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The Glowlight Awards

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The Glowlight Awards
The Glowlight Awards.png
The Glowlight Awards logo
VenueMRT National Theatre, New Phoenix
The Banker
Graphic designerRacCort
Production companiesShoyi Productions
MBS Studios
Release dateJanuary 17, 2021
Running time120 minutes
Award highlights
Most nominations_Kastle (27)
Most awardsKittyCat11231 (9)

The Glowlight Awards is an awards show honoring the achievements and impacts that individuals and their creations have had on the MRT Server and the community spanning the server's whole history. The broadcast was a pre-recorded video that premiered on January 17, 2021, at 8 p.m. UTC on MBS.

The event was created and organized by MinecraftYoshi26. It was a one-time event, hosted by megascatterbomb at the MRT National Theatre in New Phoenix.

As of December 2022, it is the most-liked and the third-most viewed non-MRT timelapse video on the MBS channel.


The Glowlight Town sign in Spawn City, which the awards show was named after

For years, MinecraftYoshi26 toyed with the concept of doing an awards show, originally focused on events and games. However, he never had the time nor effort to follow through with this. Following the creation of the 2020 MRT Transit Awards, the possible end of the server, and the feelings of "an end of a chapter for the server", MinecraftYoshi26 began to develop the awards show on November 24, 2020. The production of the show and its original categories were first publicized on November 30, 2020. The show's name was picked from a field of 14, with rejected show names including the Member's Choice Awards, The Golden Minecart Awards, and The Glowy Awards.

The voting system was finalized on December 4, 2020, and subsequent changes were made later in December. Nominations for categories opened on December 5, 2020, and closed on December 19, 2020, in the early morning UTC. Voting opened on December 23, 2020, and closed on January 6, 2021. 71 ballots were cast over the two-week time span.

The logo for the contest was released on December 5, 2020, and was made by RacCort.

MBS released a promotional video produced by KittyCat11231 for The Glowlight Awards on January 7, 2021.


The show's venue, the MRT National Theatre

The awards show's results took place at the MRT National Theatre in New Phoenix. The MRT National Theatre is a 2,298-seat theater, which began construction in 2015 and was remodeled for the show in 2020. The theater is one of the first built on the New World and is one of the largest by seating capacity. The closest mode of transport out of the city is warp rail served by IntraRail.

While not live, the host's broadcast messages were filmed at the theater. The venue was also the site where attendees could make two bets: who won the most awards and what award had the closest point margin between first and second places in an award. If the first guess was right, the better received $100. If the second one was right, the better received $200. If both guesses were right, they received an additional $300. Out of the twenty betters, five people correctly predicted KittyCat11231 for the most awards and no one predicted the smallest margin in the Build for Impact category.

On December 1, 2020, a list of nine possible venues were announced in the Wiki, with one on the Old World and eight on the New World. On December 18, 2020, four venues were shortlisted. On December 22, 2020, the venue was announced. The following is a full list of considered venues:

Key:  †  Host venue  ‡  Shortlisted

City Venue Notes
Airchester Epsilon Theatre Venue for the Second Eagle Awards and the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7. Selected venue for The Holiday Awards.
Amphitheatre MRT Amphitheatre Venue for the "Night at the Movies" The Snapshot special.
Arcadia Champion's Bowl ‡ Venue for the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 6.
Central City Central City Performance Center Venue for Survivor: El Calor finale, the Survivor: Vakayawa finale, MRT Video Contest, and the 2020 MRT Transit Awards. Honorary venue for the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 1.
Fairfax Fairfax Theatre
Kolpino City Lubov Theater ‡
New Phoenix MRT National Theatre Venue for The Frumples 2016.
Sunshine Coast Bahia National Theatre
Whitechapel Palladium Theater


The promotional video for the show

KittyCat11231 expressed interest in joining the production of the project after being asked in late November. RacCort joined to produce the graphics for the show on December 5, 2020. kyyl_ joined as a writer on the project on December 18, 2020.

megascatterbomb was announced as the host on December 18, 2020.

ArizTrad was hired for photography for the voting form and portions of the show.

Filming and audio recording sessions started in early December 2020 and concluded in early January 2021.

Nominations and voting

The audience at the theater during the premiere

A public form was released for approximately two weeks, where members were allowed to name nominees for each category. There was no limit to the number of nominations an individual may make in any category. Generally, the top three nominees with the most nominations in each category were officially nominated. Alongside those nominations, production may have opted to add more nominees up to the maximum number of seven nominees per category. Nominees may have been discarded by production for any reason.

