

VA uses flight numbers 1-100 for flights with vermilion red service, 101-300 for flights strictly within the New World, and 301-400 for inter-world flights. Codeshare flights use flight numbers 401 and above.

  • VA 1 and 2: VER to FYI
  • VA 3 and 4: Reserved for VER-SWH
  • VA 5 and 6: Reserved for SWH-FYI
  • VA 7 and 8: Reserved for AFX-FYI
  • VA 9 and 10: Reserved for AFX-SWH
  • VA 101 and 102: VER to AFK
  • VA 103 and 104: VER to EIA
  • VA 105 and 106: EIA to ATC
  • VA 107 and 108: VER to ATC
  • VA 109 and 110: VER to WHT
  • VA 111 and 112: VER to LHT
  • VA 113 and 114: VER to MBG
  • VA 401 and 402: Reserved for AFX to AFK

Future flights

  • VA 5/6: VER to BirchView-Leydon

Note that gate numbers for ATC are temporary and will be reassigned when the airport is fully constructed.