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Wipeout111's Current Time
2:42 pm, July 10, 2020 EDT
Mayor of Gillmont & Supreme Imperial Leader Of The People's Republic Of Zimbobwica
Language(s) English
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects Town of Gillmont
Joined Sometime in 2017
Accepted August 22 2019
Citizen August 31 2019
Trustee September 29 2019
Councillor October 7th 2019
Mayor November 28 2019
Senator Tbd
Governor Tbd
Premier Tbd
Trial Moderator Tbd
Moderator Tbd
Administrator Tbd
Supporter Tbd
Social networks
Discord WipeoutAMG#4640
Nickname(s) Wipeout, Wipe
Previous Name(s) None right now

About Myself

Hello, I am Wipeout111, or just Wipeout. For the past 3 months of being a member, I have bee exploring the server and constructing my town of Gillmont. Now that I have achieved higher ranks, more building tools have been unlocked to me and I plan to build bigger and betting things as I improve my building skills. Joining MRT brought me back to Minecraft and I couldn't be more happy to find this server and community.


Gillmont is located at the SW22 & SW23 MRT stations.

Wipeout INC

Wipeout INC is the parent company of all my other companies. These other companies are:

  • Suspended Monorails INC
  • Wipeout Creative
  • 111 Amusements
  • Gillmont Parks & Recreation
  • Gillmont Theatre Co.