Western Ocean International Airport

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Western Ocean International Airport
Airport typeAirport, Heliport
Owner/OperatorIntraAir (50%)
Caelus Airlines (50%)
LocationWest Old World
Hub forIntraAir
Caelus Airlines
Direction Length Surface
ft m
69 Black Stained Clay

Western Ocean International Airport is an international airport located in Arlington on the Old World, west of Spawn City. The airport, originally constructed in December 2014, was rebuilt in August 2016, resulting in the entire old airport being removed and replaced with a new airport. Western Ocean International Airport is owned by the airlines IntraAir and Caelus Airlines, and the airport acts as a primary hub for IntraAir and a secondary hub for Caelus Airlines.


Western Ocean International Airport was originally built as an operating base for the OneMRT Alliance. The airport was built with four concourses, Concourses B, C, and D for Air Peach, Caelus Airlines, and IntraAir, respectively, and Concourse A for gates for other airlines, which included check-in, security, and arrivals facilities. IntraAir grew to be the biggest carrier operating out of Western Ocean International Airport, as Air Peach set up only a limited amount of flights from their concourse, and Caelus Airlines went into a period of inactivity, leaving Concourse C to be completely empty with no flights. In February 2015, OneMRT disbanded, leading IntraAir, Caelus Airlines, and Element to join the SkyTransit Alliance, while Air Peach joined UnitedSkies.

Later in 2015, Caelus Airlines merged with Air Peach to form Notalis, which became part of SkyTransit Alliance after a period of ambiguity over which airline alliance Notalis would join. However, Notalis, which then operated Concourses B and C at Western Ocean International Airport, did not use their space, abandoning the airport. Up to its demolition on August 2016, the airport still had facilities for the Air Peach and Caelus Airlines brands, which were referenced as part of the OneMRT Alliance. Only IntraAir actively used its own facilities, with twelve flights out of Concourse D by the time of its demolition.

In July 2016, IntraAir came close to merging with Notalis, but withdrew from the deal. However, during the merger process, the idea to rebuild Western Ocean International Airport was introduced, which continued after the merger was cancelled. As Notalis plunged into a state of bad publicity and reputation, it rebranded itself back to Caelus Airlines, with a new corporate identity, and acquired Voar and Ikeda, two previously independent airlines. Ikeda was transformed into the brand name for the old world services of Caelus Airlines, while Voar was absorbed completely. As Caelus Airlines continued into a period of rebirth, challenging its reputation of inactivity and discoordinated-ness with a complete overhaul of its flight network, the idea of rebuilding Western Ocean International Airport grew into a necessary plan, as the facilities at the airport were outdated and not fit for use by Caelus Airlines as a hub.

On August 23rd, 2016, Western Ocean International Airport was closed and IntraAir and Caelus Airlines began reconstructing the airport. By the next morning, the entirety of the old airport was demolished. The new airport was built with a three level terminal building, with the bottom level handling arrivals, the middle level handling departures, and the top level handling departures for Caelus Airlines First Class passengers and IntraAir Executive Class and Emperor Class passengers. The main building included Concourse A, with Concourse B located across the airport tarmac, and Concourse C located next to the Concourse B building, containing remote stand gates. Concourse C also contains six helipads, notated as H gates. Construction of the new airport concluded on September 3rd, 2016.


Western Ocean International Airport is built to be a balance of both efficiency and comfort, of usefulness and of beauty. It is designed to accommodate all who pass through it, from people traveling out of the Spawn City area, to people using connecting flights between their favorite cities, people just flying for fun, and even people on survival, who may or may not be running away from psychopaths intent on killing them. And WOI does this efficiently, so you can spend less time traveling to your flight and more time traveling to your destination.

Airport Entrance

The entrance to Western Ocean International Airport is located on its east side. The WOI access roadway connects to the road to Arlington, which goes further into Arlington to the north and to the rest of the old world road network to the south, which connects to nearby Spawn City. The access roadway splits into three levels, servicing the airport's three terminal levels, where the entrances are located. On the lower level is all arrivals, the middle level is general departures, and the upper level is departures for IntraAir Executive Class and Emperor Class passengers and Caelus Airlines First Class passengers. On the first two levels, there is a dedicated roadway for buses and taxis, which drop off passengers on the departures level and pick up passengers on the arrivals level.


On the departures level, passengers are greeted with check-in counters for the airlines that fly to the airport. The majority of check-in counters are assigned to IntraAir and Caelus Airlines, with additional counters for the other airlines that fly to WOI. Most counters are divided into priority and non-priority lanes and counters, to offer a faster check-in process for priority customers.

