MRT Zephyr Line

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MRT Zephyr Line
Zephyr Line logo.png
RouteNorthern territories to southern territories via Central City
Number of stations115
Players involved
Main buildercal76: Zephyr North & Zephyr South ( ZN22  -  ZS18 )
Music3_0: Zephyr South Extension ( ZS18  -  ZS31 )
SimonScholar: Zephyr North Extension ( ZN22  -  ZN35  & former  ZN36  -  ZN46 )
sesese9: Zephyr South Extension 2 ( ZS31  -  ZS47 )
autobus22: Zephyr North Extension 2 ( ZN34  -  ZN41 )
SimonScholar: Zephyr South Extension 3 ( ZS48  -  ZS55 )
SimonScholar: Zephyr North Extension 3 ( ZN41  -  ZN59 )
StationMRT v5
MRT v5.1a ( ZN36  -  ZN41 )

The MRT Zephyr Line, or simply the Zephyr Line, is one of the 22 lines of the New World MRT System and one of the 11 initial New World MRT lines built in conjunction with the Gamma server update.


The Zephyr Line was one of the 11 initial lines built in New World. The initial section went from ZN22 in Nippia to ZS18 in Bardot Springs via Central City.

The Zephyr Line was first mentioned in the New World MRT plans in August 2014. The route it took according to the plan is the northeastern corner with transfers to Northern and Eastern Line to Zaquar via Central City.

In late 2014, around late November to early December 2014, Music3_0 built the Zaquar Shuttle, serving Zaquar, in anticipation of the future Zephyr South extension. This was the first extension to the MRT network since the New World first opened, before the Plains and Eastern extensions to the southwest in January 2015. Before the line was extended to meet with Zaquar Shuttle, the stations in Zaquar Shuttle used the codes ZSA to ZSD. In December 30, 2014, Music3_0 completed the Zephyr South extension to Zaquar and the station codes on Zaquar Shuttle was renumbered.

In Frumple's Epsilon MRT plans at the May 2017 GSM, about 5 months after Epsilon opened, Zephyr North would be extended north to the northern border, then would turn west to serve the new island region, while Zephyr South would be simply extended south to MRT Southern Line.

In November 2017 GSM, SimonScholar (called godzilltrain at this time) was approved to extend Zephyr North up to northern Epsilon to Rank Resort. The extension opened in December 2017 GSM.

In January 2019 GSM, sesese9 was approved to extend Zephyr South to meet with the Southern Line. It opened in April 2019 GSM.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at April 2020, the existing Zephyr North extension from Chalxior to Rank Resort would be converted to a new line, MRT Lakeshore Line, and from Chalxior, it would be extended north to the northern border, with 2 possible options, on the western shore of Lake 35 or the eastern shore, while Zephyr South would be extended south to the southern border.

After June 2020 ISM was concluded, SimonScholar (called godzilltrain at this time) began building MRT Lakeshore Line, inherited Zephyr Line track from Chalxior to Rank Resort. Due to that, Zephyr North was cut back from Rank Resort at  ZN46  to Chalxior at  ZN34 , with  ZN35  to  ZN46  becoming  L3  to  L14 .

Before autobus22's Zephyr Northern extension up to Oparia, following the lifting of mortarium of MRT lines entering Zeta, there was talks of extending the line to Oparia, with godzilltrain considering building the extension of Zephyr North to Oparia.

In order to extend the line north to Oparia in August/September 2021, some changes were made in MRT alignments around Chalxior. The MRT Lakeshore Line was cut back to  L4  and rerouted north to Oparia and onwards. One of these,  L3 , was converted back to  ZN35 , the station number it had before it was transferred to Lakeshore Line. The extension to  ZN41  was constructed by autobus22 with help from many others and was completed on the 11th of September 2021. The extension soft-opened later that day, with the official opening happening later, at the September 2021 ISM.

