Dewford City Taylor Swift Memorial Airfield

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Dewford City Taylor Swift Memorial Airfield (IATA: DCA, ICAO: DCTS), often shortened colloquially to Swiftport, is an under-construction Senator airfield located in Dewford City, Lometa County, Central West Zeta.

Gate Claim Area

Two gates are available for distribution; one is 27 wide 35 long, and one is 15 wide 18 long. If you want to serve Dewford City, please edit this page and type your airline below hyperlinked to your wiki page, your proposed destinations, and what size gates you can occupy. Airlines will be holistically reviewed and a selection of two will be made once the airport is ready for passenger traffic.

Airline Destinations Size of plane
JiffyAir PFR, YYO S
AirNet PCE, ABN, MWT, CWI (Others available on request)\

Alternate: PCE (Others in the future)

Smol (and swift)

Alternate: M

Cypress Air Choice between OPA, MAX, RVC or VDA, MBA, RVC S
Aero DVA S, M
FliHigh Airlines VFW, SDZ S
AcaciaAir MWT, PCE, DBI, MBI S(peak now tv)
Continental Airlines YST, YSM, SEG S
Astrella DJE DFM S