Pajo's Fish and Chips

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Pajo's Fish and Chips
CEO/Founder EliteNeon
Additional Information
Number of Restaurants 7
Founded 11/30/19
Headquarters Pajo's #1, Shadowpoint
Parent Company Dow Jones Company

Pajo's Fish and Chips is a Shadowpoint based fast casual seafood restaurant. The chain is owned by the Dow Jones Company, and is inspired by the very real and very tasty Pajo's in Vancouver, B.C.

The use of the logo and name of the Pajo's Fish and Chips is merely of parody, and not meant for any legitimate monetary gains.


New World

# Location Name Store Type
1 Shadowpoint Small
2 Pasadena Small
3 Antioch Small
4 Sunshine Coast Mall Custom
5 Pasadena Custom
6 Arcadia Large Transit Custom
7 Lapis Bay Hand Copied Small Custom
8 Antioch Custom
9 Pasadena Custom
10 Arcadia Mall Custom
11 Monolith Custom
12 Dabecco Custom
13 Bawktown Hand Copied Small Custom
14 San Dzobiak Mall Custom
15 Stoneedge Transit Custom
16 Redwood Custom
17 Shadowpoint Medium