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Town officials
Deputy Mayor_Kastle
MRT EN1  Ellesume
BusMetroFarwater Rapid  202 
Roadway(s)B20.png Desert Shore Highway
Facts and figures
FoundedApril 2015
WorldNew World

Ellesume is a town on the northern section of the Eastern Line. The town's founder is Allifarki, with the current mayor being MinecraftYoshi26. Ellesume was purchased by _Kastle and later transferred over to MinecraftYoshi26. The town is split into two growing zones: Old Ellesume (The West) and New Ellesume (The East).

Town Log

9 Sept 2015: Wiki Page Created.

9 Sept 2015: Ellesume Water Tower finished.

9 Sept 2015: Water Tower Square construction begins.

9 Sept 2015: Ellesume gets Councillor rank!

11 Sept 2015: Ellesume Mall and Services are under construction.

15 Sept 2015: Wincanton Roundabout is under construction.

27 Sept 2015: AP_Rednax is elected Transport Minister!

7 Oct 2015: Ellesume Expansion Begins

7 Oct 2015: Cytus Cafe is completed

22 Oct 2015: Northern Estate construction started

23 Oct 2015: Bethany Hills Estate construction started

24 Oct 2015: YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Ellesume GETS MAYORRR!!!!!!! :D

25 Oct 2015: Ellesume Mall and Services finished

27 Oct 2015: Hightech_TR is hired as Head Councillor!

4 Jan 2016 Phase 1 of the B20 Desert Shore Highway to Farwater complete!

19 Jan 2016 AlikLolly No.1 Factory is internally complete.

16 Mar 2016: EleMetro begins construction.

30 Jun 2016: The B20 Desert Shore Highway is finished getting rebuilt as a freeway within the Ellesume city limits.

20 Jul 2016: The B20 Desert Shore Highway construction to Solarion begins.

27 Jul 2016: Plans for proposed project 'Queensway Ellesume' begin.

28 Jul 2016: Construction of ELEConnect Metro Stations begin.

23 Sep 2016: ChimeRail Express Ellesume opens

24 Sep 2016: Ellesume Elections cease and Earack is the new Deputy Mayor and thesteakpie is the new Head Councillor!

16 Dec 2016: _Kastle liked location, so _Kastle buys.

Rail Connections


Previous station Next station
 EN0  Foobar
towards Pearl Coast
 EN1  Ellesume  EN2  Foobar
towards Verdantium Harbour

Third Party

NWConnect Eastern Ocean Line

Great Central ECML, CrossCountry, NML and SCE (future)

Main Stations in Ellesume

Wincanton Cross

This station will be a hub for all warp-trains that pass through the city.

Eastern Point Central

This station will be a hub for all minecart rail lines that pass through the city.