Security Checkpoint

The security checkpoint is a necessary feature which enables passengers to step onto their flight safely and with peace of mind. The Western Ocean International Airport Security Administration, or WOISA, staffs the security checkpoint at all times, ensuring passengers boarding flights do not have any hazardous materials that may accidentally or intentionally be used to cause harm to passengers, the airport, or aircraft. Passengers must scan their belongings in an x-ray machine, then pass through a metal detector before collecting their belongings and being admitted into the secure area. Passengers found to be carrying prohibited items will be denied access.

First Class Departures Level

Passengers flying Executive Class or Emperor Class on IntraAir or First Class on Caelus Airlines may use the dedicated first class departures level. At this level, passengers are greeted with a more personalized check-in and dedicated security checkpoint. Immediately following security, passengers are whisked into their airline's lounge. IntraAir's Executive Class passengers are directed into the IntraAir SkyOne lounge, which is also accessible from Concourse A for IntraPriority passengers, while Emperor Class passengers are directed to the exclusive IntraAir SkyOne Emperor lounge. All lounges have a stairway down to the normal departures level, with access to all gates.


IntraAir and Caelus Airlines both operate lounges on the upper level above Concourse A. While first class passengers checking in on the upper level are directed through these lounges following security, priority passengers can access these lounges from the normal departures level. There are three lounges, the Caelus Loft, the IntraAir SkyOne lounge, and the IntraAir SkyOne Emperor lounge. The Caelus Loft can be accessed by Caelus Airlines First Class and Premier Access passengers, the IntraAir SkyOne lounge can be accessed by Executive Class and IntraPriority passengers, and the IntraAir SkyOne Emperor lounge can be accessed by Emperor Class passengers only.

Concourse A

In the same building as the main terminal is Concourse A, containing gates A1 through A12. All of these gates are occupied by IntraAir and Caelus Airlines. Concourse A handles all of the airport's larger aircraft, and is directly connected to the airport's lounges and departures and arrivals facilities. The concourse has six retail spaces near security for the shopping and dining needs of any traveler. Concourse A is connected internally by the WOI Gate Shuttle system, and to the other concourses by shuttle bus.

Concourse B

Located on the western side of the airport, across the tarmac from the main terminal, is Concourse B, consisting of gates B1 through B14. Handling most of the airport's medium sized aircraft, it has four gates for third party airlines, one gate occupied by Caelus Airlines, and nine gates occupied by IntraAir. Passengers must connect to Concourse A through a shuttle bus, which provides access to the airport's baggage claim facilities. The concourse is, similarly to Concourse A, connected internally through a network of shuttle vehicles.

Concourse C

Next to Concourse B, Concourse C is the remote stands concourse, located entirely outside. The concourse includes remote stand gates C1 through C17, as well as helipad gates H1 through H6. As with the other concourses, Concourse C is internally connected by the WOI Gate Shuttle system, and is connected to Concourse A by bus. The C gates are small gates designed to handle propeller planes and extra small jets. In addition to the C gates, Concourse C includes six helipads, labeled as gates H1 through H6. These helipads are used exclusively by IntraAir Heli Lines.

Intra-Airport Transportation

With such a big airport as Western Ocean International, the goal of providing efficient service to numerous destinations is undercut by the sheer amount of time it takes to travel to and between planes across vast distances of concourse.. In order to solve this problem, Western Ocean International Airport has a network of shuttles across the airport. The shuttles are split into three networks forming hub-and-spoke systems, located in the three airport concourses. In Concourse A, there are two shuttle bays on each side of security. On the south side of security, there are three shuttles servicing gates A1 through A4 and the stairway to the shuttle bus other concourses. On the north side of security, there are two shuttles servicing gates A9 through A12. Across the tarmac, a shuttle bus connects Concourse A to Concourses B and C. The Concourse B shuttle system has its hub at the south end of the terminal by the entrance stairwell, and services gates B3 through B14. The Concourse C shuttle system has its hub right outside of the Concourse B terminal building, next to the bus to Concourse A, servicing all C gates and all H gates. The WOI shuttle system is designed to accommodate all passengers, whether they are departing, arriving, connecting flights, or running away from psychopathic killers.

Arrivals Facilities

Passengers arriving from other destinations are greeted with the same welcoming experience as those departing through the airport. When you arrive at the airport and step off the plane into the terminal, a shuttle is waiting to bring you where you need to be. If you are in Concourse A, the shuttle system will bring you to the airport exit, while passengers in Concourses B and C can take the shuttle system to connect with the shuttle bus to Concourse A and the airport exit. On the lower level below Concourse A, there are doors opening to the arrivals area, with 21 baggage claims present to claim your checked baggage, and exits to the airport access roadway, connecting to Arlington, Hollis Swamps, and Spawn City, with buses and taxis for additional ease of transportation.

