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Route Circular around Venceslo
Number of stations 8
Status Status: Service Good.png Good service
Notable Builders
CEO/Main Builder time2makemymove

 VMet  (Venceslo Metro) is the underground metro service for the city of Venceslo. There are 8 metro stations located around the city, connected by one circular metro line. It is intended to connect the many suburbs of Venceslo via an alternative to the city's roads. Construction began on August 3, 2017, and was fully finished on April 29, 2018. The system is minecart-based, utilizing metro technology unique to the system.

List of Stations

VMet system1.png

There are 8 stations. Below is a list of all the stations.

The metro operates in a loop format. The "Inner Rail" line operates clockwise, and the "Outer Rail" line operates counterclockwise. The table below is presented is for the Outer Rail.

“Code” in the table symbolizes the version of VMet tech the station utilizes.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Stationtown/Venceslo Station  ZS20  MRT /  B  K  STC /  Monorail 
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.1 University none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.1 Midtown & Village  B  STC /  [2]  BluRail /  GWR  Fred Rail / (TBD) GreatCentral / (TBD) NewRail
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Stadium VLR SkyNation Arena Station
Dynmap Pin.png - Venceslo Village (planned) none
Dynmap Cross.png v2.0 South Venceslo (closed) To be demolished as part of the Venceslo Village VMet Station Project.
Dynmap Pin.png - South Venceslo (New) (planned) none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Upper Venceslo none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Gardens none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Airport  K  STC

Historical Log

Negotiations were entered on September 16 to connect Venceslo to the Southwold Transit Commission subway system via the  B  &  K  lines. Venceslo will receive at least one station, and possibly more future ones, if it is feasible.

On September 21st, the master plan was revised. This revision scrapped the Venceslo Village station, instead favoring a tunnel connecting the Village to the South Venceslo station. To compensate, a new station (later named Midtown) was planned to be located west of Venceslo Town Hall, where a stadium and a gated community are to be constructed. Acacia Pointe station was also renamed to University Central. Construction was completed on South Venceslo station the next day. It utilized VMet v2.0, a drastic overhaul on the technology of the original two stations. However, v2.0 was still not automatic, and a button had to be pressed to continue to the next station. This was remedied in v2.1.

On September 26th, University Station was completed. It was built in conjunction with Venceslo University's Central Parking Garage, being located under the University's main quadrangle, and being integrated into the design of the garage. The architecture of the station reflects the design of the university, not the design of the VMet system - therefore making it the first station that is not made of predominantly wood blocks.

On October 27th, the STC station at Stationtown was completed. The same day, University Station became the first VMet station to become fully automatic. Also on that day, the STC plans were revised to add an extra station, named "Venceslo Midtown," for the  B  line to terminate at. This station will interchange with the VMet's Midtown & Village Station (previously named North & Airport station) and, as of November 19, is finished and operational.

On November 22nd, 2017, some of the VMet stations were renamed. University Station was renamed to "University & UAV Station," acknowledging its proximity to Venceslo University Airfield, and its future tunnel connection to the airport. North & Airport station was renamed to "Midtown & Village Station," to acknowledge its proximity to both Venceslo Midtown Warptrain Station and Venceslo Village. South & Village station was renamed to simply "South Venceslo Station," however, the tunnel to near Village's entryway remains open. Also that same day, tentative plans were announced to expand the VMet northward slightly to service Jackalope Fireworks Warehouse and a planned warehouse district nearby. However, these plans are quite unlikely to come to fruition. And finally, that same day, construction began on the recently renamed Midtown & Village Station.

On February 24, 2018, the VMet Station at Venceslo Station (Stationtown) was demolished, in order to reorganize the metro systems around that area. The most notable developments coming from this change are two new stations added to the VMet: Airport Station (serving VFW), and Gardens Station (serving the east side of Upper Venceslo). In addition, this reorganization allowed for a brand new STC station at Venceslo Station as well, and a consequently a new terminus for the STC  K  line at VFW. Since UAV was decommissioned, University & UAV station was renamed once again to University Station.

On February 27, 2018, the new Stationtown station was completed, utilizing VMet v2.2, a more condensed and accessible update on v2.1, still remaining it’s automatic functions from v2.1.

On March 6, 2018, a new system map was finalized.

On March 13, 2018, Airport Station was completed, giving the vMet a direct connection to VFW, Venceslo’s airport.

On March 23, 2018, Gardens Station was completed, re-connecting South & Upper stations with the rest of the network.

On April 29, 2018, Stadium Station was completed, and the loop was fully connected. As such, the system was officially complete - however, there are still plans to upgrade South Venceslo Station and Upper Venceslo Station to automatic stations.

On August 17, 2019, over a year after the last change was made to the VMet system, the city of Venceslo announced a plan for a revamp of the South Venceslo station as part of its Venceslo Direct 2020. This change calls for the demolishing of the underground portion of the current South Venceslo station, and the reconstruction of a new station further south. With this change, area is opened up for a brand new Venceslo Village Station.

On October 9, 2019, Upper Venceslo Station's platforms were redesigned to accommodate v2.2 tech. This project's completion allowed vMet trains to run automatically at all stations. However, the South Venceslo Station and subsequent tunnels remained closed.