List of people involved with the Zephyr North/Lakeshore East Extension

Primary Builder


Staff Co-Sponsors

DintyB, hvt2011

Dynmap & Staff Docs Help

DintyB, Missa_Solemnis, Narnia17, hvt2011, sesese9

Station Region Help

Missa_Solemnis, Narnia17, chiefbozx, sesese9

Staff Construction Help

AP_Red, chiefbozx, DintyB, hvt2011, MC_Protocol, Missa_Solemnis, Narnia17, Needn_NL, ondist, Skelezomperman

Non-Staff Construction Help

_fwis, _Ludus, Foote_Chicken, fork_07, Freskooo, Hightech_TR, ModernArt, Tonster_

Landmark Construction

Celine Dion Hill - 1107, 85, -17419 - celedine
Py0's Park - 1118, 85, -17471 - 6pro (Py0)
Polyan Truss - 1127, 66, -18407 - autobus22
Polyan Bow - 1175, 71, -19041 - autobus22, Foote_Chicken, Tonster_, AP_Red
Angled Guard - 1122, 75, -17990 - autobus22, Hightech_TR
ZN41 Aquarium - 1104, 64, -20756 - autobus22
Pride Tunnel - 1503, 36, -20134 - Foote_Chicken
Underwater Tunnels - 2909, 36, -20134 - autobus22

In April 2022 ISM, SimonScholar was approved to extend Zephyr South from Dand to meet with MRT Island Line, and opened in May 2022 GSM.

In August 2022 ISM, SimonScholar began extending Zephyr North to north Zeta to serve as an connecting option for MRT Union Line. It opened in October 2022 GSM.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at November 2022, Zephyr South would be extended to the south to meet with MRT Valley Line, but due to the rerouting of Union Line to the southern border, it instead now meets MRT Union Line instead.


The Zephyr Line runs from Sigil to Birdsview, via Central City and the  [Premier]  cities of Oparia, Quiris, Segville, Venceslo and Redwood.

The current travel duration for the line's entire length is approximately 164 minutes.

Zephyr North Extension 3

This extension is built in SimonScholar's style, with tunnels and viaducts being made of quartz, with white wool lines and redstone lamps dotted along the way. The viaducts also have white wool lines lined with glass railings, and tunnels are 4 blocks tall.

The line begins in Sigil at ZN59 station, an interchange station with MRT Union Line. After going through ZN58 station, the line crosses the mountains biome, going around Lake 36. Then, the line turns and follows the shore of Lake 35, going through Inverkelpie and Prisma Falls, then going underground through the roofed forest biome and Oxeyeburg. After going around the shore of Lake 35, the line goes underground, entering Oparia.

Zephyr North Extension 2

The ZN41 station in Oparia.

The style of this extension is remarkably unique, with a lot of attention being put into details. The tunnels and stations in Oparia are unique, with ZN41 station being designed to resemble Oparia Seaport RaiLinQ station, described by autobus22 as "an aquarium with fish", ZN40 station being like a regular MRT station except styled like the tunnels are styled, except the tracks and arrival/departure bays are separated, and ZN39/L0 station has split platforms for Zephyr and Lakeshore Lines. The tunnels through Oparia are shaped like an arch, made out of quartz, and an andesite surface, with netherite lines running down the bottoms, and the tunnel from ZN39/L0 station up to the ramp where the lines go above ground is made out of andesite, with colors of Lakeshore and Zephyr on the sides, and supported by black pillars. This extension won first place on "Best New MRT Extension" award in 2021 MRT Transit Awards.

After going across Oparia, the line joins with MRT Lakeshore Line at Oparia LeTourneau International Airport, then the lines then ascend above ground, paralleling A1 along the way through the forest biome. South of ZN36 station, the lines split, with Lakeshore Line going to Whitecliff and Zephyr Line going to Chalxior. The Lakeshore/Zephyr section from Oparia to south of ZN36/LW3 has a girder bridge where they cross A1, and tunnels made out of andesite.

The line then makes a stop at ZN35 station, which was originally built as a Zephyr Line station during the construction of Zephyr North Extension, before becoming Lakeshore Line when the initial section of Lakeshore Line was built, then being converted back to Zephyr Line when this extension was built. After that, the line goes underground to ZN34 station in Chalxior.

Zephyr North Extension

This extension originally started at ZN46 station (now LW14 station), going through going across the northern shore of Hibernal Sea and Lake 3, located around a kilometer away from the northern Epsilon border at its nearest point. The line goes underground through Whitecliff before going through the forest to Chalxior. The extension from ZN34 to ZN46 was transferred when MRT Lakeshore Line was built in June 2020. It is also built in SimonScholar's style (called godzilltrain at this time), with tunnels and viaducts being made of quartz, with quartz wool lines and redstone lamps dotted along the way. The viaducts also have white wool lines lined with glass railings, and tunnels are 4 blocks tall.

From Chalxior the line goes across the forest biome to Pilmont, after that the line goes above ground before crossing the canal connecting Northern Ocean and Hibernal Sea, arriving at New Acreadium, then Antioch, before continuing through a desert and savannah biome. Then, A1 goes down the line between ZN26 and ZN22 station, while going through Takasaki, before arriving at Nippia after A1 turns away from the line.

Zephyr North

In this section, the viaducts are made out of quartz, with a white wool line and redstone lamps on the center, and white wool and fences on the sides, and lacks a cover on the bottom, unlike other MRT lines, and tunnels are 3 blocks tall with white wool and redstone lamps on all sides.

The line is now in Nippia, passing through the city for 3 stations before arriving at ZN19 station in Liten, an interchange station with MRT Northern Line, before continuing through the plains biome, then passing through AEville, LiME, and Quiris, where the line enters the Ionian Conurbation.

In Ionian Conurbation, after going through Quiris, the line goes briefly underground through ZN14 station in Heights City, then finally going underground before arriving at ZN13 station in BirchView. For 3 stations from BirchView, the line runs together with MRT Circle Line, going through Gold City, before the lines split with Circle Line continuing to Lanark and Zephyr Line continuing south.

The line then arrives at Woodsdale, before continuing south into Bakersville, where it goes above ground, then continuing through the forest biome before arriving at a drawbridge over Seneca Canal. After passing over Seneca Canal, the line then arrives at New Risima, before continuing on the way to Mons Pratus and Ashmore, where MRT Arctic Line from Whitechapel joins. In terms of the building style, sections between ZN6 and ZN5 and ZN3 to ZN1 have stone edges. The lines then continue, making a stop at Spruce Neck, then MRT Taiga Line from Laclede joins, and then the lines cross A0, entering Central City and arriving at Northwest Terminal.

Northwest Terminal is an interchange station for the 3 lines mentioned, as well MRT Plains Line from Northeast Terminal. After this station, Taiga Line terminates here, Arctic Line continues along the west edge of Central City to Southwest Terminal and Zephyr Line continues under Central City to Z0 station under Central Park, which is an interchange station with MRT Expo Line.

Zephyr South

The style in this section is the same as Zephyr North; viaducts are made out of quartz, with a white wool line and redstone lamps on the center, and white wool and fences on the sides, and lacks a cover on the bottom, and tunnels are 3 blocks tall with white wool and redstone lamps on all sides.

From Z0 station, the line continues to Southeast Terminal, which is a transfer station with MRT Forest Line from Northeast Terminal, MRT Island Line, which starts here and MRT Mesa Line from Southwest Terminal, which terminates here. Then, Forest, Island and Zephyr Lines continue south, crossing A0 into Royal Ferry, before arriving at ZS2 station, where Zephyr Line turns, going above ground to serve Greenmount and PieVille before arriving at Segville. While going through Segville, the area west of the line is Segville International Airport, and there are glass railings instead of fences.

After Segville, the line stops at Shady Grove, then goes through a roofed forest biome, stopping at East End before arriving at a savannah biome, ascending and then descending, while crossing A405 and reaching a peak of Y=98, before arriving at Delta City. After going through Delta City, with 2 stations in a roofed biome, the line finally arrives at a desert biome, passing through Legitevon, Urbisan and Bardot Springs, before arriving at ZS18 station, an interchange station with MRT Circle Line.

Zephyr South Extension

Zaquar, the terminus of this extension, and formerly hosted the Zaquar Shuttle.

The style in this extension is like early Gamma MRT lines; viaducts are made out of quartz with a white wool line on the center with redstone lamps, and no railings, supported by quartz pillars with redstone lamps.

The line continues south, crossing A51 and arriving at Venceslo, then going underground through the savannah biome, briefly going above ground through Downsview, and crossing A50 in the process. Then, the line turns, where tracks for old MRT Southern Line built for Gamma plans start. The lines continue east, going through Disboard, where the line turns, and the Southern Line tracks continue straight until stopping just west of Elecna Bay (lake).

From Disboard, the line continues through the desert, then going through Knoxford. Then, the line crosses over the strait connecting Elecna Bay and Estival Sea, arriving at the peninsula where Zaquar sits on. After making 2 stops on the northern tip, the line shifts to the median of Anaconda Avenue, and the track surface has mineral blocks (redstone, lapis, quartz, gold, coal, diamond, iron and emerald) in it, and before arriving or departing at ZS30 station, there are heads of MRT staff members, most likely at around Christmas 2014. The staff members, in order when going through the line are: Cynra_, lalaboy, Music3_0, Valkorion314, cal76, frozen, BaronThamesBank, _MajorMagpie_, just_robinho, yeamanator132, MonsieurKeks, Tom_Pairs, thomasfyfe, ComputerGhost, chiefbozx and Frumple. After this station, the line goes underground, arriving at ZS31 station in a mountain biome, which separates Zaquar from Boston.

Zephyr South Extension 2

The style in this extension is that viaducts are made out of quartz, with a white wool line down the center and redstone lamps along the way, and white wool and glass railings on the side, and tunnels are 4 blocks tall, with white wool running on all sides. The extension has few tunnel sections, with the longest tunnel section being after ZS46 station where it goes underground to meet with ZS47 station, which is located underground.

From ZS31 station, the line enters Boston and the southern big tundra biome, going through 3 stations. Then, the line follows the eastern shore of Estival Sea, going through New Haven and Tung Wan. After a few more stations in the tundra, the line arrives at Redwood, then going through forest biomes, going through San Vantino and Dand, at ZS47 station which is a transfer station with MRT Southern Line.

Zephyr South Extension 3

This extension is again built in SimonScholar's style.

The line continues south, going around the shore of Equinox Ocean, before entering Meridia territory, stopping at Indra before continuing to Lilygrove, where the line goes underground. The line briefly goes above ground for ZS53 station, but goes back underground to cross the roofed forest biome, stopping at ZS54. The line finally ends in Birdsview, at ZS55 station, an interchange station with MRT Island Line, MRT Oasis Line and future L6 Line.


City Rank Mayor Stations
Oparia  [Premier]  kyyl_  ZN41  Oparia Seaport
 ZN40  Oparia Downtown
 ZN39  Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
Chalxior [Senator] EliteNeon  ZN34  Chalxior Dressell
 ZN33  Chalxior Thondes
New Acreadium [Governor] DevyySky  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station
 ZN29  New Acreadium - Schiphol Airport
Antioch [Governor] woorich999  ZN28  Antioch
 ZN27  Antioch Airfield
Nippia [Senator] KittyCat11231  ZN22  Nippia Farlands
 ZN21  Nippia North
 ZN20  Nippia Central
Liten [Senator] KittyCat11231  ZN19  Liten
 ZN18  AEville - South Liten
Quiris  [Premier]  _HeavenAngel_  ZN16  Quiris East
 ZN15  Quiris South
Heights City [Senator] Toaro  ZN14  Heights City
 ZN12  Mihama (Heights City)
BirchView [Governor] _crepper_  ZN13  BirchView
Woodsdale [Senator] Hightech_TR  ZN10  Woodsdale
Bakersville [Senator] FredTheTimeLord  ZN9  Bakersville - Penn Station
 ZN8  Bakersville - Hobelt District
 ZN7  South Bakersville - Fairfield Station
Spruce Neck [Senator] MikeRoma  ZN2  Spruce Neck
Royal Ferry [Senator] MIKE24DUDE  ZS2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station
Segville  [Premier]  godzilltrain  ZS6  Segville North
 ZS7  Segville Central
 ZS8  Segville South
Venceslo  [Premier]  time2makemymove  ZS20  Venceslo Station
Zaquar [Governor] KittyCat11231  ZS28  Zaquar Shores
 ZS29  Zaquar North
 ZS30  Zaquar
 ZS31  Zaquar Menage et Trois Regional Airport
Redwood  [Premier]  MC_Protocol  ZS42  Foobar
 ZS43  Redwood - Redwood Grove
 ZS44  Redwood