Ground Transportation

In addition to the network of flights the airport is built for, Western Ocean International Airport's ground transportation services connect the airport to the mainland. The airport access roadway, which services all levels of the main departures and arrivals terminal, connects to Arlington's main roadway, which in-turn connects to Hollis Swamps, Spawn City, and the rest of the old world highway network. Dedicated spaces are available for buses and taxis, with the Mossack Fonseca Taxi Service providing direct service to the MRT Mail Centre in Spawn City. Additionally, rail and bus services are available at the Arlington Transit Hub just a short drive away from the airport.

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination(s)
IntraAir Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport, MRT Regional Airport, Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport, Marblelake Heathrow International Airport, Espil Ecilidae Airport, Kitania Municipal Airport, Elecna Bay International Airport, Crystal City Municipal Airport, Whitechapel Sky Harbor, Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport, Llamapolis - Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport, Rockaway City Municipal Airport, Chack City Airfield, Kitania East Murkland Airstrip, Hillside-Pagoda - Frederick E. Margaret Airport, Vermilion Gateway Airport
IntraAir operated by GEMS Airline Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport, MRT International Airport
IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines Segville IAHL Boarding Center, Xilia IAHL Boarding Center, San Reinoldi IAHL Boarding Center, Lanark North Tower Boarding Center
Caelus Airlines Saint Roux - Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Caelus Airlines operated by Ikeda MRT International Airport, Akane-Ishuzu International Airport <planned>, Andromeda International Airport <planned>
South Weast Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport
Ilirea Airlines
Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport (Delayed)
Heampstea Air Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport
Pan Puno Shuttle Union of Central Western Territories Int'l Airport


Gate Airline Flight Destination(s) Status
A1 IntraAir operated by GEMS Airline GM006
Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport
MRT International Airport
A2 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A3 IntraAir IA073 Vermilion Gateway Airport Inactive
A4 IntraAir IA033 Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport Active
A5 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A6 Caelus Airlines CL010 Saint Roux - Charles de Gaulle International Airport Active
A7 IntraAir IA018 Marblelake Heathrow International Airport Active
A8 Caelus Airlines operated by Ikeda CL101 Akane - Ishuzu International Airport
MRT International Airport
A9 Caelus Airlines CL217 Ilirea Midcity Airport Active
A10 Caelus Airlines CL063 Horizon National Airport Active
A11 IntraAir IA063 Espil Ecilidae Airport Active
A12 IntraAir IA066 Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Active
A13 BART Airlines BA028 Alturas Interregional Airport Active
B1 Ilirea Airlines LI099 Bloomington - Robin's Hill Active
B2 South Weast Airlines SW116 Ilirea Midcity Airport Active
B3 South Weast Airlines Inactive
B4 Eastern Airways EA008 Epsilon International Airport Active
B5 Caelus Airlines CL303 Vermilion Gateway Airport Active
B6 IntraAir IA007 Kitania Municipal Airport
MRT Regional Airport
B7 IntraAir IA044 Elecna Bay International Airport Active
B8 IntraAir IA013 Crystal City Municipal Airport Active
B9 IntraAir IA042 Whitechapel Sky Harbor Active
B10 IntraAir IA065 Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport Inactive
B11 IntraAir IA015 Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
Llamapolis - Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport
B12 IntraAir IA008 Rockaway City Municipal Airport Active
B13 IntraAir IA071 Autocity Antonio Airport Active
B14 IntraAir operated by GEMS Airline GM005
Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport Active
B15 Vermilion Airways operated by Viaggio VA2295 Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport Active
C1 IntraAir IA026 Chack City Airfield Active
C2 IntraAir IA038 Kitania East Murkland Airstrip Active
C3 IntraAir IA064 Hillside-Pagoda - Frederick E. Margaret Airfield Active
C4 IntraAir IA067 Utopia - AFK Active
C5 South Weast Airlines SA118 Splurgeville Municipal Airport Active
C6 IntraAir IA068 Miningstone Airport Active
C7 IntraAir IA070 Omerah International Airport Active
C8 Pan Puno Shuttle PPS5 UCWT International Airport Active (Wow That Never Happens)
C9 HeampsteadAir HA004 Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport and Whitley Airfield Active
C10 AirLinQ RQ5025 Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre Active
C11 Caelus Airlines operated by Ikeda Inactive
C12 Inactive
C13 Inactive
C14 Inactive
C15 Inactive
C16 Inactive
C17 Inactive
H1 IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines IH001
Segville IAHL Boarding Center Active
H2 IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines IH002
Xilia IAHL Boarding Center Active
H3 IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines IH003
San Reinoldi IAHL Boarding Center Active
H4 IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines IH004
Lanark North Tower Helipad Active
H5 IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines IH005
Ilirea Heliport Active
H6 IntraAir operated by IntraAir Heli Lines IH006
Arisa Heliport Active