Union of the North Eastern Jungle

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Union of the North Eastern Jungle (UNEJ)
UNEJ vlag.png
Estabilished January 3rd, 2019
Owners imperial_block, Majatho3

The Union of the North Eastern Jungle, otherwise known with the acronym UNEJ, is an MPO founded by Majatho3 and imperial_block to improve the transport industry within the far and desolated jungle biome. Its territory stretches from the south half of  JS1  Foobar to Midjungle, a town located at  JS4  Foobar.



The Union was founded on January 3rd, 2019 by Majatho3 and imperial_block with the idea of this last to collaborate with the nearby Jungleville (Nontheless, the two towns are 900 meters/984.25 yards away from each other).

The B355, the main project of the UNEJ

Same argument in detail: B355

Since the creation of the Union, both founders had the idea to connect the two member towns. Majatho3 first submitted the B355 at the General Staff Meeting of January 12, 2019, but not approved due to some potential terraforming problems (the terrain is pretty rough) and doubt about the quality of the expressway. It was resubmitted again for February 10, 2019 GSM now with a sample and a more precise map. The expressway got approved in that day. The works looked like over after May, but the planned extension to Bawktown got approved on the May 12, 2019 GSM. This brought the length up to 1.915 kilometers/1.19 miles and it is still there today.

The UNEJ Transit Hub

Also in project since the birth of the Union, the transit hub, to be located in  JS3  Foobar, serves to improve the connection of the Union to the rest of the server. Currently, the only way of transport which is contiguous to Central City is the MRT, and soon, the planned A245 that will connect the central network to the B246, contiguous to the Union.

The UNEJ Metro

It started with Jungleville Yellow Line from  JS2  Foobar to Jungleville Old Town Hall. Then imperial_block thought about a collaboration to make the metro common with Midjungle. Now the Yellow Line has been extended and operating normally from Jungleville Union to  JS3  Foobar. The newly built Blue Line has been built and operating normally from  JS2  Foobar to Jungleville Office District.


The Union saw a potential entry of Bawktown. But it is still pending because both founders are unsure if Foote_Chicken really wants to join.


Currently,  JS3  Foobar is the border between the two districts of the Union. The North District is controlled by Jungleville and the South District by Midjungle.

Operating Community Projects

The two districts govern by themselves and the union property projects are operated by the districts in their respective area.


Currently, the Union has two territories, that have a hierarchy of organization (Self government to some extent) and incorporation (Automatic aplication of the UNEJ policies).

UNEJ territories will be listed in this table:

UNEJ Territories Unorganized Organized
Incorporated [[Strynbury]] [[Desertia]]



Some people confuse the UNEJ with the UNET. The Union has no affiliation or diplomatic missions with the UNET.

East instead of Eastern

The famous error first appeared in the January 2019 GSM Agenda: in the submission, the Union has been called Union of the North-East Jungle instead of Union of the North Eastern Jungle. This misconception gives a geographically incorrect name. In fact, there is only one jungle in the New World currently, and it is located in the East, not Northeast.