Voting opened for two weeks, where members cast their vote for two of the nominees in each category. All voters had their votes sorted into the era they became member, with Alpha and Omega being paired together, as there was not land expansion between the two eras. The four voting categories were Alpha+Omega, Gamma, Epsilon, and Zeta. Then, the votes in an era group were compiled to form the votes for that era. For example, all people who joined the server in Gamma era had their votes compiled to create the official points given out by the "Gamma" group. This occurred for each era from Alpha all the way to Zeta. Each group distributed a maximum of 100 points based on the percentage of votes each nomination received. The nominee with the most points won. If there was tie in points, the nominee with more raw votes wins.

Winners of categories won an award named a 'Glowlight', named after Glowlight Town, an early town adjacent to Spawn Station. Each Glowlight recognized the foremost nominee in each category in respect to the server's entire history. There was no compensation for the winners in each category other than recognition.

Purchasing or bribing for nominations and votes was strictly prohibited. Any nominations or votes could have been thrown out for any reason. Banned individuals could not be nominated themselves; however, their contributions were permitted to be nominated, typically under their new owners. Nominations for inactive individuals or projects were allowed and encouraged if there was a valid reason.


The awards show on YouTube

The broadcast was pre-recorded and premiered on January 17, 2021 on MBS. It was edited to make a proper show to prevent little unplanned interruption and have a smoother flow. The show was originally supposed to be broadcast on January 16, 2021; however, due to exporting issues, the show's broadcast was delayed by 24 hours. The live broadcast peaked at around 37 concurrent viewers.

In between the announcement of the winners of each Glowlight, break segments were spliced in. The segments were:

  1. "History Through r/place" - a winding narrative of the server told by referencing images built on r/place.
  2. "Cities of the Worlds" - a parody of the Animaniacs song "Yakko's World", with nations replaced with all Senator, Governor, and Premier cities prior to 2021 (with the exception of Encinitas).
  3. "Risk For Rewards" - a cheesy quiz show where one contestant has a difficult time while the other has a whimsical time.
  4. "Intermission" - a five-minute pause between the two halves of the show, featuring a Minecraft map image of Spawn Station slowly being revealed.
  5. "Rejected Jokes" - a tour of the Evella Expo Center housing numerous rejected jokes from the show.
  6. "A Snapshot of the Future" - a parody of an episode of The Snapshot from 2012 reporting on news from the future.
  7. "Videos Through Time" - a montage of clips from various videos spanning from the creation of the first version of the MRT system to the renewal of the server in January 2021.

Featured individuals and locations

The following members were featured during the broadcast, not as nominees. They are listed in the order they first appeared, as noted in the credits:

Cameo appearances in the form of lines from voice recordings featured in re-used footage during non-nominee packages include Frumple, Just_robinho, mine_man_, _Kastle, and Skelezomperman.

The following cities and non-city locations were featured during the broadcast, excluding those shown in showcasing the nominees and the winners. All other cities ranked Senator, Governor, and Premier as of December 2020 (with the exception of Encinitas) were featured in the "Cities of the Worlds" segment, but are also not listed. Locations featured in re-used footage are also not listed. They are listed in the order they first appeared, as noted in the credits:

Awards and winners

MRT Jungle Line, Outstanding MRT Line winner
T27, Kessler Station, Oustanding Custom MRT Station winner
A230, Outstanding Road winner
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport, Outstanding Air Facility winner
AutoDesignZ, Outstanding Transit Manufacturer winner
Central City Warp Rail Terminal, Outstanding Transit Hub winner
Sunshine Coast, Oustanding Premier Town winner
Redwood, Outstanding Non-Premier New World Town winner
Inchmuir, Outstanding Non-Premier Old World Town winner
Central City, Oustanding Community Town winner
Gray Cloud National Park, Outstanding Build winner
Christmas Islands, Outstanding Community Project winner
Spawn Station, Build for Impact winner
Aroma Coffee, Outstanding Food or Drinks Franchise winner
Forest Mini-Golf, Outstanding Non-Food or Drinks Franchise winner
Music's Gems, Franchise for Impact winner
The Amazing Race, Outstanding Game Show Franchise and Event for Impact winner
TacoBurritoAThon, Outstanding Sporting Event winner
MRTvision Screenshot Contest, Outstanding General Event winner
Halua Island, Outstanding Adventure, Puzzle, or Parkour Map winner
The Roy Disney Company, Outstanding Media Company winner

Nominees were announced on December 19, 2020. Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface.


