Elecna Bay

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Elecna Bay
Flag of Elecna Bay.png
Town officials
Mayor mine_man
Deputy Mayor RLcrafters
MRT  I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District
 I22  Elecna Bay - Southside
 I23  Elecna Bay Intl Airport
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates x=1968, z=8260
Founded 3/1/15
Recognized as town 28/3/15
Town rank Premier
Official language(s) English (British), Finnish, Sharkeishan, Esperanto
World New (Gamma)
Post codes

EB5 1xx - EB5 9xx

Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png

Elecna Bay is a premier-ranked city on the New World owned by mine_man_. It is a town dedicated to high standards of education, lots of computer programming, green spaces to please the population and many tourist attractions to help make Elecna Bay one of the most sophisticated, enjoyed and loved cities in the Southern Area of the MRT. The City is located North East of neighboring Zaquar which is a governor city at the terminus of the Zephyr line. Due to the diverse amount of languages and cultures nearby the city, Elecna Bay has many different spoken languages, English being the main. There is a road connecting Elecna Bay to Zaquar. (To learn more about it Click Here).


Previous station Next station
 I20  Foobar
towards Central City—Southeast Station via Matheson
 I21  Elecna Bay  I22  Elecna Bay - Southside
towards Edwardsburg
Astoria Central
towards Tranquil Forest
EBTC Commuter C37
Elecna Bay Seaport
Elecna Bay Centralen
Elecna Bay Grand Northern
Elecna Bay Stadion
Whiteley Turing Square
towards Daneburg


Zone Map of Elecna Bay

Elecna Bay has quite a few different zones dedicated to different things and building styles.


Overall, Elecna Bay is 55% complete.

Roadmap of Elecna Bay (By AutoDesignZ)

Zone 1 (Boardwalk)

Zone 1 was the first zone to be built in Elecna Bay. It is the area surrounding  I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District and mainly surrounds Edged Road which runs alongside the MRT Island Line. Zone 1 is served by the 4 and 5 bus lines and The City Loop EBTC Line.

EB1 1.png EB1 2.png


  • The Agricultural Research Facility, which is used to test crop growing efficiency under extreme climates.
  • The Elecna Bay Commerce Tower, which is a sand timer-shaped building which holds a lot of the shops in Zone 1.
  • The First Spaghetti Showroom, which was one of mine_man_'s hit franchises which used to be called Bella Italia.

Businesses and Homes

Name Owner
Chocoluv JamesGaming
Music's Gems KittyCat11231
Air Peach Outlet Bestmate66
Creeperface's Cafe _Creeperface
Waterhorse Willywilson123
Gapple DuncanDoesMC
PorkChop King Unknown
69fry KittyCat11231
O. Kekkomatic
AlikLolly Aliksong
Name Type
JamesGaming Home
YouBetterKenta Home
Pilot61721 Apartment


  • Boardwalk  4 - 5 
  • Craulton Tower  4 
  • Research Hub  5 
  • Old Towers  5 


Zone 1 is 95% complete.

Zone 2 (Central)

Zone 2 was the second zone to be built in Elecna Bay and still has some areas which require developing. It is located in the centre of the Elecna Peninsula and is the densest part of the City. Zone 2 is served by the 1,2,3,4 and 5 bus lines as well as City Loop, Reglo, Starboard and Enclave EBTC Metro Corridors. Central is the most iconic area of Elecna Bay.

EB2 1.png EB2 2.png


  • Sky Step Hotel, which was the first building to be constructed in Zone 2
  • The Cinema, a unique 3 screen design where the viewing screens are stacked in a tower to make the cinema more compact.
  • Fountain Park, which the fountain in Central City was based off.

Businesses and Homes

Name Owner
Lakeview Steak JakD2000
Tarbucks Tarheelscouse


TBA later when i can be bothered :3


Zone 2 is 85% complete.

Zone 3 (College)


Zone 3 is 85% complete.

Zone 4 (North Beach)


Zone 4 is 60% complete.

Zone 5 (South Beach)


Zone 5 is 90% complete.

Zone 6 (SouthSide)


Zone 6 is 95% complete.

Zone 7 (Rustic Park)


Zone 7 is 25% complete.

Zone 8 (Industrial Hill)


Zone 8 is 15% complete.

Zone 9 (Kahakai Beach)


Zone 9 is 0% complete.

Zone 10 (Walnut County)


Zone 10 is 0% complete.

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png