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Downtown Farwater, as viewed at night in 2016
Flag of Farwater.png
Flag of Farwater
Deputy Mayor_Kastle
City recognition
Date foundedOctober 4, 2014
Date recognized as CouncillorJune 6, 2015
Date recognized as MayorDecember 20, 2015
Date recognized as SenatorJune 25, 2016
Town hall coordinates9714, 67, -2209
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 2
Post code(s)FA2
MRT XE26  Farwater
Road connectionsB20
Air facilitiesLanecra Landing Strip
Bus facilitiesFarwater Bus Terminal
Los Angeles-Farwater Union Station
Rail facilitiesLos Angeles-Farwater Union Station

Farwater is a Senator city founded by Diemundz, located at XE26 on the MRT Expo Line. Originally inspired by Los Angeles, California, Farwater shares many of the real-world city's characteristics, including its desert and beach location, diverse neighborhoods, and road and freeway-based infrastructure.

Farwater was founded by diemundz in 2014 and is currently owned by McYoshi26.


Farwater was founded on October 4, 2014 - the opening date of the Gamma server. The town was intended to be built on a beach, and the eastern terminus of the MRT Expo Line was an ideal location due to the quick accessibility through warp booths. The first building constructed was the LiterAlly Gas Station, and more buildings followed soon afterward, forming what is now known as Downtown Farwater.

Farwater was designed with uniform standardization in mind, especially in its extensive road system, so that it would be easier to expand and connect it to other cities when it grows. As such, when the town grew, the Farwater Skyway was expanded to both Ellesume and Los Angeles, and its auxillary route, the Altos Skyway, was completed, linking the new Westside neighborhood directly to Downtown via a freeway.

Farwater was promoted to Senator on June 25, 2016.


Farwater is located in Ward 2 in Gamma. Farwater is located in a desert biome and is on the southern coast of Vernal Lake.

Farwater's only direct neighbor is Los Angeles to the south. In relation to other nearby settlements, Aurora is to the east and Sesby is to the southwest.

Neighborhoods and buildings

The city's logo depicts a wave, emphasizing its shoreline location, and includes black and yellow color elements from the city's flag.


Downtown Farwater is the oldest and most diverse part of the city, conveniently located near the Purple Hydrogen Beach. The Downtown area contains many important and historic buildings, such as the MRT Station, City Hall, and the original LiterAlly Gas Station. The premiere location, diverse culture, and lower number of total residences in the downtown area cause it to have some of the highest land values and real estate prices in the entire city.

  • Farwater Station (3 Main Street, 8 Beach Street)
  • LiterAlly Gas Station (2 Main Street)
  • CreeperCola (5 Beach Street)
  • Farwater Apartments (1 Main Street)
  • Silverframe Condominiums (7 Beach Street)
  • Jphgolf4321's Bungalow (1 Exposition Avenue)
  • Link Towers (3 Port Street)
  • Purple Hydrogen Waterfront Condominiums (1-6 Purple Hydrogen Drive, 1-2 Beach Street)
  • The Deck Cafe (3 Beach Street)
  • Illuminate™ Inn (4 Beach Street)
  • Farwater City Hall (5 Main Street)
  • Robotic Hologram Bar & Grill (6 Beach Street)
  • Ice-Ice Casino & Resort Hotel (3 Beach Street)
  • The Crescent Building (9 Beach Street)
  • The Triangle Building (6 Main Street)
  • Vivala Tower (7 Main Street)
  • Diemundz' Pancakes (10 Beach Street)


Exposition Park from Exposition Avenue

Farwater's Westside neighborhood is a vast sprawl of low-density construction in the desert west of Downtown Farwater, in an area mostly enclosed by the Farwater and Altos Skyways. Westside is a predominantly residential neighborhood, although it also contains some businesses, such as the Farwater Cornerstore, Quickscope Guns, and Motel 1. Most of the residences in Westside Farwater are low-quality, quickly constructed buildings.

  • Bungalow (4 Port Street)
  • Farwater Cornerstore & Apartments (1 Sunset Boulevard)
  • Exposition Park (Exposition Avenue, Beach Street)
  • Farwater Tenements (2 Exposition Avenue)
  • The Spaghetti Bowl (2 Sunset Boulevard)
  • Spaghetti Bowl Condominiums (4-6 Port Street)
  • Quickscope Guns (14 Port Street)
  • Motel 1 Farwater (1 Motel Court)
  • Snoop's Smoke Shop (13 Port Street)
  • Single-Family Homes (8-12 Port Street, 1-2 Easy Street)
  • Duplex Condominiums (3-6 Sunset Boulevard)
  • Benion Mail Post Office (4 Easy Street)
  • DJD Records Studio & Offices (3 Easy Street)
  • LiterAlly Gas Station (1 Altos Street)
  • Los Angeles-Farwater IntraRail Station

Beverly's Hill

Beverly's Hill is an affluent, low density neighborhood being constructed in the hills southwest of Downtown Farwater. Like Westside, Beverly's Hill is for mostly residential use, yet is home to some businesses such as the Beverly's Hill Community Bank and the Farwater Cloud. Favored by wealthy entrepreneurs and movie stars, Beverly's Hill is the place to go to find the most expensive properties in the entire city: each home is large, modern, and uniquely designed for the hilly environment, and a district-wide tax premium restricts business development to cater only to the needs of Farwater's wealthiest residents.

  • Beverly's Hill Community Bank (2 Figtree Street)
  • AlikSong's Modern Mansion (2 Taco Mountain Drive)
  • Gopher's Brick Mansion (1 Taco Mountain Drive)
  • LiterAlly Gas Station (4 Figtree Street)
  • Farwater Cloud (1 Figtree Street)
  • MishkaMansion (1 Cactus Avenue)
  • Allifarki's Palm Villa Estates (1 Beverly's Hill Boulevard)

Transit connections

Farwater's flag is a simple black and yellow bicolor flag which is meant to resemble a two-lane road.

MRT system

Farwater is located at the XE26 station, the former eastern terminus of the Expo Line.

Farwater Skyway

The Farwater Skyway, known as the Desert Shore Highway outside of city limits, is an inter-city road that is part of B20. It serves the downtown and coastal areas of Farwater and is offered as a faster alternative to the city's street system inside city limits. The road's eastern terminus is in the nearby town of Los Angeles, and its western terminus is in the Ellesume. The road is 4 lanes wide throughout its entire length, constructed as a controlled-access freeway within city limits and an at-grade highway outside of the city.

Altos Skyway

The Altos Skyway is an intra-city road that is part of the auxiliary route B220. It serves the residential areas of Farwater's Westside neighborhood; it too is offered as a faster alternative to the city's street system, connecting the suburbs directly to the heart of the downtown area. In a short stretch in the Downtown and throughout most of Westside's residential area, the road is known as Altos Street, a two-lane grade-level road containing intersections with traffic lights. The remainder of the road is four lanes wide and is constructed as a controlled-access freeway similar to the Farwater Skyway.

Lanecra Landing Strip

Lanecra Landing Strip is an airfield serving the city of Farwater.

Los Angeles-Farwater Union Station

Los Angeles-Farwater Union Station is a warp rail station constructed by KittyCat11231, completed on November 14, 2022. As of November 14, 2022, IntraRail serves the station, with BluRail, Fred Rail, and RaiLinQ having planned lines yet to be constructed.

A bus operated by IntraBus connects the station to Los Angeles.