Outstanding MRT Line Outstanding MRT Line Extension
Recognizing the best MRT line, solely based on the line as constructed by the original builders, including extensions, with no regard to the towns along the line. Recognizing the best completed MRT line extension, solely based on the addition to the original line with no regard to the towns along the line.
Outstanding Custom MRT Station Outstanding MRT Line Contributor
Recognizing the best MRT station design that deviates from the original line. Recognizing the foremost individual in constructing any portion of a standard MRT line.


Outstanding Road Outstanding Air Facility
Recognizing the best A-class, B-class, or Old World road. Recognizing the best air facility on either the Old or New World.
Outstanding Transit Company Outstanding Transit Manufacturer
Recognizing the best company or conglomerate in any transit sector. Recognizing the best manufacturing company in producing transit vehicle designs.
Outstanding Transit Hub Person for Impact in Transit
Recognizing the best transit hub, defined as an area with more than one transit route. Air facilities with only air travel are ineligible. Recognizing the foremost individual in impacting the development of transit throughout the server's history.


Outstanding Premier Town Outstanding Non-Premier New World Town
Recognizing the best town ranked Premier. Recognizing the best town on the New World not ranked Premier. Community towns are ineligible.
Outstanding Non-Premier Old World Town Outstanding Community Town
Recognizing the best town on the Old World not ranked Premier. Community towns are ineligible. Recognizing the best town built by a variety of players, officially deemed as a community town.

Builds & Construction

Outstanding Build Outstanding Community Project
Recognizing the best build on the server. Full towns are ineligible. Recognizing the best project built by a variety of players, excluding community towns.
Outstanding Builder Build for Impact
Recognizing the individual with the best building skills. Recognizing the foremost build in impacting the server's history.
Person for Impact in Construction
Recognizing the foremost individual in impacting the development of construction throughout the server's history.


Outstanding Food or Drinks Franchise Outstanding Non-Food or Drinks Franchise
Recognizing the best franchise that specializes in primarily food or drinks. Recognizing the best franchise that specializes in primarily non-food or drinks.
Franchise for Impact Person for Impact in Franchises
Recognizing the foremost franchise in impacting the server's history. Recognizing the foremost individual in impacting the development of the franchise industry throughout the server's history.

Games & Events

Outstanding Game Show Franchise Outstanding Sporting Event
Recognizing the best game show franchise, defined as a game in which contestants compete to win prizes typically longer than minigames. Recognizing the best sporting event.
Outstanding General Event Outstanding Minigame
Recognizing the best non-game show and non-sporting event that was scheduled. Recognizing the best minigame, defined as a short game in comparison to game shows which are typically done spontaneously.
Outstanding Adventure, Puzzle, or Parkour Map Outstanding Event Moment
Recognizing the best adventure, puzzle, or parkour map. Recognizing the best moment that occurred during and as a result of an event.
Outstanding Contestant Event for Impact
Recognizing the best contestant in an event. Recognizing the foremost event, referring to a planned occasion, in impacting the server's history.

Media & Marketing

Outstanding Scripted Programming Outstanding Media Company
Recognizing the best scripted broadcast, including series and one-off programs. Recognizing the best company or conglomerate in any media sector.
Outstanding Marketing Campaign Outstanding Video
Recognizing the best marketing campaign for any product. Recognizing the best single video.
Outstanding Anchor Person for Impact in Media
Recognizing the best broadcasting personality for on-air contributions. Recognizing the foremost individual in impacting the development of the media industry throughout the server's history.


Outstanding Community Engagement Admod for Impact
Recognizing the foremost individual in creating or perpetuating engagement within the community. Recognizing the foremost current or former moderator or administrator in impacting the server's history solely through staff responsibilities and actions.
Member for Impact
Recognizing the foremost individual in impacting the server's history. Staff are eligible but solely based on their contributions without needing to be staff.


The Glowlight Honor was not for public nomination nor public voting and was selected internally by production.

Person for Impact on Life
Recognizing the foremost individual in impacting individuals' lives.

Nomination and award win totals

The following 80 individuals and 5 unspecified groups received a nomination:

The following 22 individuals and 1 unspecified group won at least one Glowlight Award: