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FyfeCorp Logo.png
Company Executives
Founder & CEO thomasfyfe
Facts and Figures
Founded July 31, 2012
Headquarters Inchmuir

FyfeCorp is a corporation on the MRT Server, founded by thomasfyfe on July 31, 2012. FyfeCorp manages multiple companies and services such as Kalmar Fried Chicken. FyfeCorp's headquarters is located in Inchmuir's business district.

The FyfeCorp Building in Spawn City was the first build by thomasfyfe as a member. The tower was originally a multi-purpose complex featuring a science laboratory, offices, TV studio and a cinema. For a while FyfeCorp was known as "the company that doesn't actually do anything." The FyfeCorp building is now under renovation.

LDT Holdings

LDT Holdings was a company started up by LDShadowLord and thomasfyfe, originally to build the Eisitasi Shores residential district in August 2012. LDT quickly began work on the MRT Mail Centre and later the MRT Library. With LDShadowLord's resignation in January 2013, all LDT Holdings shares, properties and business ventures were transferred to FyfeCorp for future management and preservation. LDShadowLord later returned to the server but distanced himself from his past contributions under LDT.

Company Employees

Company Position Player
FyfeCorp Facility Manager cal76
Kalmar Fried Chicken Board Director LDShadowLord
Cyan Systems Designer & Engineer Just_robinho
Cyan Systems Designer & Engineer BaronThamesBank
Cyan Systems Designer & Engineer mfish125


Kalmar Fried Chicken

Main article: Kalmar Fried Chicken

One of the server's most famous fast food restaurants, serving up their famous fried chicken at over 100 locations in towns and cities around the server. Kalmar Fried Chicken is a parody of the popular fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken and was one of the first franchises on the server.

Cyan Systems

Main article: Cyan Systems

Providing towns, cities and individual players with a suite of redstone and rail solutions. Cyan Systems is a company that designs and distributes a range of transit stations. Cyan Systems have provided transit technology in several towns and cities across the MRT Server.

Falloway Finance

Main article: Falloway Finance

Falloway Finance is a banking, insurance and financial services company based in Falloway. The company is in its infancy but plans include personal and business banking across the server, in addition to being contracted as the central bank for Falloway by the Falloway City Council.

Falloway Brothers

Main article: Falloway Brothers

Property Management and estate agent services based in Falloway. Falloway Brothers list accommodation and business properties for sale within cities. Although are currently only operating in Falloway, there are plans to expand this as a franchise option in other towns. Within the estate agents, the locations (using connected maps) and details of property listings can be found such as number of bedrooms, state of furnishings and price.

Falloway Brothers also manages property previously owned by Oister (old LDT subsidiary) at Eisitasi Shores.

Air Falloway

Main article: Air Falloway

An airline that operates exclusively from Falloway Airport, a planned airport in the City of Falloway.

Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips‎

Main article: Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips‎

Past Divisions

MRT Mail

Main article: MRT Mail

A popular service on the server, MRT Mail provide players with an outlet of communication services. The MRT Mail Centre was originally constructed and operated by LDT Holdings before its transfer to FyfeCorp. MRT Mail was turned into a server owned organisation to better suit the server's interests.

MRT Library

Main article: MRT Library

The most comprehensive collection of books on the server, ranging from novels to information books and adventure maps. The MRT Library was originally constructed and operated by LDT Holdings before its transfer to FyfeCorp. MRT Library was turned into a server owned organisation to better suit the server's interests.

Company News

  • Nov 02, 2016: FyfeCorp buys 30% shares of Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips‎
  • Sep 19, 2016: FyfeCorp founds Air Falloway.
  • Feb 14, 2016: FyfeCorp acquires Falloway Finance and Falloway Brothers. Oister assets are transferred to Falloway Brothers.
  • Jun 08, 2014: MRT Mail and MRT Libary become server owned organisations.
  • May 01, 2013: Cyan Labs is renamed Cyan Systems.
  • Feb 16, 2013: The MRT Mail Centre is expanded and renovated.
  • Jan 24, 2013: Cyan Labs redevelops Eastern System Transit lines.
  • Jan 21, 2013: FyfeCorp buys LDT Holdings and all divisions.
  • Jan 20, 2013: Cyan Labs provides technology for metro system in  G10  Robin's Hill.
  • Nov 27, 2012: Cyan Labs builds the Cyan Line (The Fyfe Circle).
  • Oct 23, 2012: FyfeCorp and LDT Holdings acquire Kalmar Fried Chicken.
  • Aug 27, 2012: FyfeCorp partners with LDT Holdings to build MRT Mail and MRT Library.
  • Aug 16, 2012: Headquarters is moved to  B19  Inchmuir.
  • Jul 31, 2012: The FyfeCorp Building is built in Spawn City.


  • FyfeCorp New World Headquarters at  C76  Falloway
  • Regional HQ at  XE6  Foobar

  • FyfeCorp Headquarters at  B19  Inchmuir
  • Inchmuir Tower at  B19  Inchmuir
  • Kalmar Fried Chicken Headquarters at  B19  Inchmuir
  • Cyan Labs Complex at  O19  Cyan Labs
  • The FyfeCorp Building at Spawn City
  • FyfeCorp South-West Operations Office at Eisitasi
  • Kalmar Fried Chicken North-West Operations Office at New Delvin
  • Kalmar Fried Chicken Development Facility at  G27  Kalmar