Frumple released a timelapse of the line when the server was in Minecraft 1.7.10.
MBS released a timelapse of the line as a part of its "Five Years Later" series.
MBN released a timelapse of the line in 2020.
Status Code Station name MRT connections
 Ward 1 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN59  U1  MRT Union Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN58
 Ward 9 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN57
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN56
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN55
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN54
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN53
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN52
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN51
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN50
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN49
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN48
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN47
 Ward 1 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN46
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN45
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN44
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN43
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN42
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN41 Oparia Seaport
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN40 Oparia Downtown
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN39 Oparia LeTourneau International Airport  L0  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN38  LW1  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN37  LW2  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN36  LW3  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN35
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN34 Chalxior Dressell
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN33 Chalxior Thondes
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN32
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN31
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN30 New Acreadium Central District
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN29 New Acreadium Schiphol Airport
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN28 Antioch
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN27
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN26
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN25
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN24
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN23
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN22 Nippia Farlands
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN21 Nippia North
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN20 Nippia Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN19 Liten  N0  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN18 AEville - South Liten
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN17
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN16 Quiris East
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN15 Quiris South
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN14 Heights City
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN13 BirchView  C1  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN12 Mihama (Heights City)  C119  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN11 Gold City (Heights City)  C118  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN10 Woodsdale
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN9 Bakersville - Penn
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN8 Bakersville - Hobelt District
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN7 South Bakersville - Fairfield
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN6
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN5
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN4 Mons Pratus
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN3 Ashmore  A3  MRT Arctic Line
 Ward 9 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN2 Spruce Neck  A2  MRT Arctic Line
Central City
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZN1 Northwest Terminal  A1  MRT Arctic Line
 T1  MRT Taiga Line
 PX  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png Z0 Central Park  X0  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS1 Southeast Terminal  MX  MRT Mesa Line
 I1  MRT Island Line
 F1  MRT Forest Line
 Ward 5 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS2 Royal Ferry Paddington Station  I2  MRT Island Line
 F2  MRT Forest Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS3
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS4
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS5
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS6 Segville North
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS7 Segville Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS8 Segville South
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS9
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS10
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS11
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS12 Delta City Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS13 Delta City Boardwalk
 Ward 7 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS14
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS15
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS16
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS17
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS18  C61  MRT Circle Line
 Ward 5 
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS19
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS20 Venceslo
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS21
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS22
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS23
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS24
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS25
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS26
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS27
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS28 Zaquar Shores
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS29 Zaquar North
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS30 Zaquar
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS31 Zaquar Menage et Trois Regional Airport
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS32
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS33
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS34
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS35
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS36
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS37
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS38
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS39 Tung Wan Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS40
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS41
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS42 Redwood - Sherfield National Park
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS43 Redwood - Redwood Grove
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS44 Redwood - Downtown
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS45
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS46 San Vantino
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS47 Dand  S0  MRT Southern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS48
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS49
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS50
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS51 Lilygrove Red Street
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS52 Lilygrove Union Station & Heliport
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS53
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS54
Dynmap Green Flag.png ZS55  I55  MRT Island Line
 O0  MRT Oasis Line
future extension planned
Dynmap Pin.png ZSX (planned)  U114  MRT Union Line