Elecna Bay International Airport

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Elecna Bay International Airport
Airport typeAirport
ServesElecna Bay
Fort Yaxier
LocationSouth New World
Hub forIntraAir
Eastern Airways
Direction Length Surface
ft m
27/09 Stone

Elecna Bay International Airport (IATA: EBI, ICAO: NWEB) is an international airport serving Elecna Bay and Fort Yaxier.

Airlines & Destinations

Airline Destination(s)
Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport, Ilirea Municipal Airport, Akane-Ishuzu International Airport (Delayed), Horizon National Airport, MarbleLake Heathrow International Airport, Leydon International Airport, MRT International Airport, Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport, Espil Ecilidae Airport, Whiteley Aerodrome, Anthony Fokker Regional Airport, Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport, MineCity Regional Airport, Alturas Interegional Airport, Omerah International Airport, Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport, Pine Mountain Airfield, United Central Western Territories International Airport
Eastern Airways operated by FlyArctic Vegeta City Airfield
IntraAir Epsilon International Airport, Kitania Municipal Airport, Kenthurst Aerodrome, Western Ocean International Airport, Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport, Hummingbird Isles International Airport, Segville International Airport
Caelus Airlines Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Horizon National Airport
Ilirea Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport
Derpy Air Vermilion Gateway Airport
BART Airlines Vermilion Gateway Airport, MRT Regional Airport
AirLinQ United Central Western Territories International Airport, Autocity Antonio Airport
SouthWeast Charter Laclede Municipal Airport, Kolpino City Airport
FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward Airport


Gate Airline Flight Destination(s) Status
A1 Caelus CL211 Birchview Leydon International Airport Active
A2 Caelus CL004 Horizon National Airport Active
A3 BluAir BU30
Radiance Square International Airport
Freedon Silverwood International Airport
A4 BluAir BU59
Charles de Gaulle International Airport
West Mesa International Airport
A5 Heampstead Air DA108 Vermillion Gateway Airport Delayed
A6 BART Airlines BA003 Vermillion Gateway Airport Active
A7 Ilirea Airlines LI055 Ilirea Midcity Airport Active
A8 AirLinQ RQ5022 United Central Western Territories International Airport Active
A9 AirLinQ RQ5023 Autocity Antonio Airport Active
B1 Eastern Airways EA003 Fort Yaxier International Airport Active
B2 Eastern Airways EA022 United Central Western Territories International Airport Active
B3 Eastern Airways EA043 Espil Ecilidae Airport Active
B4 Eastern Airways EA014 Epsilon International Airport Active
B5 Eastern Airways EA039 Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Active
B6 Eastern Airways EA020 Ilirea Midcity Airport Active
B7 Eastern Airways EA034 MRT International Airport Active
B8 Eastern Airways EA049 Leydon International Airport Active
B9 Waypoint WP004 Marblelake Heathrow International Airport Active
B10 Eastern Airways EA083 Whitechapel Sky Harbor Active
C1 IntraAir Delayed
C2 IntraAir Delayed
C3 IntraAir Delayed
C4 IntraAir IA45 Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Active
C5 IntraAir Delayed
C6 IntraAir IA44 Western Ocean International Airport Active
C7 IntraAir IA46 Hummingbird Islands International Airport Active
C8 IntraAir IA43 Espil Ecilidae Airport
Kenthurst Aerodrome
C9 IntraAir IA77 Segville International Active
C10 IntraAir IA2 Kitania Municipal Airport
Epsilon International Airport
D1 FliHigh Airlines FH54 Venceslo-Fifth Ward Airport Active
D2 Infamous Eagle Delayed
D3 Waypoint WP010
MineCity Regional Airport
Bakersville Fairfield Airfield
D4 Waypoint WP012
Alturas InterRegional Airport
Valetta Airfield
D5 Waypoint WP014
Omerah International Airport
Dabecco Airfield
D6 Waypoint WP008
Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport
Pine Mountain Airfield
D7 FlyArctic FA001
Vegeta City Airfield
Waterville Municipal Airfield
E1 BART Airlines BA041 MRT Regional Airport Active
E2 South Weast Charter Laclede MunicipalAirport
Kolpino City Airport
E3 FlySubway FS002 Anthony Fokker Regional Airport Active
E4 National Airlines NA005 Espil Ecilidae Airport
Titsensaki International Airport
E5 AirLinQ Deleyed
E6 FreeAir Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Active
E7 Vermilion Airways Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport Active

Gate Claiming

Airline Number of Gates Destination(s)
ExampleAir Infinite All of them
SkyTrans 2 UCWTIA, Leydon International Airport
Expect In 1 Benion Int'l
Viaggio 2 Fairfax-Atlanta, Cyra
Pan Puno Skies 1 Shadowpoint Via Vermilon
Peridot Air 2 ATC, EBI
Infamous Airlines 1 Ocean Suburb International Airport, FYI
FliHigh Airlines 1 (small) Venceslo
SkyRaven 1 medium, 1 small FQA, FSI
FlyCreeper 1 small Freedon Silverwood International Airport (we have a focus city there) or Creeperville International Airport
Michigana 1 small Dekuville Harbor Airfield, West Mesa International Airport, Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
MRT Airlines 1 small New Genisys Airfield
Ray Airlines 1 small, 1 Medium MAX, Chan Bay International Airport, Segville International