Roy Disney Championship

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Roy Disney Championship
Courses Forest Mini-Golf (Ilirea Location)
Forest Mini-Golf (Ravenna Location)
Cities Ilirea
Course Architect godzilltrain
Town Mayors Cynra_
Date June 30th, 2018 - 6 PM UTC
Purse $555
Number of Players 6
Season MGA Season 1
Important People
Scorers godzilltrain, Red_Ray
Champion Cookie46910
MGA Season 1
Olympics Chronology

The Roy Disney Championship is a mini-golf tournament that served as the fourth (and final) tournament of the first season of the MRT Golf Association

The scores for this tournament can be found here

Format and Leaderboard

All players will play at two Forest Mini-Golf courses, already determined by godzilltrain and SkyjumperTalon. These courses were not announced until the tournament started, done to rank players on mini-golf ability, not practice time. This was done after London150 hit -8 at the MMB Cup's first 9 holes.


Rank Player Total Score (to par) Total Score (strokes) Prize Money
1 Flag of United States of America.png Cookie46910 -18 102 $200
2 Flag of United Kingdom.png London150 -14 106 $100
3 Flag of United States of America.png PineappleMaster2 -13 107 $75
T4 Flag of United Kingdom.png AlfiePops, Flag of United Kingdom.png CondinYT -11 109 $65
6 Flag of United States of America.png SirNatureWriter -6 114 $50


  • Minor ($50): Listed as an official sponsor
  • Standard ($100): Gets multiple promotions mid-tournament
  • Major ($200): Gets naming rights to the event.

Minor Sponsors

Standard Sponsors

Major Sponsor