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CODE Callsign
HubsAnthony Fokker Regional Airport
Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
AllianceSkyTransit Alliance
Active flights54
Parent companySouth Weast Airlines
Key peoplehvt2011

UtopiAir is an airline owned by hvt2011. It was originally its own airline, but was merged into South Weast Charter at a later date. On September 13, 2021, hvt2011 split it off again and gave the original 9 flights back to Narnia17. It was later given back to hvt2011 and reintegrated into South Weast Charter on November 3, 2021.

On May 12, 2022, UtopiAir became a direct subsidiary of South Weast Airlines instead of South Weast Charter.

Flight List


UtopiSea is the seaplane subsidiary of UtopiAir owned by Narnia17. Established after the August 2021 ISM with the development of the Seaplane Expansion of Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport.

Flight List

Flight From To
501 Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport San Vantino Seaport
502 Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport Isle of Chez Seaport
503 Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport MRT Marina
504 Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport Porton